All Too Late Chapter 250

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All Too Late Chapter 250

All Too Late Chapter 250

Plan By Samuel

Tracy stared at the man who fell next to her feet in shock.

What’s going on?

She knew she could not afford to offend Samuel, as he was not just an ordinary businessman.

“Mr. Macari, I’m sorry if my man offended you.” Obviously, Tracy was still aware of who called the shots in Jadeborough.

Besides, she did not want to mess with someone like Samuel.

Tracy shot the man at her feet a cold stare. “How useless! Apologize to Mr. Macari right now.”

“Mr. Macari, I’m sorry,” said the man, his face bruised and battered.

Samuel scoffed. His handsome face was overshadowed by a sense of aloofness. “I can tell that your man doesn’t know the rules. Go back and remind him to run away whenever he hears my name in the future.”

Tracy’s face fell.


Samuel heard Kathleen’s laughter through the earphones.

His lips curled into a subtle smile.

This woman! Come to think about it. I’ve never brought Kathleen out to look around. I didn’t even introduce her to my friends and allowed her to get exposed to the outside world.

Diana was right.

He had to be patient with Kathleen.

Despite the fact he had the upper hand compared to the others, it would be over for him if he were to make a mistake.

However, he would never ever allow himself to end up in that state.

Tracy had no idea why Samuel was smiling.

All she knew was that the cool, good-looking man before her looked exceptionally charming when he smiled, even though it was just a faint smile.

A thought flashed across Tracy’s mind. His charm is truly out of this world.

The smile on Samuel’s face faded, and he flashed Tracy a cold look. “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a woman,” came Tracy’s reply.

“Woman? Who is it?” Samuel responded indifferently.

Tracy hesitated for a moment.

Samuel sneered, “Tracy, to be frank with you, I invested in this place too. Since you’ve caused a ruckus at my turf, don’t you think I deserve an explanation from you?”

Pursing her lips, Tracy replied, “Her name is Wendy Locke. She was working as a housekeeper at my home a few days ago, but she…”

“What did she do?” Samuel’s expression turned frosty.

“She seduced my husband. Just because she is quite pretty, she actually seduced my husband. I’ll never let her off!” Tracy fumed.

Looking unfazed, Samuel cast his gaze upon her.

A sense of guilt filled Tracy’s eyes.

Right then, two bodyguards came out, holding a woman.

The woman’s hair was disheveled. She was wearing an emerald green gown and had a curvy figure.

One could still see how beautiful she was even though she looked like a mess at that moment.

“Wendy Locke, you’re such a sl*t!” Tracy strode forward wrathfully and slapped Wendy on the face.

Wendy looked up, and there was a stain of blood on the corner of her lips. “You’re the sl*t!”

Burning in rage, Tracy lifted her hand and threw another slap across Wendy’s cheek.

Wendy sneered, “You only know how to lay your hand on a woman. Why don’t you beat your husband up instead?”

“What’s wrong with my husband? He’s a nice man!” Tracy glared at Wendy, enraged.

Wendy let out a scoff and retorted, “Nice my as*! He was the one who touched me first!”

“You’re making things up!” Tracy roared. “Finn will not be interested in a filthy woman like you! You b*tch! How brazen you are to spout this unreasonable nonsense! I’m going to turn you into a filthier woman! All these women who tried to snatch my husband away, I’ll not let you go!”

“All these women?” Wendy snickered. “It seems like he has cheated on you quite many times.”

Tracy gritted her teeth and yelled, “Do you think I have no idea how to handle a woman like you? I’ve seen many of this kind of b*tches! I can just end you with the snap of my fingers!”

Wendy replied provocatively, “So what? He will still cheat on you with other women. For instance, his ex-girlfriend, whom he can’t forget. He told me that I look like his first love.”

Those words triggered Tracy to lose her rags. “Impossible! I destroyed the woman, and she’s such a filthy woman now! Finn saw those photos too. It’s impossible that he would think of that woman! No way!”

Meanwhile, Kathleen frowned silently as she heard that.

The more she listened to Tracy, the more she felt something amiss.

There seemed to be underlying meaning and hints behind every word Wendy said.

Kathleen could not help but wonder if Samuel had arranged such a scene with other motives.

The crease between her brows deepened.

She had an inkling of what was happening, so she continued to listen to them patiently.

“That’s only because Finn didn’t tell you. Tracy, if a man has someone special in his heart, you can never win him over completely even if you’re his wife,” Wendy taunted. “I wasn’t trying to gain anything, though. I only slept with him because he is good-looking.”

“You!” Tracy raised her arm, wanting to slap Wendy again.

Just then, Ryan grabbed Tracy by her wrist. “Tracy, that’s enough! If you were to kill someone here, how can we still run the business of this place?”

Tracy clenched her jaw. “I’ll take responsibility for it.”

“You’ll take responsibility?” Ryan let out a sarcastic chuckle. “The Smith family has transferred all the assets abroad for many years. What else is left here in the country? You still have to bear the consequences if anything happens.”

Tracy raged, “Ryan Snyder, are you related to this woman?”

“Are you out of your mind?” Ryan was speechless. “Do I look like I’m that free? How would it benefit me to help her out?”

As though comprehending Ryan’s remark, Tracy bit her lip.

“Tracy, what did you say just now? What did you do to Finn’s first love?” questioned Samuel apathetically.

Tracy was stunned. She flashed an awkward look. “Mr. Macari, I don’t think this matter has anything to do with you.”

“Well, it’s true that it has nothing to do with me. I’m just curious what would happen if I were to tell Finn about it,” Samuel replied impassively.

Biting her lip, Tracy seemed to come to a realization.

She took a look at Samuel before diverting her gaze to Ryan and Wendy.

“Mr. Macari, are you the one behind all these?” Tracy asked grimly.

Samuel merely sneered without saying a word.

Tracy’s gaze darkened. “What do you mean by that?”

“I only want to know what you did to Finn’s first love.” Samuel’s gaze was sharp as though it could pierce through someone’s heart.

Tracy froze at his reply.

Why is Samuel trying to get to the bottom of this matter? It has nothing to do with him.

“Aren’t you going to tell me?” Samuel stared at Tracy frostily. “We’ll tell Finn about the conversation just now.”

Left with no choice, Tracy blurted out, “I’ll tell you. But you have to promise me not to spread this around.”

“You’re not in a position to tell me what to do,” replied Samuel, exuding a gloomy aura.

Tracy was startled.

D*mn it!

“After I got married to Finn, his first love was still pestering him, and she wouldn’t leave no matter what.” Tracy sounded annoyed. “Initially, I was considered polite to her. When she came to my house, I told her that Finn married me on his own accord, and I didn’t force him. But she was certain that I snatched Finn away from her. I had no other choices, so I instructed a few…”

“What did you instruct them to do?” came Samuel’s question.

Tracy pursed her lips and replied, “I instructed a few men to teach her a lesson and took some clips and photos to threaten her so that she would stop pestering Finn.”

“Have you shown Finn the clips and photos?” Samuel questioned aloofly.

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