All Too Late Chapter 252

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All Too Late Chapter 252

All Too Late Chapter 252


“Apologize to Vivian and untie the knot in her heart,” Kathleen icily stated.

Baffled, Tracy bit her lip and exclaimed, “Never!”

That garnered a scoff from Kathleen, who then sardonically snapped, “Weren’t you afraid that Finn would leave you? After all, many years have passed, and you still haven’t gotten pregnant. Aren’t you worried that the Morris family won’t want you around anymore?”

Tracy pursed her lips.

Kathleen’s indifferent voice rang again as she continued, “I heard Finn’s mother kept asking you to get pregnant. That way, Finn would have all the more reason to return to the Morris family and inherit the family business.”

“As long as I apologize, you promise you’ll help me get pregnant?” asked Tracy, whose intent gaze was fixated on Kathleen.

A nod came from the latter.

“Fine! I’ll apologize,” Tracy said through gritted teeth.

At that moment, Kathleen and Samuel exchanged looks, relieved that they had finally convinced Tracy.

If she had refused, the two would have taken extreme measures to have things go their way.

“Have someone deliver the original copies of the video and photos here now. I’ll get my brother to send Vivian over,” Kathleen instructed.

Dissatisfaction shadowed all over Tracy’s face, but there was little else she could do in the situation.

Hence, she ordered one of her subordinates to head back and collect the original copies.

Kathleen phoned Charles. “Hey, Charles, bring Vivian over. Let’s settle the matter today.”

“Okay.” Charles, who was on the other end of the line, nodded.

With that, Kathleen hung up and looked over at Ryan. “Get us a bigger room.”

“Got it!” Ryan nodded.

“Let’s go,” Kathleen said while shooting Tracy an apathetic glance.

The latter took two steps before pausing on the spot. She then looked over at Samuel to ask, “Can I ask you something, Mr. Macari?”

“Go ahead,” replied an impatient Samuel.

Once more, Tracy paused for a brief moment before asking, “Did you arrange for Wendy to put on that show earlier?”

“Yeah,” Samuel candidly replied.

That instantly baffled Tracy.

Never did she expect Samuel to admit it.

Yet, he did.

It seemed that the man was not even worried about her seeking revenge on him.

Kathleen had heard the two’s exchange as well.

Gosh! Samuel is really fearless, huh?

Soon, they arrived at the largest banquet hall on the first floor.

There were no activities or conventions for the day, so the banquet hall was empty.

It did not take long before some men carried Caleb, who sat on a chair, into the hall.

The entire situation dumbfounded him as he yelled, “Kathleen! Let me go!”

In response, a look of indifference appeared on Kathleen’s face. “No. You’re too reckless and can mess things up.”

That was enough to render Caleb speechless.

Nevertheless, he soon regained his senses and thundered, “Need I remind you that this matter involves my sister?”

“So what? Things will proceed smoothly even without your presence. Do you seriously think you’re that important?” Kathleen questioned.

No response came from Caleb at that point.

He figured that he had pissed her off by shoving her earlier.

However, it was not intentional, as he was not thinking straight at that time.

“Um, about me shoving you aside earlier… You’re not hurt, are you?” Caleb eventually asked with concern.

“She’s fine.” Samuel’s frosty glare pierced Caleb as he added, “If it happens again, I’ll chop your hands off.”

Silence befell Caleb as he cautiously eyed Samuel.

He knew he was indeed at fault for acting so brashly despite Kathleen’s sincere intentions.

Just then, Tracy’s subordinate returned with a bag in hand.

Tracy glanced over before instructing, “Hand it to them!”

Her subordinate approached Kathleen while speaking with the utmost respect. “Here are the items you requested, Mrs. Macari.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words upon hearing the formal title given to her.

Cough! Cough!

Samuel cleared his throat, clarifying, “I had nothing to do with that.”

Enraged, Kathleen was quick to reply, “It’s all because you keep showing up beside me, and that causes a misunderstanding for everyone!”

“Yeah. It’s my fault,” Samuel soothed.

Only a huff came from Kathleen as she felt Samuel did not realize his mistakes.

Nevertheless, she accepted the bag containing many photos and the video stored on a memory card.

She glanced at the photos but felt they were too jarring, so she quickly stuffed them back into the bag.

“Have someone bring a metal bucket over,” ordered Kathleen.

In that instance, she seemed like the boss of the place as everyone obeyed her demands.

However, Kathleen knew others were only complying with her for Samuel’s sake.

She felt deep down that she was merely playing out an act of being powerful.

Ryan quickly ordered some of his staff to fetch a metal bucket.

Not long passed before Charles arrived at the scene with Vivian.

That was Vivian’s first time leaving the mansion in three years.

She wore a light yellow dress that reached her ankles and tied her hair with a red scarf from Belmonia. Pure innocence exuded from her presence.

However, her skin was so pale under the chandeliers’ sparkling lights that it almost looked translucent.

Tracy could tell Vivian was ill.

Yet, the former felt utterly displeased as the latter still appeared stunningly gorgeous despite being unwell.

What right does she have to be so beautiful even when she’s clearly sick?

Charles continued to hold Vivian’s hand, providing her with comfort and support. “Everything’s okay. Relax.”

Like always, a look of innocence flashed in Vivian’s eyes as she asked, “Charles, why are we here? Is it to attend an event?”

Not a word came from Charles.

“Oh, I know! You’re taking me to a ball, aren’t you? Well, why didn’t you say so? I would’ve worn my favorite leather heels. Um, where did I put them?” Vivian continued to speak with a naïve and confused expression.

“We’re not here to attend a ball,” Charles grimly interjected.

“We’re not?” Vivian’s brows drew close.

What are we doing here then?

“Charles,” Kathleen called out.

With a cold expression, Charles swept his gaze past everyone at the scene.

Is Finn not here?

Meanwhile, Vivian noticed her brother and asked curiously, “What are you doing here, Caleb?”

“Vivian! Help untie me,” Caleb urged.

Although Vivian tried to reach out, Charles nudged her away and said, “Don’t mind him.”

Vivian blinked in surprise before retorting, “But he’s my brother.”

“My sister asked someone to tie him up,” Charles explained.

That shocked Vivian, who exclaimed, “Gosh! I had no idea your sister was into that kind of thing.”

An awkward silence filled the air as both Charles and Kathleen did not know how to react.

Contrarily, Caleb narrowed his eyes while Samuel’s expression darkened.

Kathleen adjusted her emotions and took a deep breath before speaking. “Charles, could you step back? I’d like for us women to deal with this matter ourselves.”

Charles tensed up upon hearing that.

However, Kathleen instantly looked over and held Vivian’s hand. The former said in a gentle tone, “Come with me.”

Vivian hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded.

The two then arrived hand in hand before Tracy, whose arms were crossed.

However, Tracy instantly uncrossed her arms as soon as she noticed Kathleen glaring at her.

D*mn it!

“Who are you? Why do you look so familiar?” Vivian asked confusedly.

She felt a sense of familiarity but could not quite pinpoint where or how she had met Tracy.

“Do you have amnesia?” asked a frowning Tracy.

Those words further confused Vivian, who questioned, “Yeah… Have I lost my memories? Why can’t I remember?”

“Vivian, this woman’s name is Tracy Smith. She caused you great harm in the past, but she intends to apologize to you today,” Kathleen coldly stated.

“Apologize?” Vivian’s brows raised as she queried in perplexity, “Why does she want to apologize?”

“Um… Vivian, do you remember…” Kathleen struggled to utter the words but eventually continued, “About those pictures?”


Initially, Vivian blinked as though she felt lost about what was going on.

Yet, her expression suddenly contorted into one of hysteria in the next moment.

“Pictures? T-Those pictures!”

The sudden turn of events made Charles uneasy as he hurriedly stepped forward to intervene.

However, Samuel reached out and gripped his shoulder. “Calm down.”

Samuel thought they should have faith in Kathleen.

Meanwhile, Kathleen held Vivian’s hand while stating, “Finn didn’t hire someone to take those pictures of you back then. It was her.”

Vivian stiffened then and there.

Her dumbfounded gaze remained on Tracy for a long while.

“She knows what she did was wrong now and wants to apologize to you,” Kathleen explained.

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