All Too Late Chapter 248

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All Too Late Chapter 248

All Too Late Chapter 248


Upon returning to the Yoeger residence, Yareli smashed a vase onto the floor and made a loud noise, frightening everyone in the residence.

Vanessa came down from the second floor and asked, “What are you doing, Yareli?”

Yareli complained to her mother with her eyes reddened, “Mom! Samuel scolded me for the sake of a b*tch!”

Vanessa frowned. “You went to find Samuel?”

She somewhat knew that her daughter was in love with Samuel, but it was a pity that the Macari family had never considered letting any other girl than Kathleen become Samuel’s wife.

To Vanessa’s utter confusion, they let Kathleen, who was still an orphaned girl back then, marry Samuel and become his rightful wife. Vanessa wondered just how lovable Kathleen could be to make Diana decide to let her marry Samuel.

However, after getting to know Kathleen, she found out that Kathleen’s personality was horrible and was far from good.

Thus, she deduced that the Macari family had been tricked by the young woman.

“Everyone in Jadeborough knows Samuel is courting Kathleen. Why did you go and make a fool out of yourself?” reprimanded Vanessa.

“Mom, don’t you think Samuel is stupid? Why did he run after Kathleen when they are already divorced?” Yareli couldn’t comprehend what Samuel was thinking at all.

Vanessa snorted. “Hmph! I bet Samuel just can’t forget how amazing she is in bed.”

Yareli replied with a faint sight, “If that’s the case, I can master some skills, too.”

Vanessa stared at her daughter. “Do you really love him that much?”

Yareli said aggrievedly, “Mom, I’ve been in love with him since we were young, but he was too aloof and unapproachable. Back then, he was in love with Nicolette and not me. I thought they would get married in the end, but I didn’t expect Old Mrs. Macari to take action and separate them. And then Kathleen came into the picture, diminishing my hopes of ever getting married to Samuel.”

She was filled with hatred back then.

Later on, Vanessa, who was worried her daughter might never get the happiness she deserved, hurriedly arranged her marriage with the Yates family.

However, Yareli kept delaying the marriage, unwilling to give up on Samuel.

Surprisingly, it seemed like the heavens took pity on her. Samuel and Kathleen were divorced.

Yareli then used a whole year to break off the engagement with the Yates family, but to her dismay, Kathleen and Samuel met each other again, messing her plan up.

Moreover, for some unknown reason, Samuel began to sound sarcastic whenever he spoke to Yareli.

Back when they were kids, he might be aloof and distant, but he would never mock her with a tone filled with sarcasm.

This further angered her, causing her to vent all her fury on Kathleen.

“Kathleen’s such a b*tch! Not only did she take Granny away, but she also stopped me from being with Samuel! I will never let her go! Ever!” Yareli said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t worry, Yareli. If you really love Samuel, I’ll think of a way to help you.” Vanessa spoke with a complex tone.

“Really? Mom, are you for real?” Yareli beamed happily.

Vanessa said disdainfully, “I seriously don’t know why you’re so excited about a man. It’s a piece of cake for women to conquer men, but you’re just too ignorant. I’ll teach you some ways, and I guarantee you’ll succeed.”

“Okay, please tell me,” said Yareli excitedly.

Vanessa sighed upon seeing how eager her daughter was. It looks like she’s really in love with Samuel, to the extent that she’d forget about the proper way she should behave as the heiress of a prominent family. She usually won’t act like that.

“All right. I’ll tell you right now. Come with me to the room,” uttered Vanessa after a soft sigh.

Yareli nodded. “Okay!”

In the evening, Kathleen returned to the hotel to change and remove her makeup after getting off work.

Then, she dressed up again and went downstairs to wait for Samuel.

To her surprise, Samuel had already arrived.

She sauntered toward the man’s car and opened the door, taking note of the comfortable warmth within the vehicle.

After getting in, she asked, “When did you arrive?”

“I arrived half an hour ago,” replied Samuel.

Half an hour ago?

She was shocked. “Why didn’t you call me? I thought you were still on the way and was thinking of coming down here to wait for you, but it turns out you’re already here.”

As he wore a faint smile, he said, “I’m patient enough to wait for you.”

“You’re patient, but Finn is not. Let’s go.” She put on her seat belt.

Samuel said with a heavy tone, “I’ll take you to meet Finn, but the later we get there, the better.”

“Why?” Kathleen asked, puzzled.

His voice was clear but deep as he told her, “I won’t let you see him face to face tonight, but instead, I’m inviting you to watch a show.”

A show? What does that mean?

Kathleen’s heart was filled with confusion over what the man said.

However, he didn’t give her a proper explanation. After starting the car, they headed toward their destination.

Half an hour later, they reached a private clubhouse.

Samuel halted the car and said to Kathleen, “Put on your mask and cap.”

She heeded his words and did as she was told.

With his lips curled, he said, “You’re too attractive. I don’t want those men to stare at you.”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

“Let’s go.” He pushed the car door open, and she got off the car.

Subsequently, he took her hand naturally, like they were an old married couple.

As she furrowed her brows, he whispered a reminder, “It’s quite messy in there, so you have to stay by my side. Don’t wander away from me.”

“Okay.” She nodded obediently.

He smiled, loving how docile she looked.

As he wrapped her tiny hand with his, the desire to dote on her once again surged within him.

I swear I’ll never lose her again. Ever.

They stepped into the clubhouse.

Under Samuel’s lead, the two of them were allowed to enter directly, but the people behind them were stopped by the guards and were asked to present their invitation letters.

Kathleen tugged at Samuel’s sleeve and asked quietly, “Why don’t you need an invitation letter to get in?”

“My face itself is a pass,” he replied, grinning.

She didn’t know how to respond to that.

They stepped into an elevator, and a couple followed right behind them.

The couple, who was quite bold, ignored the two strangers beside them and began making out on the spot.

Kathleen felt so awkward that her ears turned bright red.

She then turned to look at Samuel and complained in annoyance, “Did you bring me here to watch a reality show? I’d have to wash my eyes after we get back later.”

Samuel chuckled and pulled the woman into his arms, using his own body to block her view from the couple.

She felt quite comfortable as she pressed her fair and delicate face against the man’s warm chest.

When the elevator finally stopped, the couple got even more carried away. They even removed their clothes while engaging in passionate physical interactions.

Kathleen couldn’t even look at them.

Samuel held her shoulders, and the two of them exited the elevator.

She hastened her steps and walked by his side while looking slightly irritated. “Do you come here often?”

He looked down at the woman in his embrace. “Yes.”

She glared angrily at him. “Hmph! It would’ve been better if you met up with Nicolette. How dare you spend your time at a place like this? You’re worse than a sc*mbag!”

He was speechless as she tried to break free from his embrace.

However, he tightened his grip. “Do you believe in anything I say?”

“You promised you won’t lie to me,” said Kathleen angrily. She then looked at him and queried, “Are you lying to me?”

He chuckled. “Kidding doesn’t count as lying.”

She was at a complete loss for words after realizing she had been tricked. “Wow, so funny! You liar!”

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