All Too Late Chapter 268

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All Too Late Chapter 268

All Too Late Chapter 268

That Much

Charles pinned Finn to the ground. The latter resisted with all his might but eventually went down on one knee. “Get down on both knees! Charles exerted more strength as his handsome face contorted with rage “Have you lost your mind, Charles!” Finn’s voice boomed throughout the space. However, Charles opened his eyes wide.

Fury overtook his senses as he grabbed Finn’s collar. “Open your eyes wide and see whose portrait that is!” All color drained from Finn’s face as he glanced over. I heard the news. You don’t have to remind me.” “So why didn’t you show up to her memorial service? Have you forgotten that you’re the one who caused her death?” Charles interrogated. “I didn’t cause anything. She’s the one who hung herself. It has nothing to do with me.”

“She did that because of you! If you hadn’t put her through all that sh’t she wouldn’t have resorted to doing this!” “You have no evidence to prove your claims,” Finn stated, persistently denying the truth. That only made the wrathful fumes in Charles’ heart broil even more. He bellowed, “Do you really I won’t dare to beat you up just because I don’t have any evidence?” Finn responded with sarcastic chuckles, which only made things worse.

Bam! Charles’ fist struck Finn’s face at full force. Upon witnessing such a scene, everyone rushed up to prevent the situation from escalating. “No one is to intervene!” Kathleen snarled, her tone frosty. When it came to fighting Finn was nothing more than trash before Charles’ brute strength Not to mention that Charles’ deep affection for Vivian greatly surpassed Finn’s past feelings for Vivian. Utter chaos broke out in the mourning hall.

Finn got beaten up so badly that his nose started to bleed and he could barely stand upright. While Charles did not suffer any severe injuries, he did end up taking a punch or two from the former. “Stop! Stop it!” Tracy charged into the space with her subordinates. When she saw that Finn had gotten beat up, she rushed to stand in front of him defensively, her shrill voice piercing the air. “Are you trying to beat him to death?” “Get the hell out of my way! Don’t think that I won’t lay hands on a woman!” Charles’s piercing gaze shot toward her.

“Kill me then! I’m the one behind all those things anyway! Tracy continued to take the blame on behalf of Finn Charles scoffed as he retorted. “Aren’t you afraid Vivian’s spirit will haunt your dreams?” Tracy bit down on her lip, not wanting to answer that question Meanwhile, Kathleen’s indifferent gaze focused on Tracy as she spoke up.

“What an idiot How can you defend a selfish man who doesn’t even show you respect or treat you like a human?” A bewildered look crept upon Tracy’s face upon hearing that “Besides, Vivian was once his most beloved woman. However, he did all those horrible things after using her as a ticket to improve his societal standing. Contrarily, he doesn’t even love you. Do you think he’ll remain kind to you once you’re no longer useful to him?”

Kathleen added, her tone laced with bitter distaste. Her words made Tracy bite her lip. “You’ll eventually end up like Vivian,”remarked Kathleen with murderous intent flashing in her narrowed eyes. Despite all those words, Tracy refuted with a downcast gaze. “I don’t care! I love him, and he’s my husband, so it’s only right that I defend him!” “How idiotic, Kathleen spat before scoffing”Aren’t you an idiot too?”

It was now Tracy’s turn to speak sarcastically as she questioned, “Remember how you loved Samuel all those years ago like a fool? Even when his heart was clearly devoted to Nicolette? Kathleen’s delicate face paled. “You’re right. I was an idiot back then, so I’m advising you now to open your eyes.” Despite that. Tracy ignored her and went to kneel before Vivian’s photo. “Vivian, you can hold me accountable for everything that’s happened.

If you want to get revenge, come at me. I’m okay with that! Finn shot a surprised look at Tracy. Meanwhile, Kathleen felt Tracy was too far gone in her obsession to be saved now. “As expected.” Kathleen looked over at Finn and resumed. The world wouldn’t have men that are scumbags if women didn’t fall in love so deeply.

You’re not worthy of these two’s affection.” Finn remained silent. “Kick them out of here.” Kathleen ordered icily. Her curt instruction made Charles frown in dissatisfaction. Seeing that she added coldly, “Charles, you can always destroy everything he dreams of if you hate him. There’s no need to beat him up. After all, why risk getting hurt yourself?” Those words seemed sensible to Charles, who soon agreed.

“Get out of my sight.” All trace of warmth had evaporated from Kathleen’s delicate face at that point. “Don’t taint Vivian’s memorial service with your vile presence.” Tracy sniffled before walking toward Finn to help him off the ground In response, the latter merely glanced at her before compliantly leaving with her. The two soon got into a car when Finn asked in his scratchy tone “Do you really love me that much?

Tracy paused for a moment before finally admitting. “Yeah.” Finn’s grim gaze settled on her. “Even if I’m such a scumbag? “The truth is, Finn. I can’t find it in me to fall for anyone else even if we were to split up. It’s likely that I might never find love again. Tracy bit her lip. This must be how Kathleen feels, huh?

The only difference is that I’m not as carefree as her. She may have the courage to leave her toxic relationship, but I don’t Finn pulled Tracy into his arms, not uttering a single word. In response, Tracy stiffened as her tears fell. She hurriedly returned his hug and swore “We’ll pay for Vivian’s death together.”

Finn nodded. In the meantime, Kathleen brought some iodine swabs over to Charles. She then nagged, “Why did you force him here like a prisoner? Aren’t you worried that Vivian won’t be able to rest in peace?” “L.. Charles faltered. “I genuinely have no idea what to say to you. What’s the use of causing such a big scene anyway?” Kathleen told him off like he were her younger brother while she applied the medication to his wounds.

“Okay, that should do it.” After she was done she put away the swabs and locked eyes with Charles. “I just think she didn’t deserve to die…” he muttered while gazing at Vivian’s photo To him, she looked absolutely gorgeous in her funeral portrait Kathleen sighed. “Perhaps death is a form of release for Vivian. That incident has tortured her for all these years after all I doubt any of us can truly understand her pain.”

With his reddened eyes. Charles fell silent It was then that Kathleen glanced sideways, her gaze meeting Samuel’s dark eyes. She had forgotten all about him. “Charles, I’m going over there for a bit. With that. Kathleen approached Samuel The man flashed her a deep look. I need to tell you something Before he could finish, however, Kathleen cut him off. “I want to see Isaac.” “There’s no need for that anymore.”

Kathleen froze momentarily before responding. “Okay. I won’t trouble you then. I’ll go look for him myself.” Irritation sparked in Samuel upon hearing that I’m not refusing to introduce you two. It’s just that I’ve already paid him a visit.” Kathleen blinked a few times. I didn’t mean to come off like I was upset at you.” She was merely reiterating her words from last night-That she didn’t need to trouble him from now on. Likewise, she uttered those words because she found it odd that he remained at the memorial despite not being close with the Lewis family.

Hence, she assumed he was waiting there for her. “I’ve met and asked him the question on your behalf.” Samuel’s gaze darted around before he added, “There’s a lot of people here. Is there a more quiet place where we can discuss this?” “Let’s go to your car then.” “Okay,” Samuel nodded. They then made their way out the door.

It just so happened that Caleb was coming downstairs, so he caught sight of the two Something sinister flashed in his eyes right then. Kathleen got into Samuel’s car and instantly asked, “So, what did Isaac say?” “He didn’t admit to helping Old Mr. Yoeger steal or temporarily look after a child.”

To that Kathleen pursed her lips. commenting. “It doesn’t matter if he’s involved because we have no evidence to prove it. This is going to be tricky “I believe him.” Samuel then confidently explained. “He said it himself that he would never agree to help Old Mr. Yoeger do such a cruel thing.

Plus, he even reminded me about something.” “What is it?’ Kathleen’s curiosity was piqued. Samuel’s expression darkened as he stemnly said. “It’s possible that Old Mr. Yoeger entrusted the matter to a woman.”

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