All Too Late Chapter 257

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All Too Late Chapter 257

All Too Late Chapter 257

Do Not Ignore Me

When Samuel saw that she was upset, he immediately put on an innocent look.

“But you didn’t talk to me today, so I wanted to wait until you were free to have a chat with you.” He tugged at her sleeves like a puppy. “I didn’t disturb you. I was just waiting for you to get off work.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

He sat up and asked, “Do you have something to tell me?”

She was stunned momentarily before she shook her head lightly.

Samuel smiled bitterly. “Okay. That’s all for our chat today. I’m leaving.”

With that, he stood up, his body swaying slightly.

“Where’s Tyson?” Kathleen queried.

“It’s seven now. He’s gotten off work,” Samuel answered.

She stared at him, feeling speechless.

How could I let him go back alone when he’s in this state?

After thinking for a while, she said, “You should go back to the hotel with me.”

Samuel’s eyes lit up instantly.

She continued, “Call someone and let them pick you up.”

Samuel had a lot of subordinates, so they could just drive over to fetch him.

“Kate, it’s seven o’clock. They’re all off work now.” Samuel paused for a moment before he added, “If I force them to work overtime, they’ll say I’m an evil businessman.”

Once again, Kathleen was stumped.

“Let’s go then.” She felt a slight pain in her head.

No one could outsmart him when he was playing tricks like a sly fox.

Besides, she couldn’t leave him behind when he was having a fever.

People say that women are willful, but men are more willful!

If she paid no heed to him and left him here, she was worried that he might stay in that break room for the entire night and freeze to death.

Samuel left with Kathleen in a car and reached the hotel.

The hotel room was warm.

When they stepped inside, she helped him to the bed.

After that, she opened the drawer and searched for something.

“Valerie, help me buy some medication for fever. Also, buy two sets of dinner while you’re on the way back. Get something light,” Kathleen ordered.

“All right.” Valerie wheeled around and left.

Kathleen then rubbed his forehead with a hot towel.

Samuel put his large hand on hers. “Kate, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you mad yesterday. It’s okay no matter how you look at me or scold me, but please don’t ignore me.”

Rendered speechless, she stared at him and said, “I’m not angry.”

She was not lying, but what had happened the previous day got her thinking.

“Are you really not upset?” He furrowed his brows. “You didn’t even talk to me while we were in the car.”

Kathleen was starting to lose her patience. “Samuel, you’re the one at fault.”

Samuel pursed his lips.

“What did I say yesterday, huh?” She shot him a disdainful look. “You’re the one who started it. You felt that you were a j*rk in my eyes, but did I say that? You’re the one who overthought, and yet you’re trying to blame it on me.”

Samuel knew it was his fault, so he started to play dirty and change the subject. “My head hurts.”

Kathleen stared at him wordlessly.

“Kate?” he called out in a pitiful, deep voice.

She heaved a long sigh. “Samuel, what have I done to deserve this?”

With that, she reached out and massaged his temples.

A hint of seriousness emerged on his attractive face.

Kathleen is too soft-hearted.

There was a pleasant floral scent on her. It was not intense and made people feel relaxed.

Gradually, Samuel fell asleep as he breathed in her scent.

Kathleen continued to massage his head for a while before she stopped.

Valerie soon came back with bags in her hands.

“Thank you. You should head back.” Kathleen took over the items.

“Kate, I shall go back to my room next door then. Call me if you need anything,” Valerie responded.

Kathleen nodded. “Eat well and go to sleep early.”

“Okay.” Valerie smiled and went out of the room.

Before leaving, she closed the door.

Kathleen took the medication and put it on the bedside table, thinking that she would give it to Samuel when he woke up.

Then, she sat at a small table and enjoyed her dinner slowly.

Her dinner was simple—boiled broccoli and boiled chicken breast.

As she ate, she stared blankly ahead, pondering about her relationship with Samuel.

She had a feeling that he would not stop pestering her, but she hoped that he could give up one day.

Am I not assertive enough?

Back then, she had made a fuss at the wedding ceremony because she was disappointed with Samuel.

After a year, she realized she didn’t hate him as much as before.

Besides, he had punished himself, so she could not bring herself to be harsh on him.

She sighed. “Samuel, do you know you’re making things difficult for me?”

She had run out of ways to push him away.

When Samuel woke up, only the bedside lamp was turned on, and the room was quiet and tranquil.

He was baffled. How long have I slept?

With the light from the lamp, he checked his wristwatch and saw that it was already three o’clock in the morning.

He had slept for a long time.

After he went home the previous day, he had not slept a wink because he had been angry with himself.

Therefore, he had gone to the office early in the morning. After he heard that Diana and Frances were going to visit Kathleen at work, he had followed along.

Then, while he waited for Kathleen, he dozed off.

I’ve been here for a long time. Will she be upset?

As he turned around, he saw Kathleen, who was sleeping next to him.

Her figure looked slim and elegant. She looked beautiful with her fair skin and her delicate facial features. Currently, she was sleeping soundly, her breathing steady.

Samuel didn’t dare to move around a lot for fear that he would wake her up.

Seeing her sleeping beside him, he felt at ease.

His slender fingers touched her hand. He then held her hand and put it on his chest.

How wonderful.

“There’s some food on the table. Have some and take the fever medication,” Kathleen mumbled groggily.

Being a light sleeper, she would be easily woken up by the slightest noise.

Hence, after Samuel and Kathleen got married, he would put his phone on silent when they slept to avoid disturbing her sleep.

“Did I wake you up?” Samuel spoke in a deep voice.

He didn’t mean to do that.

Raising her hand, Kathleen inched closer to him and put her hand on his forehead.

“You’re still having a slight fever.” She let out a yawn.

Then, she put her hand back under the cover and continued to sleep.

Samuel gazed at her affectionately.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” he asked.

Kathleen huffed, “I’m not that cruel. I’m not you. You know you treated me badly in the past.”

“I know. I’m sorry, Kate,” Samuel apologized sincerely.

“Since you know it, why were you angry yesterday?” Kathleen questioned angrily.

Samuel remained silent.

She opened her eyes and continued, “Samuel, do you know? Actually, you’re no different from Finn, for you’re also a j*rk. You’re right that I think you’re a jerk like Finn— Mmph!”

She didn’t expect that he would kiss her all of a sudden.

After sucking on her crimson lips for a moment, he cupped her face with his large hand and said huskily, “Stop chiding me. I’m changing for the better.”

Kathleen snorted coldly.

He caressed her face. “I’ll go back after I eat the food and take the medication. You’ll need to do your makeup two hours later. It’s not good for us to be seen together by outsiders.”

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