All Too Late Chapter 242

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All Too Late Chapter 242

All Too Late Chapter 242

Gone Through A Divorce

Originally, something like that would pass if Geraldine had just reprimanded her a little.

However, she did not, which meant that she supported her daughter-in-law.

“It’s better to settle your marriage earlier.” Melanie continued flatly, “As for pursuits or whatever, our family is not too fond of women going out to work. However, we won’t stop you if it’s what you want.”

Kathleen scoffed coldly upon hearing that.

“Since you don’t like women going out to work, how about changing to a man?” Samuel approached them. His narrow eyes were dark and frosty.

Melanie was shocked, whereas Geraldine looked at him with mixed emotions.

“They both just met, and you two are already thinking of guilt-tripping Kathleen here?” Samuel sneered. “No wonder Nicholas got married and divorced.”


Diana was dumbfounded.

Frances also had a similar look of surprise on her face.

They both fixed their eyes on Geraldine and Melanie simultaneously, who did not dare to meet their gazes.

“You two!” Frances became infuriated. “You have betrayed my trust!”

“Your granddaughter is a divorcée, but I didn’t mind it at all, Frances,” Geraldine remarked.

“You!” Frances angrily said, “So what if she is? Our family never hid it from anyone. On the contrary, your family hid the fact that Nicholas was married before. Does he have an illegitimate child too?”

“No.” Melanie shook her head. “You need not worry about that, Old Mrs. Yoeger.”

“Need not worry?” Frances was annoyed. “It’s not as though my granddaughter doesn’t have someone better courting her!”

Melanie glanced at her and said sarcastically, “Would anyone court a divorcée? Isn’t it always the woman who’s in a hurry to marry herself off?”

Frances gritted her teeth. “What did you just say?”

Kathleen merely smiled indifferently. “I can’t quite understand you anymore, Mrs. Larson.”

Melanie was stunned. “What did you say?”

“Do you want me to marry into the Larson family or not, Mrs. Larson?” Kathleen asked with a spurious smile.

“Of course I do,” Melanie answered flatly.

“I don’t think that’s the case.” Kathleen calmly remarked, “You were just following Old Mrs. Larson’s wishes in wanting me to marry Nicholas, but you don’t actually want me to because you still want him to remarry that woman, right?”

Melanie was stunned.

How does she know about that?

“What did you say?” Geraldine immediately looked at Melanie. “You still keep in contact with that b*tch?”

“How could she have not kept in contact with that woman? Isn’t she the daughter of Mrs. Larson’s distant relative? Think of how she married Mr. Larson back then. She’s playing the same old trick again and wants her relative’s daughter to marry Nicholas,” Kathleen said sarcastically.

Melanie gasped inwardly.

She knows too much!

Hearing that, Geraldine flew into a rage. “You!”

“Mom, what she said is not true.” After being exposed by Kathleen, Melanie was surprisingly calm, unlike her previous demeanor. She tried to appear helpless as she said, “As if I would have the guts to do such a thing!”

Kathleen scoffed. “Will you only learn your lesson in the face of death, Mrs. Larson?”

Melanie turned to look at her frostily before uttering softly, “Ms. Johnson, even if I spoke out of turn just now, you still shouldn’t wrongly accuse me like this, right?”

Kathleen merely stared at her indifferently.

“Besides, even if I had that in mind, Mom would not agree to it. Never,” she added with a grim tone.

“Indeed. You knew that Old Mrs. Larson would not agree, so you took a different approach, using harsh words to bully others to make them annoyed with the Larson family. When they realize that they would have to face this kind of grandmother-in-law and mother-in-law after marriage, they’ll definitely be reluctant. Am I right?” Kathleen narrowed her eyes at Melanie.

“You’re making things up!” Melanie immediately denied it. “I’ve never dared to cause trouble before Mom before.”

“Never dared to cause trouble?” Kathleen let out a snort. “But look, aren’t you the one who is arguing with me back and forth? You’re very good at pretending, Mrs. Larson. You usually pretend to be so timid, but I’ve heard that you’re not like this in private.”

Melanie froze and narrowed her eyes.

Kathleen took out her phone and said coldly, “When I entered the door just now, I was annoyed by both your stares, so I sent someone to investigate. I didn’t expect to get such a satisfying outcome.”

Melanie looked at her blankly.

Kathleen handed her phone over to Geraldine. “Old Mrs. Larson, take a look and see if Nicholas’ ex-wife is the one who is chatting and laughing with Mrs. Larson in the photo.”

Geraldine looked over, and her expression changed in an instant.

Melanie felt a shiver run down her spine.

“You!” Geraldine glared at Melanie. “You really are still in contact with that b*tch!”

“Let me explain, Mom. She’s still my relative, after all. There’s nothing wrong with me meeting her, right?”

“Nothing wrong?” Geraldine laughed in disbelief. “Have you forgotten all the things she did after marrying into the family? Do you think it’s nothing? If we let her and Nicholas remarry, she’ll bring down the Larson family!”

Melanie appeared unfazed.

Kathleen felt that Geraldine was wasting her breath.

Mrs. Larson is not even listening. Old Mrs. Larson surely hopes that Nicholas will find a rich woman of equal status. Whatever she couldn’t fulfill through her son, she would shift it onto her grandson. So when we met just now, she instantly assumed that Nicholas and I would get married in the future. But Mrs. Larson doesn’t want that. She married into the Larson family with great difficulty but didn’t enjoy the slightest benefit. She couldn’t even return home and show off. Hence, she wants Nicholas to marry someone who is on her side and can help her in the Larson family. That’s why she doesn’t like rich girls marrying into the family. She’s afraid they’ll look down on her, just like Old Mrs. Larson.

“It’s better not to be so self-righteous in the future, Mrs. Larson,” Kathleen uttered with an icy gaze as she kept her phone. “You dared to attack me even when you didn’t know me. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll ruin you?”

At her question, Melanie trembled from head to toe.

Samuel smirked upon seeing Kathleen’s indifference. Looks like I don’t need to worry about her.

Diana and Frances exchanged a glance.

“Let’s go,” the latter said in exasperation.

“I’m sorry, Frances,” Geraldine apologized.

Frances looked at her solemnly. “This is your family matter, so we won’t interfere.”

Geraldine nodded.

Kathleen reached out to hold Frances while Samuel stood beside Diana.

As the four left together, Geraldine turned to stare at Melanie coldly.

The latter uttered meekly, “Mom, I—”


Geraldine gave her a tight slap.

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