All Too Late Chapter 259

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All Too Late Chapter 259

All Too Late Chapter 259

Celebrating New Year Together

After a few days, the film crew got a few days off because of the new year holidays.

Kathleen had been looking forward to it.

She moved from the hotel that the film crew had booked back to the mansion.

“Granny, what would you like to eat? I’m going to make some for you tomorrow.” Kathleen sat beside Frances with a notebook.

Frances smiled and said, “I will enjoy anything you make, Katie.”

Kathleen noticed that Frances had been influenced by Diana and started to call her Katie too.

“All right.” Kathleen kneeled on the carpet before the coffee table and planned out her menu seriously.

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang right then.

The housekeeper went to open the door. To her surprise, it was Samuel. “Mr. Macari?”

“I’m here to fetch Old Mrs. Yoeger,” he said coolly.

Meanwhile, Kathleen was rather surprised to hear what Samuel said.

Samuel had not looked for her in the past few days, nor had he appeared in front of her.

He had only sent two text messages a day—good morning and good night.

Kathleen did not know what he was getting at.

The housekeeper was stumped and blurted, “What?”

He eyed the housekeeper coldly.

The housekeeper snapped out of her surprise and immediately gave way to him.

Samuel headed inside the house and arrived in the living room as he eyed Frances and Kathleen.

“Good morning,” he said in his usual husky voice.

Kathleen blinked in surprise. “Why are you here?”

His tone was gentle. “I’m here to fetch Old Mrs. Yoeger to the Macari residence.”

“What?” Kathleen asked, confused.

He looked at Frances and said, “Old Mrs. Yoeger, do you remember? A few days ago, you promised my grandma that you would celebrate New Year at the Macari residence.”

Frances was hit by a pang of realization. “Ah, I’ve forgotten all about it.”

Kathleen was rather speechless.

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, my grandma has asked me to come and pick you up. Could you ask someone to pack your things? We’re going to leave when you’re ready,” Samuel said.

Frances nodded. “Come help me pack my things.”

“All right, Old Mrs. Yoeger.” The housekeeper made her way over and helped Frances back to her room.

Samuel lowered his gaze and regarded Kathleen. “Is there a problem?”

Kathleen frowned. “When was this decided?”

Samuel took a seat and replied, “A few days ago. They talked to each other over the phone and promised to spend the New Year together. I thought you knew.”

Kathleen shook her head. “I didn’t know at all.”

“Do you want to go together?” Samuel eyed her with a longing gaze.

She fidgeted uneasily under his stare. “No.”

“That’s your granny. Besides, Grandma misses you a lot. Everyone in the house does.”

I miss you too.

He kept the last sentence to himself.

Kathleen pursed her lips.

“You can take care of her if you tag along,” Samuel reasoned.

Kathleen hesitated for a moment.

“Go pack your things. I’ll send both of you there.” Samuel smiled.

“Aren’t you going to stay at the Macari residence during the New Year?” Kathleen asked curiously.

“I can make myself scarce if you do not wish to see me,” Samuel said mildly.

Kathleen paused for a moment. “That’s your home. You’ve always spent your New Year holidays there.”

Samuel remained silent.

Kathleen retracted her gaze and said, “Samuel, I told you I don’t hate you that much anymore.”

“Then let’s celebrate the New Year together. The house was exceptionally quiet without you last year,” Samuel said in a throaty voice.

“All right. Let me give my brother a call,” Kathleen replied.

“Sure.” Samuel’s thin lips curled into a faint smile. “You’d better go pack up then. But you don’t need to pack a lot. I’m sure there is plenty of what you need at home.”

Even though Kathleen had left the house, the things she used to use were still replenished periodically.

Kathleen pursed her red lips. “All right.”

Then, she got up to leave.

Samuel smiled.

After she went upstairs, he picked up the notebook that she left on the coffee table and noticed that she had written: butter prawns.

Samuel’s lips quirked into an amused grin. Is this something she’s planning to cook or something she’s craving to eat?

Samuel drove Kathleen and Frances to the Macari residence.

Diana personally welcomed her old friend.

She was over the moon to see that Kathleen had tagged along as well.

Diana held Kathleen’s hands and beamed with delight. “Katie, only when you are around that it feels like the New Year.”

Kathleen smiled shyly.

“Fran, we’re going to share a bed tonight.” Diana held Frances’ hand and said, “Let’s go. I’ve got to tell you all about this drama that I’m watching right now. It is so good!”

Then, the two old women walked away.

The housekeeper came to take Kathleen’s luggage.

“Please send it to my room,” Samuel said.

“All right, Mr. Macari.”

Kathleen was stumped.

“I’m going to sleep in the guest room,” Samuel explained.

“You’re the host. Why are you sleeping in the guest room instead?” Kathleen frowned.

“What host? Even Snowy enjoys a higher social status than me in this house,” Samuel joked.

Kathleen let out a chuckle. “That much is true.”

Samuel grinned as he looked at her smiling face. “Are you going to visit it?”

“Sure.” Kathleen was in a good mood.

Samuel brought her to the pet house to pay Snowy a visit.

Snowy practically hurled itself at Kathleen upon spotting her.

Kathleen beamed delightfully with Snowy in her embrace.

Samuel’s foul mood that had been dragging on for days finally improved after he saw her bright smile.

“The weather is quite pleasant today. Let’s take him for a walk in the garden,” Kathleen suggested.

“Sure,” Samuel said with a nod.

Kathleen opened the door, and Snowy was already eager to head out.

Kathleen looked sadly at Snowy who was running freely in the garden as she asked, “I remember you were not quite fond of it when I rescued it and took it in back then. Why is that?”

“Because I don’t like dogs. They shed,” Samuel stated plainly.

“That’s because you prefer cats,” Kathleen said with a chuckle.

“No, I don’t.” Samuel shook his head.

Kathleen teased, “Why? I remember someone giving Nicolette a cat right on the second day after she said she wanted one on her eighteenth birthday.”

Samuel smiled as he noticed her tone tinged with jealousy. “I was not the one taking care of it, anyway.”

Kathleen was speechless.

“You’re such a j*rk, Mr. Macari,” Kathleen mocked. “Why didn’t you send Snowy away after I left, then?”

“Because you like it,” Samuel said in a low voice.

Kathleen was at a loss for words.


Snowy barked at them.

“Wait a minute,” Samuel said as he turned around to head back to the house.

After some time, he appeared with a frisbee in his hand.

Samuel threw the frisbee out.

Snowy stuck out its tongue and stared at them with an adorable look.

Samuel frowned. “You should go fetch it.”

Snowy did not budge.

Kathleen looked at the two.

Samuel appeared quite frustrated as he stepped out to fetch the frisbee. Then, he threw it in Snowy’s direction again.

Still, Snowy did not budge.

Samuel fell speechless.

Kathleen then threw out the frisbee.

Snowy immediately rushed to fetch it.

Samuel felt defeated while Kathleen just felt like laughing.

“Let me try again!” Samuel did not wish to admit defeat.

Kathleen passed him the frisbee.

Then, Samuel threw it out again.

Snowy merely looked at him blankly and did not move.

Samuel’s face turned grim as he announced, “Your New Year treat is canceled!”

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