All Too Late Chapter 251

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All Too Late Chapter 251

All Too Late Chapter 251

Teaching You A Lesson

Staring at Samuel’s unfathomable gaze, Tracy nodded in silence.

“So, Finn doesn’t know you were the one behind it?” Samuel asked indifferently.

“He doesn’t know, of course.” Tracy bit her lower lip. “Mr. Macari, please don’t tell him!”

Samuel remained silent.

“Mr. Macari, I’m begging you!” Tracy pleaded. She was all worked up.

Maintaining his deadpan expression, Samuel uttered, “What is done by night appears by day.”

“As long as no one tells him, he will never find out!” Tracy responded.

“Tracy Smith!” Kathleen could no longer hold herself back. She came down from the second floor.

Tracy heard someone calling her name and turned around.

Kathleen slowly approached. She was full of rage.

Tracy knew Kathleen, but she had only seen the latter on TV.

Kathleen asked, “Do you think you did nothing wrong back then?”

Tracy was dumbfounded.

Kathleen’s gaze darkened as she added, “Have you ever thought about how much harm you would bring to her by doing that?”

Kathleen could not hold back her anger anymore. She walked toward Tracy and threw a hard slap across the latter’s face.

Rubbing her cheek, Tracy stared at Kathleen, who was boiling with anger in disbelief.

“It has nothing to do with me! It was Finn who dumped her.” Tracy was infuriated. “Finn married me willingly, and I didn’t force him. He chose me instead of that woman. She should catch the hint and leave but not keep pestering us and bothering us!”

“Have you ever thought that she wouldn’t have ended up in this state if Finn hadn’t dumped her without any explanation?” Kathleen clenched her slender fingers. “Moreover, you used such a filthy method to deal with a woman. Do you have any conscience?”

“I will never let anyone get in between Finn and me.” A sense of hatred flitted across Tracy’s eyes.

Kathleen let out a scornful chuckle. “Finn was the one to be blamed. Instead of punishing Finn, why did you go after a woman?”

“Ms. Johnson, this is a matter between us, and it has nothing to do with you. Don’t you think you’re too busybody?” said Tracy, looking displeased.

As soon as she finished speaking, a cold male voice sounded. “It has nothing to do with her, but it has something to do with me.”

Tracy paused for a moment before she looked in the direction where the voice came from.

She saw Caleb walking toward her, looking frigid and distant.

Tracy froze. “Caleb?”

“It seems like you know me.” Caleb’s gaze was intimidating. “I guess you know who my sister is, then.”

Her sister?

After pondering for a while, Tracy replied, “Of course. Your sister is that woman. What are you trying to do?”

“I’m going to kill you!” Caleb darted toward Tracy and grabbed her neck.

Tracy did not manage to dodge his attack and was caught by him.

“Ouch! Let go of me!” Tracy tried to push Caleb’s hand away.

However, Caleb grabbed Tracy so tight that she could not free herself from his grasp at all.

Caleb grabbed her neck with all his might as he questioned, “I thought you were fearless just now. What’s wrong with you now?”

He exerted more force as he spoke.

Tracy’s breath was becoming more and more rapid. She could even feel herself suffocating.

“Let me go!” Tracy dug her nails into Caleb’s hand.

Kathleen looked at Caleb worriedly. “Caleb, it will not change anything even if you kill her. You can’t save your sister. Calm down! It isn’t worth staining your own hands because of someone like Tracy! There are many other ways to seek revenge!”

None of her words reached Caleb’s ears.

At that point, all he had in mind was to avenge Vivian.

Vivian was his only family. She was his sister.

Since he was still a child, Vivian had been protecting him.

Hence, he had secretly vowed to protect her after he grew up.

His enemy was right before him. How could he not seek revenge?

“Caleb Lewis!” Kathleen reached out to grab Caleb’s other arm.

She was afraid that Caleb might lose his mind and kill Tracy. The latter deserved to die but not at Caleb’s hands.

Tracy had already ruined one of them from the Lewis family. Kathleen could not allow Tracy to destroy Caleb too.

Not to mention, Vivian had gone through so much torment because of Tracy. It would be too easy for Tracy if she were to die this way.

“Go away!” Caleb pushed Kathleen away.

Kathleen was caught completely off-guard by his sudden response.

She lost her balance and fell into a warm embrace.

“Are you okay?” Samuel’s voice was deep.

Kathleen shook her head. Staring at Tracy, who was almost dying, she called out to Samuel, “Quick! Get someone to stop Caleb! Don’t have someone get killed here for real.”

Samuel’s gaze was oppressing as he stared at her without saying a word.

Kathleen chided, “Stop getting jealous at a time like this. There’s nothing between him and me!”

Samuel grinned. “Okay. I buy this explanation.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words in an instant.

Ahh! What a j*rk! How frustrating!

Samuel waved his hand, and about five bodyguards went toward Caleb and surrounded him.

Two of them grabbed him by the arms, and another two grabbed his legs.

“Let go of me!” Caleb was fuming.

However, the four bodyguards only listened to Samuel’s instructions.

The only bodyguard left moved a chair over and placed it at the side.

The other four bodyguards carried Caleb and placed him on the chair before tying him up with ropes.

At the same time, Kathleen stared at Samuel silently, as though having something weighing on her mind.

Has he gotten everything prepared beforehand?

Tracy slumped to the ground and rubbed her neck, her eyes red. “Caleb, you’d better not go too far! It was your sister who kept bothering my man! I only taught her a lesson. She deserved it!”


Kathleen walked over and slapped Tracy hard on the face.

Tracy was taken aback by her act. Covering her face, she questioned furiously, “Kathleen Johnson, what are you doing? Don’t you think you can lay your hands on me again and again just because Samuel is backing you up? I’m not someone you can easily mess with!”

“I’m teaching you a lesson.” Kathleen shot Tracy a cold glare. “Finn didn’t break up with Vivian when he got married to you. Vivian had been waiting for him. Based on what you stated, who is the mistress, then?”

“Haha! Vivian is the mistress! She is the mistress!” Tracy scoffed.

“Let go of me!” Looking at the arrogant woman before him, Caleb bellowed, “Let me kill her!”

Kathleen’s brows settled into a deep frown.

Tracy shows no remorse at all! A j*rk like Finn and a sl*t like her are a perfect match. Both of them are the culprits!

Samuel asked apathetically, “Tracy, would you dare to say the same in front of Finn too?”

Tracy was dumbfounded.

Her eyes were filled with horror.

She could never let Finn find out about what she had done.

“It seems like you’re well aware of the situation.” Samuel continued sarcastically, “Finn always has Vivian in his heart. He only married you because of his family. Since you know about this, why can’t you accept that Finn married you not because he loves you?”

Tracy’s face stiffened.

Samuel flashed Kathleen a faint smile. “Go tell her.”

Kathleen responded with a nod.

Staring at Tracy, she said calmly, “Tracy, you got someone to spread that kind of photo around, and Vivian has gone mad because of that. If you still wish to make up for the bad deeds you’ve done, hand us the negatives.”

Tracy seemed reluctant.

“Tracy, you’ve been married to Finn for many years, but you couldn’t get pregnant all these years. Have you ever thought it could be karma?” Kathleen said emotionlessly.

Tracy froze at Kathleen’s remark and stared blankly at the latter.

“Tracy, I’m a traditional medicine practitioner. Judging by your complexion, I can tell you often have nightmares. You always feel anxious and depressed. That’s why it’s hard for you to conceive, right?” Kathleen analyzed composedly.

Tracy widened her eyes in shock. “How did you know?”

“Traditional medicine is all about inspection, auscultation, consultation, and cross-examination. Your issue is already very severe. It will be hard for you to conceive if you don’t receive treatment,” said Kathleen.

She suppressed the anger surging within her. If the allegation could be grounded with evidence, I really wish she could receive the punishment she deserves. Even so, it’s too easy for her. I’m going to make Tracy regret what she had done to Vivian because of Finn.

Tracy looked at her blankly. “You can help me, right?”

Kathleen nodded. “I do have a condition.”

“What is it?” Tracy was willing to promise Kathleen anything as long as she could get pregnant.

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