All Too Late Chapter 255

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All Too Late Chapter 255


All Too Late Chapter 255 Not A Despicable Man

Tracy’s body stiffened.

“Tracy, if something happens to you, Finn will have a reason to divorce you. Don’t tell me you think he will wait for you to be released if you’re imprisoned,” Kathleen reminded.

Tracy’s face turned pale.

“By then, your family will have lost everything they currently have, and their lives will hit rock bottom because of you. Do you think they will not hate you when you get out of jail?” Kathleen pressed further.

“I…” Tracy paused and looked in Finn’s direction.

Finn sneered. “Ms. Johnson, are you trying to sow discord between another couple because your marriage is filled with misfortune? That’s not really appropriate, don’t you think?”

“I don’t have a choice, since you’ve enlightened me with how a real j*rk would behave. Even Mr. Macari seems cute and innocent in comparison,” she replied.

Samuel snorted to express his frustration.

Do not compare me to Finn!

“F*ck you, Finn!” While they were talking, Caleb dashed up to Finn, grasped his collar, and punched him.

Kathleen knew Caleb was a good fighter.

The corner of Finn’s mouth started bleeding at once.

“Darling!” Tracy went to help Finn up.

He pushed her away. “Get lost!”

The silverware on the table clanked noisily as she regained her balance by supporting her weight on the table.

She turned to look at Finn and Caleb.

They were already engaged in a fight.

Kathleen did not intend to stop them.

According to her analysis, Caleb had the ability to outfight Finn.

Since the law failed to punish a j*rk like Finn, I’ll just let Caleb handle him. Finn is not as good at fighting as Caleb, anyway. After all, Caleb used to be a gangster.

Finn was overwhelmed by Caleb after they exchanged a few punches.

Tracy grabbed Caleb’s leg in desperation. “Please, I beg you. Stop hitting him. No!”

“Go away!” Caleb thundered furiously and booted her.

Still, she did not let go.

“If you still want to avenge your sister, then direct your anger at me!” Tracy yelled.

“Don’t think that I do not dare to hit women! I’m not as gentlemanly as you think I am!” Caleb bellowed.

Tracy gritted her teeth and wrapped her arms tightly around his leg.

Meanwhile, Finn merely stared at them without showing any willingness to help Tracy.

Kathleen gazed at Vivian while the latter turned to look at her as well.

“Do you see what I mean now? Think this through. Are you going to let your brother commit the biggest error of his life here because of that man, or will you continue to hold on to that despicable man?” Kathleen questioned her coldly.

Vivian covered her face as she wept in silence.

Charles stared at her.

“Stop what you’re doing, Caleb!” Vivian shouted all of a sudden.

She withdrew her hands from Charles’ and walked up to Caleb. “That’s enough. Stop hitting her.”

Caleb paused.

She held his hands and said, “She’s not at fault. Don’t harm the innocent.”

He gritted his teeth and snorted.

In fact, Tracy was fine, aside from being kicked once by Caleb.

Vivian strode up to Finn. “So, you orchestrated the whole thing?”

Finn remained silent.

“Say something!” She grabbed his collar. “You dare to do all those things, yet you do not have the courage to admit your doings?”

He gazed down at her with an unfathomable expression. “That’s right. I did it. So what?”

Tears streamed down from the corner of Vivian’s eyes again. “Why? Why did you do this to me? Why did you have to be so cruel?”

“That’s because you’re too stupid! I ignored you simply because I did not wish to be with you anymore, yet you demanded I clarify things with you. What else could I say? I told you I didn’t love you anymore, but did you believe me?”

She sniffled. “But I thought you were acting against your own will. I assumed you were forced to marry Tracy.”

Finn sneered. “And that’s why I said you’re stupid!”

Vivian was stunned.

I’m stupid? He’s right. I am stupid. That’s why I fell in love with a man like him. Haha! All these misfortunes that befell me must have been my punishments.

“You b*stard!” Caleb was livid.

He reached out to punch Finn, but the latter avoided his attack.

That prompted Caleb’s anger to intensify.

However, Vivian grasped her brother’s arm. “Caleb, this is a matter between him and me. You’re not allowed to intervene!”

Caleb recollected himself and stayed still afterward.

“Finn, even if I am stupid, you shouldn’t have hurt someone who loved you.” She wiped her tears off as she continued, “Haha… Won’t your conscience be guilt-ridden after you rendered me in such a pathetic state?”

“He has no conscience, presumably having lost it a long time ago!” Caleb snapped.

Finn stared at Vivian with a poker face. “Don’t you understand me?”

Understand you?

Vivian found his question to be comical. “I have to understand you after you hurt me cruelly? You’re ridiculous, Finn!”

He grabbed her wrist and whispered so that others could not listen in on their exchange, “You’re defiled, anyway. I’ll offer you to be my mistress. What do you say?”


She slapped him hard on the face and thundered, “F*ck off!”

Finn curled his lips into a derisive smile and let go of her. Then, he dragged Tracy along and left.

“Vivian, what did he say?” Caleb frowned.

What’s with her sudden, exaggerated response?

Vivian was reluctant to answer him.

She merely gazed at the merciless Finn’s leaving figure from behind and sneered.

What a brutal man. He drove me insane and still deliberately humiliated me in that manner.

“Let’s go home, Caleb,” Vivian uttered.

“Okay.” He nodded.

The siblings proceeded to make their way out.

Charles moved to Kathleen’s side. “Tracy took the blame for Finn?”

“Her affection toward Finn has caused her to lose herself. Her thought process baffles me,” Kathleen said indifferently.

Charles pursed his lips. “I still think something doesn’t feel right about this matter.”

Kathleen nodded in agreement. “I have this similar feeling too. However, the rest is no longer our problem now. I think Vivian will no longer feel troubled by this matter.”

Charles knitted his brows. “Really?”

“I think so.” She paused briefly before adding, “It’s up to her now if she’s able to leave the past behind completely.”

“I’ll go to the Lewis residence to visit her tomorrow,” Charles said.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded. “I’m going back to the hotel, Charles. Please take care of the family, especially Granny.”

“All right.” Charles nodded.

Kathleen was about to leave when Samuel piped up, “I’ll send you home.”

She raised her brows at him. “That’s not needed.”

Samuel frowned.

What did I do to offend her?

Kathleen walked away.

Samuel hastily put on his jacket and chased after her.

When they arrived at the entrance, he pulled her into his embrace and clamped her figure between his underarm and body.

Then, he forced her into his car.

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

D*mn it! I don’t even have to chance to struggle!

Samuel got into the car and narrowed his eyes at her. “Why are you mad at me?”

“I’m not. I wouldn’t dare to be mad at you,” Kathleen replied indifferently.

Samuel snorted coldly. “You’re mad at me right now. I’m not Finn. I admitted everything I’d done in the past. Why are you being snarky?”

“Say whatever you want.” She turned to gaze outside the window.

Samuel pursed his lips and tugged on Kathleen’s arm, pulling her to his side. He then said softly, “Did the encounter with the j*rk remind you of the hatred you harbored toward me?”

Kathleen did not say a word.

Samuel was anxious. “Kate, I’m not a j*rk anymore. I swear!”

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