All Too Late Chapter 261

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All Too Late Chapter 261

All Too Late Chapter 261

Stop Seeing Each Other

The only woman Samuel had touched in his life was Kathleen.

Ever since he and Kathleen were divorced, he had been abstaining from his desires.

However, he almost lost control of himself when he saw Kathleen earlier.

Thus, he quickly returned to the room and did his best to suppress his burning desire.

After taking a shower, he stepped out of the room, coincidentally bumping into Kathleen, who was also coming out at the same time.

Kathleen was dressed in an off-shoulder sweater, which revealed her fair shoulders and delicate collarbones, making her look incredibly cute and sexy.

On her waist hung a black skirt, which gave her an elegant vibe.

When Samuel saw her pink cheeks, the incident from a while ago immediately came to his mind.

He finally realized Kathleen was too attractive for him.

Samuel cleared his throat. “Uh…”

“Samuel, we were once a married couple. I can tell how many moles you have on your body. In fact, I can even tell you where they are.” Kathleen was surprisingly calm.

Samuel was stunned.

“So, you don’t have to be too bothered about it. I’d be mad if you had kept staring at me, but you didn’t. You turned around right away. So, I’m not mad at you,” Kathleen said softly.

Samuel merely gazed at her without saying a word.

“Let’s go.” Kathleen descended the stairs.

As she walked beside Samuel, her body gave out a unique scent.

Samuel took a whiff and smiled.

Her scent is still the best!

After lunch, Wynnie suggested a game of poker.

With so many people at home, she would not waste the opportunity for a game.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Macari. Samuel and I won’t be playing. We’ve got to pop by the mall to get some things,” Kathleen explained.

“Oh, sure. Go ahead, then.” Wynnie shot Samuel a gaze that seemed to imply something. “You know what to do as a man, right?”

“What do you mean?” Samuel asked in puzzlement.

“Have you become stupid? Did you let Nicolette pay when you went shopping with her back then?” Wynnie whispered.

“Mom, why are you bringing her up?” Samuel was upset.

“I’m just worried you’ll have double standards. You know, where you’ll be willing to spend your money on Nicolette instead of Kathleen,” Wynnie retorted.

Her words rendered Samuel speechless.

Meanwhile, Kathleen, who heard everything, felt slightly dumbfounded.

“Let’s go.” Samuel turned around and pulled Kathleen with him.

After getting into the car, Samuel massaged his temples. “Don’t believe my mom’s nonsense. I barely went shopping with Nicolette.”

“Okay.” Kathleen looked unfazed as if she couldn’t be bothered by it.

A wave of frustration washed over Samuel.

He felt as if he had been screwed over by his own mother.

“I was busy studying and managing the company at that time. I really didn’t have time for all that,” explained Samuel.

Kathleen threw him a glance. “Samuel, that’s all in the past. Don’t be so nervous. Just bear with the teasing. It’s not like you didn’t do those things, anyway. No one would talk about it if you didn’t do it.”

She snickered inwardly.

Samuel fell silent.

“Let’s go.” Kathleen fastened her seat belt.

Samuel fastened his seat belt obediently and started driving.

Soon, they arrived at a nearby mall.

First, Kathleen brought Samuel to the down jacket section.

Since Samuel rarely wore other colors, Kathleen chose a dark blue down jacket for him.

At the same time, she picked a black one for herself.

Samuel frowned. “I want a black one, too.”

That way, we’ll have a matching set.

Kathleen was dumbfounded. “You already have a black one.”

Samuel pursed his lips, looking upset.

His behavior made Kathleen speechless.

Why is he acting like a child?

Seeing that, Kathleen had no choice but to get a black one for him.

Only then did he huff to express his satisfaction.

At a loss for words, Kathleen carried the clothes and walked to the counter.

“Please send these to the Macari residence. Thank you,” she said.

The employee was elated when she recognized Kathleen and Samuel. “Of course.”

Kathleen turned to look at Samuel, who stood not too far away. “Come over and pay.”

Samuel furrowed his brows. “You’re the one buying it for me. So why should I be the one to pay?”

“Didn’t your mom lecture you just now? Have you forgotten about it already?” Kathleen asked, snickering.

“But you’re the one who wanted to buy it for me,” Samuel persisted.

Kathleen was stumped.

“Hurry up and pay for it,” Samuel urged. Oddly enough, their roles had been switched.

“You’re the worst, Samuel.” Resignedly, Kathleen pulled out her phone and scanned the code for payment.

Samuel was delighted, but he still instructed the employee in a cool manner, “Make sure they arrive at my house today.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Macari. I’ll send someone to deliver it in a while.” Naturally, the employee did not dare to cause any delays.

“Good.” Samuel nodded with satisfaction.

Kathleen rolled her eyes at him.

“Let’s go. You still owe me a set of clothes.” Samuel grabbed her wrist and walked away.

Kathleen had no choice but to follow him out of the store.

After a while, they arrived at the only store in the mall that sold high-end suits.

Some of Samuel’s suits were from that brand.

However, the suit he wore often came from another store that sold high-end custom-made suits.

It would take a week for the clothes to be ready if they ordered them at that moment. There was not enough time for that.

Thus, Kathleen chose that store.

She selected a dark blue suit that had dark-colored stripes and two rows of buttons.

She thought that suits with two rows of buttons were suitable for wealthy bosses.

Samuel had a slender figure and an elegant aura, which made the suit look more suitable for him.

Moreover, it looked right on him, for it was a three-piece suit.

Samuel took the suit as she handed it to him. Suddenly, he mumbled, “If I remember correctly, Charles’ suit came with a shirt.”

Kathleen glared at him furiously. “Samuel, how is it I never noticed how calculative you are?”

Samuel grinned. “It’s not too late to notice it now.”

“Ugh!” Kathleen turned around, picked a light blue shirt, and tossed it to him.

Catching the shirt, Samuel entered the fitting room.

It did not take long for him to walk out.

The dark-blue suit with two rows of buttons matched with a light-blue, vintage-looking shirt suited Samuel to a tee. His elegant aura instantly radiated off him.

Kathleen smiled with satisfaction. “It looks good on you.”

Samuel stared at himself in the mirror. He, too, was satisfied.

It was an undeniable fact that Kathleen had great taste.

“I need a tie,” Samuel uttered.

Hearing that, Kathleen turned and picked out a tie. “That’s right. A tie makes a suit like this look better.”

She chose a dark blue tie, helped him put it on, and straightened his outfit.

As Samuel fixed his eyes on her, who stood just a few steps away, a bittersweet feeling flooded his heart.

Finally, Kathleen withdrew her hands. “All right. Have a look. Do you like it?”

Samuel turned around and stared at his reflection.

However, his gaze fell on Kathleen.

She looks so gentle and cute.

Despite that, waves of grief crashed against the wall of his heart. “I like it.”

“That’s good to hear.” Kathleen heaved a sigh of relief.

With that, she went to the counter to settle the bill.

This time, she could only pay by card.

When the transaction was done, she received a text about her payment.

I can’t believe I used up over a million just like that. This is so sad.

“What’s with that look on your face?” asked Samuel when he returned from the fitting room, already dressed in his own clothes.

“I spent over a million today. It’ll take several stunt shootings to get that amount back.” Kathleen’s heart wrenched with pain as she thought about that.

“That’s nothing. I’ll help you get it back after the New Year. Don’t forget. You still have Macari Group’s shares,” Samuel said confidently.

Kathleen frowned, nonplussed. “Are you really not going to take those shares back?”

“That’s right.” Samuel nodded.

Pursing her lips, Kathleen asked, “What if I say we should stop seeing each other since you don’t want it back?”

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