All Too Late Chapter 243

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All Too Late Chapter 243

All Too Late Chapter 243

Know Her The Best

Covering her face, Melanie looked in agony at Geraldine. “Mom…”

“You’ve always been so closefisted whenever I brought you out to socialize,” Geraldine said coldly. “The reason is obvious, isn’t it? You’re insecure and scared people would blame you. That’s why you always act so timid, wanting to hint to people that I have been abusing you to avert their attention. Do you think I’m blind?”

Melanie was astounded. So she knew all along?

“I didn’t bother with you as I could understand how you felt,” Geraldine remarked indifferently. “Besides, you’re also Nicholas’ mother. He will also be looked down on if others dissed his mother.”

Melanie pursed her lips at that.

“Only someone who has nothing like you would bother about someone being a divorcée or not,” Geraldine criticized. “Who cares if it’s her first marriage or not? It doesn’t matter as long as she’s from a higher social status. If Nicholas married Kathleen, he would be able to obtain her help to climb up the social status ladder. This is the most important when compared to those unrealistic things.”

Melanie lowered her head.

“However, everything is ruined because of your shortsightedness.” Geraldine laughed coldly. “Kathleen is smart. She’ll definitely try her best to cause trouble for you since you provoked her. Do you know how much trouble you’re going to cause Nicholas?”

Upon hearing that, Melanie started to sob.

“Since you’ve already portrayed me as an evil mother-in-law from an elite family, I won’t go easy on you,” Geraldine stated frostily. “From now onward, I forbid you from going out and engaging in any form of socialization. You need to learn manners first!”

Melanie stared at Geraldine in shock. Did she just forbid me from going out?

With a snort, Geraldine marched out of the room. “You should know if I asked my son to divorce you, I’m sure he would do it without a second thought.”

Melanie turned pale as she ducked her head even lower, following Geraldine out of the room.

Kathleen and Frances shared a car while Diana was in Samuel’s car for the journey back home.

“Granny, can you stop arranging dates for me in the future?” Kathleen asked weakly. “I feel like I’m going to explode from anger when I encounter a mother-in-law like Mrs. Larson.”

Frances also agreed with Melanie, saying, “But you need to marry someone one day. You can’t refuse to marry just because Samuel hurt you once.”

“I didn’t say I won’t marry,” Kathleen explained. “It’s just that I didn’t meet anyone I like till now. Plus, even if I decide on marrying, I’ll definitely do a thorough background check on him.”

Frances nodded. “Naturally. However, do you know what kind of men you prefer?”

“Well, the most important factor would be a relaxed family atmosphere. That way, I can get along with them easily,” Kathleen answered with a smile.

When Frances thought of Diana’s words, she had to admit that Kathleen was treated reasonably well in the Macari family for the last few years.

In fact, the Macari family treated her with love and took care of her a lot.

It did not help that Kathleen was a sweetheart, causing Diana to allow Samuel to marry her.

Frances also thought it was a good idea, so they married without a hitch.

However, nobody would have thought Kathleen and Samuel would separate because of Nicolette, Kathleen’s cousin, no less.

“Granny, I know how much you love me and wish to give me the best in the world.” Kathleen blinked her eyes. “However, I was already hurt once in a relationship. Thus, I don’t want to start a new relationship immediately. Besides, I would also prefer fate to meet me with him. Is that okay?”

Frances let out a deep sigh as she caressed Kathleen’s cheeks. “All right. I’ll leave it up to you, then,” she croaked.

“You’re the best, Granny!” Kathleen smiled playfully. While hugging Frances, she pressed her cheek against hers.

Frances was smiling in satisfaction, and the atmosphere in the car was harmonious.

However, it was a different story in the other car.

“I saw it.” Diana spoke indifferently. “You and Kathleen came out of the same room.”

Samuel suppressed the glint that was threatening to flash across his eyes. “We didn’t do anything except having a meal together.”

“Haha.” Diana laughed mockingly. “What else are you expecting to do other than that?”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

“You brat! If it weren’t for me, your wife would have gotten snatched up!” Diana scolded.

“What do you mean by that?” Samuel furrowed his eyebrows.

“How could you have the nerves to ask?” Diana growled. “You punk! Why do you think Old Mrs. Yoeger would choose the Larson family? I was the one who suggested them!”

Samuel furrowed his brows deeply. “You?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Diana stated. “Although I know about the Larson family’s affairs, Old Mrs. Yoeger doesn’t! I was the one who told her that the son of the Larson family seemed like a decent man, leading her to contact Old Mrs. Larson.”

Samuel was stunned. No one can beat Grandma’s tactics!

“How would I not know what’s Kate like?” Diana said proudly. “Once is all it takes for her to make it clear with Old Mrs. Yoeger. Besides, the Larson family seems like a peaceful family at first glance, but they actually have a lot of internal problems. Thus, Old Mrs. Yoeger would no longer dare to set her up on dates, fearing she would harm Kate. This is called killing two birds with one stone. Get it?”

Samuel’s unreadable orbs darkened. “Yes.”

Diana sighed. “I only helped you because of how sorry you are toward Kate. Otherwise, I would have ignored you.”

Samuel cleared his throat. “Grandma.”

“What?” Diana’s expression was stiff as displeasure spread across her face.

She felt uncomfortable enough for betraying Kathleen.

“Thank you,” Samuel uttered in a hoarse voice. “I understand now why you wanted me to marry Kate back then. She’s a brilliant woman. Besides, my life was simple yet harmonious in the three years I spent with her.”

Kathleen gave him the feeling of being at home.

“You’ve realized it too late.” Diana sighed.

“Grandma,” Samuel croaked.

“What’s the matter?” Diana’s face was drawn into a rictus.

“Could you please go the extra mile and help me?” he muttered.

“You brat! You’re pushing it!” Diana bellowed. “How else can I help you? Perhaps you want me to persuade Kate to love you?”

Samuel’s lips twisted into a smirk. “I’m kidding. I can pursue a woman myself.”

Diana sucked in a deep breath. “If you’re willing to listen to me, you need to remember one thing. No matter what the others say, you cannot rush Kate into making a decision. She’s too insecure and needs some time to recover from the past. You need to give her some space to think clearly. Before she can do so, she’ll never accept you or any other man.”

Samuel pursed his lips.

“Kate has been under my care for so long. I know her better than anyone else.” Diana shot him a meaningful gaze.

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