All Too Late Chapter 253

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All Too Late Chapter 253

All Too Late Chapter 253

Where The Hell Are You

All the blood drained from Vivian’s face at that moment.

Even her limbs were trembling fervently.

While watching the entire scene unfold from the side, Charles and Caleb both felt worried.

“Why did you do that to me?” Vivian cast a blank look at Tracy.

She had always assumed Finn was the one behind the matter.

Cold laughter came from a sneering Tracy. “Because you kept clinging on to Finn like a leech. Jeez… Vivian, he and I are already married. If his love for you was truly deep and genuine, why would he marry me?”

Vivian gnawed on her bottom lip in annoyance, countering, “That’s because his family forced him to marry you.”

“His family didn’t say that he had to choose between marrying me or taking his own life. That means he clearly loves power and glory over you,” Tracy hissed.

That made Vivian turn even paler.

Kathleen shot a surprised look at Tracy.

Doesn’t Tracy know everything? She should be aware that Finn doesn’t have feelings for her then. Why is she still so obsessed with him? How puzzling.

“I don’t mind if he doesn’t love me. However, I can’t stand that you keep clinging on to him!” A murderous look crept up Tracy’s hideously frowning face. She seethed with utter rage, “Don’t you know how irksome you are? Constantly bothering us like a pest and causing a scene at our home! You’re the reason we can’t have a peaceful life!”

“I-I just…” Vivian faltered as tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Tracy! Why are you saying all of that?” a furious Kathleen interrupted. “Just apologize!”

It was then that Tracy bit her lips, stopping herself from going on. Instead, she reluctantly muttered, “Sorry.”

Several tears dotted Vivian’s long, dark lashes at that point.

She said, “I can’t forgive you.”

“Well, I couldn’t care less.” Tracy turned to look elsewhere grumpily.

That was when Kathleen spoke with a frosty tone that could send chills down one’s spine. “Tracy, don’t you think you’ve gone too far by using these dirty tricks against Vivian?”

“I went too far?” Tracy scoffed. “That’s because you’ve never had an annoying pest bother you daily.”

“There are many ways in which you could’ve resolved this matter.” A cold gleam flashed across Kathleen’s hostile gaze. She added, “You didn’t have to do such a thing. Instead, you could’ve gotten Finn to clarify things with Vivian.”

“Oh, what do you know?” Tracy snarled.

A mighty, uncompromising rage flashed in Kathleen’s dark eyes at that point.

“Clearly, you don’t regret doing those vicious things, do you? Well, I won’t ever let you off easy!” Caleb barked from the chair he got tied to.

“Hmph! Come at me then! Do you think I’ll be afraid of you? As if! No one else in this world loves Finn more than I do!” asserted Tracy.

Kathleen frowned while turning back to her brother. “Charles! Look after Vivian for a bit.”

At once, Charles marched forward and stood before Vivian defensively.

He held her hand while comforting her with a gentle tone. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

Vivian’s hand was ice cold.

Tracy looked at them, then lowered her head.

By then, Kathleen had walked to Samuel’s side and asked in a soft voice, “What’s Finn and Tracy’s relationship like?”

“Why don’t you ask her?” replied a smirking Samuel.

“Duh. She’ll probably say that Finn adores her a lot. Asking her would just be a waste of my breath.” Kathleen shrugged.

Just then, Samuel cracked a joke. “You’re not wasting your breath because you’ll still need to breathe either way.”

Feeling speechless at his lame joke, she ordered, “Answer my question.”

“They’re not on good terms at all.”

“You arranged for Wendy to say those things earlier, didn’t you?”

Samuel nodded.

“So, did Wendy tell you how Tracy and Finn get along with each other on a daily basis?” Kathleen curiously asked.

Samuel instantly turned to instruct his men, “Get Wendy over here now.”

“Yes, sir.” One of his bodyguards hurriedly carried out the task.

Not long passed before Wendy got escorted into the hall.

She had not left the private club yet.

Upon entering the hall, she awkwardly slunk over to Samuel and Kathleen.

“Ms. Johnson has a question for you. You’d best answer it earnestly,” Samuel icily ordered.

Wendy fervently nodded. “Okay.”

“How is Finn and Tracy’s relationship?” Kathleen probed while staring intently at her.

That question took Wendy by surprise, and she answered, “Tracy’s practically a simp for Finn. She showers him with affection, and it’s almost as if she is his slave. However, Finn couldn’t care less about her. He would rather speak with me than her.”

Kathleen frowned but pressed on, “What else?”

Wendy was stumped, so she asked, “What would you like to know, Ms. Johnson?”

“What do they normally chat about?” Kathleen questioned.

Despite being flustered, Wendy responded, “You have no idea, Ms. Johnson. Back when I stayed in the Morris residence as a housekeeper, Finn would talk to me more than with her. Even if the two were on speaking terms, they would be arguing.”

“What would they normally fight about?” Kathleen continued probing.

“I couldn’t catch what they were fighting about, since they often fought behind closed doors. The one time I managed to listen in was when they argued during a meal. A member of the Stewart family encountered some problems and wanted Tracy to ask for Finn’s help. However, Finn declined, so Tracy snapped at him. I recall him saying something about how the Smith family lied to him.”

Kathleen’s brows furrowed. Lied to him?

Seeing Kathleen in deep thoughts, Samuel coldly spoke up. “You can wait back there. If Ms. Johnson needs anything else from you, we’ll call you over.”

“Okay.” Wendy nodded before backing away to the side of the hall.

It was then that Kathleen shot an exceedingly grim look at Tracy.

Her low tone almost sounded like a growl. “How can there be a bigger idiot than me when it comes to falling blindly for someone?”

Samuel’s gaze became a tad frosty as he countered, “I’m not like Finn.”

Kathleen raised a brow upon hearing his statement. “I’m merely saying that Tracy and I are similar. I’m not talking about you and Finn. Why do you seem so bothered? Do you feel guilty?”

Samuel clamped his lips shut at that moment.

After all, an intelligent man would know not to talk back when arguing with a woman.

“Hmph!” Kathleen scoffed before storming over to Caleb.

All that remained was a frowning Samuel, who felt that he had misspoken again.

“Caleb, how do you plan to resolve this matter?” Kathleen locked eyes with him.

“Are you seriously asking me?” Caleb questioned with a prickly tone.

“Yes, I am.”

“Didn’t you get someone to tie me up so that I can’t do anything?” Caleb pouted.

However, he would never dare to be mad at Kathleen.

“That’s because you tend to act rashly,” Kathleen replied. “Now, I’m asking you what you would like to do regarding the matter.”

“Now that things have come to this point, I will never let the Smith family go!” Caleb uttered resolutely.

Kathleen was rendered speechless. She eventually commented, “Thank goodness I tied you up.”

Caleb glared at her upon hearing that.

However, Kathleen did not want to waste any more time talking to him.

She turned around to stare daggers at Tracy. “Call Finn and say that you’re being held captive by us. Tell him that he’s to show up here in person if he wants you to return alive.”

Tracy tensed at once.

What did she say?

Her eyes opened wide as she gawked at Kathleen with puzzlement, then she shifted her gaze to Vivian.

No! I can’t do that!

“Aren’t you and Finn a loving couple? Why won’t you call him? Won’t he come to your rescue if you’re in trouble?” Kathleen now knew how to get on Tracy’s nerves, so she went all the way.

“Of course he will!” Tracy said through clenched teeth.

“Quit wasting our time, then! Make the call,” Kathleen thundered. “Unless you want me to release Caleb and lock you two in here.”

Having heard the conversation, Caleb sardonically piped up, “Gee, thanks for comparing me to a bloodhound!”

Kathleen glowered at him.

Meanwhile, Tracy stole a glimpse of the tied-up Caleb.

She knew she would only suffer a great deal if she were to end up in his grasp.

Left without a choice, she could only ask Finn to come over and pick her up.

She took out her phone and dialed a number before placing the phone by her ear.

After two rings, an indifferent-sounding man spoke from the other end of the line. “Don’t you know what time it is? Where the hell are you?”

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