All Too Late Chapter 262

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All Too Late Chapter 262

All Too Late Chapter 262

Something Bad

Samuel glanced at Kathleen’s petite face, and his expression turned sullen.

“Samuel, there’s only so much I can take,” she said ruefully. “You know how much I hate troubles, so…”

His gaze darkened. “So you don’t want compensation from me?”

She shook her head. “Money can’t solve everything, Samuel.”

His fists clenched, and he replied in a low, hoarse voice, “All right.”

He didn’t want to put her on the spot or stress her out.

“But according to the law, I can’t own more than fifty-one percent of shares, so I’m still leaving you with ten percent,” Samuel added.

Kathleen hesitated. “Fine, do what you must, then.” She just wanted to get this over with.

He gave her a long, meaningful look.

“Let’s go,” Kathleen said before leading Samuel out of the shop.

“Where would you like to go next?” he asked as he trailed behind her closely.

The mall was crowded during the New Year, and he stuck close to her to protect her.

“What do you mean?” Kathleen was bewildered. “We’re going home.”

Samuel gazed at her with hooded eyes. “You don’t want to continue shopping?”

“We’re not ordinary people,” she pointed out. “We can’t just go shopping during peak hours.”

He gave a nod, and they walked to the nearest elevator together.

They were squeezed to the rear corner as soon as they stepped in. He shielded her with both hands, and her face came dangerously close to his chest.

A small smile played at the corners of Samuel’s lips as he gazed down at Kathleen in his arms with his abysmal eyes.

The elevator reached the first floor before they exited from the cramped space, and the apple of Kathleen’s cheeks flushed a rosy color.

“I want milk tea.” She was parched.

“I’ll get it.” Samuel then instructed, “Wait for me here.”

“Okay.” She nodded.

He turned and walked in the direction of a milk tea shop, but there was a long queue, and he stood at the tail end of it.

She stood at the side and waited patiently for him. Her eyes was darting around the crowd, afraid that someone would recognize her.

Fortunately, no one knew who she was. Samuel, on the other hand, was soon recognized.

Kathleen was disgruntled. Do I not stand out? I guess it must be because I’m covering myself up too much. Samuel has a tall frame, so it’s only natural he was recognized in an instant. Besides, he’s only wearing a mask, while I’m also wearing a cap.

Everyone around Samuel was staring at him.

“Isn’t that Samuel Macari?”

“I think so. He looks like Samuel Macari. Not even the mask could hide his handsome face!”

“It must be him. This guy is dressed head to toe in designer wear.”

“I can’t believe he likes milk tea.”

“He’s got to be buying it for someone else, not himself.”

“For a girl, maybe?”

“What do you think? Of course it’s for a girl!”

“It has to be Kathleen Johnson. If she’s here, they must be out on a date.”

“No way. Wasn’t their relationship a publicity stunt?”

“I don’t think so. I believe it was genuine. Although they’re divorced, I’m confident they will reconcile.”

“How would you know?”

“I just do!”

Samuel knitted his brows as he listened to the crowd prattling. Meanwhile, Kathleen was afraid of getting recognized, so she fled the scene.

She sent him a text: I’ll wait for you in the car.

He gave a wry chuckle at her apprehension of being seen with him.

When it was finally his turn to order, he bought two cups of milk tea before returning to the car.

Kathleen rubbed her hands together. “Which one is mine?”

“They’re both the same,” he replied.

She lifted one cup and took a sip. An expression of satisfaction soon appeared on her face.

Samuel’s lips twitched in a smile. “Slow down.”

“I’ve been craving this for a long time.” She continued with a smile, “But Charles wouldn’t let me have even a sip of it while I was filming.”

After all, she was a movie star.

The smile was still hanging on Samuel’s face. “Drink as much as you want today.”

“Why?” She was perplexed.

“If he dares say a word of criticism to you today, I’ll take revenge for you,” he said with a faint smile.

“What good would that do? I’m the one who has to lose weight in the end,” she grumbled before sipping another large mouthful, making her cheeks bulge.

Samuel looked at her tenderly before driving away.

It was already nightfall when they reached the Macari residence, and dinner was ready.

However, Kathleen was too full to eat. After all, she had consumed an entire cup of milk tea on the way back.

Wynnie spooned some food onto her plate. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not hungry,” Kathleen replied bashfully.

“Did both of you sneak out to eat?” Wynnie gave them a disapproving look that was typically reserved for kids.

Flustered, Kathleen stared at the dishes on the table and felt helpless.

Samuel came to her defense. “Mom, don’t force her. She has a small appetite.”

Wynnie gave Kathleen a steely look. “Fine, we’ll wait till you’re hungry, then.”

Kathleen nodded, and Samuel took her portion of food. “I’ll finish them for you.”

“Thank you,” she said in gratitude.

Wynnie watched them openly with a strange look until Calvin subtly gave her a nudge with his foot under the table to stop her.

She was being too obvious. Nonetheless, Diana and Frances were unfazed, talking and laughing amongst themselves.

Kathleen went up to her bedroom for the night after dinner.

Samuel was about to do the same when Wynnie stopped him. “Son, your relationship with Kate seemed to have improved.”

“Don’t overthink it, Mom,” he said curtly.

“Why not? Are you going to fool around again?” Shock crept into her voice.

Samuel fell silent.

“You can’t do that! Kate has been hurt enough. You’re crossing a line if you do that.” Wynnie huffed angrily.

“Can you let me finish, Mom?” he snapped.

“Go ahead.” Wynnie reined in her emotions.

Samuel took a deep breath. “Kate is showing signs of her depression relapsing. All I wanted is to make things better for her, so I won’t force her to be with me. My only wish is for her to recover.”

“What did you say?” Wynnie was shell shocked.

“Mom, just don’t interfere with our affairs.” He continued lightly, “I can’t force her to be with me. I only care about what’s best for her, and that’s it.”

With that, he went up the stairs with long strides.

Wynnie’s brows drew together, and Calvin came over to urge in a low voice, “Just leave them be.”

“Easy for you to say,” she mumbled.

“It’s best if we don’t meddle in the kids’ affairs,” he comforted. “Besides, as you said, their relationship has improved, and our son appears happier than before. Things might take a turn for the better if we don’t pry.”

“I’m not worried about that.” She hesitated. “I have a strong premonition that the Yoeger family is about to do something bad.”

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