All Too Late Chapter 263

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All Too Late Chapter 263


All Too Late Chapter 263


Burning Bridges

“If they dare do anything to the Macari family, you best believe I would never let them walk away unscathed.” Calvin’s gaze turned flinty. “Everything’s fine, so don’t worry.”

Wynnie pursed her lips, her expression still one of worry and anxiety.

Samuel went upstairs and knocked on Kathleen’s door. She answered with a puzzled expression. “What’s the matter?”

“Can we talk?” he asked in a low voice.

“Sure.” Kathleen shifted to let him in, and he followed.

They had shared this bedroom before, but he felt that something was missing in her absence of a year. Now that she moved back in, she had breathed life back into the space.

“What do you want to talk about?” Kathleen sipped on a cup of fruit tea.

“The Yoeger family.” Samuel’s expression was cold.

Kathleen immediately perked up at the mention of the Yoeger family. “Did they make a move?” She was intrigued.

“Not at the moment,” Samuel said evenly. “But I reckon they’ll make a move soon.”

“That’s hardly surprising. After all, they are under such immense pressure and criticism from the public that they’ll probably want to get this over with as soon as possible. But there’s nothing they can do if Granny doesn’t go back,” she reflected.

“So, we have to stop the Yoeger family from contacting your grandmother. I’m sure you’re aware of how frail she is. Besides, Ms. Schott isn’t here. You need to be more careful,” he reminded gravely.

“I’m not afraid of them. I want to know if Old Mr. Yoeger had sent my mom to the orphanage and who her biological father is,” she said coldly.

These two questions were her utmost priority.

Unfortunately, Hector had passed, and dead men tell no tales. There was insufficient proof based on Samuel’s presumption alone.

“Old Mr. Yoeger couldn’t have done something like this on his own. He would need help to cover this up, from the doctor who had to steal your mother away to the security guard deleting the surveillance footage.”

“So you’re saying he had accomplices?” Kathleen frowned.

“Certainly. It’s impossible to achieve this without accomplices. Old Mrs. Yoeger immediately knew when your mother went missing and sent someone to check the surveillance cameras. If Old Mr. Yoeger had acted alone, he wouldn’t have had time to leave your mother at the orphanage and erase the footage,” Samuel explained in a low voice.

Kathleen nodded at his reasoning.

“According to the chronological events, it was three days between when your mother went missing and the time the orphanage accepted her. Old Mr. Yoeger couldn’t have gone missing while taking care of your mother and then sending her to the orphanage three days later. Old Mrs. Yoeger would have noticed his absence.”

Kathleen understood his analysis. “Someone took care of my mother during those three days.”

“I bet it was someone Old Mr. Yoeger trusted with his life,” Samuel wagered.

The person Old Mr. Yoeger trusted the most?

“Should we start looking into his friends and family?” Kathleen asked.

“I have inquired about his assistant at that time, but it was a dead end,” Samuel answered.

Kathleen was surprised. He has started looking into this?

She was so busy taking care of Frances and filming that she hadn’t had time for this.

As for Charles, he was too preoccupied with Vivian and his business to devote time and energy to this.

Although this matter had nothing to do with Samuel, it had always been on his mind.

Kathleen was dumbstruck. “What did you find?”

“I have a photo.” Samuel took out his phone and searched for it before handing the device to her.

She accepted the phone and saw a photo of three handsome young men in their mid-twenties wearing sleek suits.

She examined it more closely. “The middle one is Old Mr. Yoeger?”

“Yes.” Samuel nodded.

“The one on the left looks familiar.” She frowned.

“That’s Christopher’s grandfather,” he said.


“That’s Christopher’s grandfather, Old Mr. Morris? The Felix Morris?” Kathleen exclaimed.

Samuel nodded solemnly.

It’s him? Kathleen was stunned speechless.

“The one on the right is Isaac Norris. Do you recognize him?”

Kathleen took a deep, calming breath. “No, I don’t.”

Samuel’s lips curved into a smile. “He’s a philanthropist and hails from a wealthy family. He gave to many charities, including your mother’s orphanage.”

Kathleen narrowed her eyes. “Could it be him?”

“Perhaps.” Samuel was silent for a beat. “We need concrete proof.”

Kathleen said after deliberating, “I’ll look into this man myself.” She didn’t want to trouble Samuel.

He stood up, his gaze piercing into her. “Katie, are you burning your bridges now?”

She froze. “No! It’s just that you have been helping me with my family affairs lately. So I want to do this on my own.”

Samuel reached out to take her chin between his fingers, stroking her skin before he murmured, “I’m happy to help, Kathleen. This concerns me as well since it involves Grandma and Old Mrs. Yoeger. Understand?”

Kathleen nodded mutely.

“We’ll work together.” His voice was gentle and velvety. “Don’t think for a second that you’re bothering me. I’m also doing this for Grandma. Okay?”

She gave another nod.

Satisfied, Samuel said, “I always pay the Norris family a visit during the New Year. Would you like to come?”

“Sure,” she agreed, knowing the Macari and Norris families had ties.

He stroked her hair. “Good. Get some rest.” With that, he turned and left the room.

Kathleen stared at his tall, ramrod straight back and let out a heavy sigh.

The next day was New Year’s eve, and Kathleen woke up early.

She was spending the New Year with the Macari family, so she definitely couldn’t sleep in.

She took a shower and changed into fresh clothes before expertly applying a thin layer of makeup. She smiled satisfactorily at her reflection and exited her room.

Coincidentally, Samuel was coming out of his room and saw her dressed in a white blouse with a black ribbon tied at her neck and a red sweater, paired with a pair of black shorts. Thigh-high socks completed her look, and she looked youthful and beautiful.

He greeted with a smile, “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year,” Kathleen echoed brightly and reached her hand out to him. “Say, Mr. Macari, where is my monetary gift?”

Samuel froze, his eyes narrowing.

“Don’t you know any etiquette?” Her expression turned perplexed.

He then fished out a thick envelope from his pocket.

“You’re magnanimous as always, Mr. Macari.” Kathleen was beyond delighted.

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