All Too Late Chapter 269

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All Too Late Chapter 269

All Too Late Chapter 269

Kathleen understood immediately.

“I get it You’re saying that only a woman could take care of a child well. Besides, if he asked Isaac for help. Isaac would have to look for a nanny, too. That way there would be one more person aware of the matter, making it riskier. Am I right? Samuel nodded. “But a woman, huh?” Kathleen frowned. “wonder who could it be?”

Seeing how she was thinking hard with furrowed brows, Samuel felt a bit sad. If she asked him for help, he would be glad to offer it. However, she never turned to him and resorted to doing everything on her own. “I can look into it for you if you’d like ” Samuel offered calmly. Kathleen was taken aback.

“I’ve already asked too much “Just think of it as me paying you back for the treatment. Since you refused the company’s shares, this is the only way I could think of to not owe you a favor” Samuel said indifferently. Kathleen paused for a moment before agreeing. Since he doesn’t want to owe me one, I’ll just accept his help.

“Give me three days.” He then added coldly. “You may get off the car now.” Feeling speechless, Kathleen got off the car without a word As Samuel stared at her departing figure, he felt heartbroken. But more than that he felt irritated, which was very unlike him. When he saw Caleb coming out of the mansion to bring Kathleen in, he scoffed. Caleb will never have Kathleen!

While walking into the mansion, Kathleen looked at Caleb and inquired, “Did you have a good rest? “I had a good sleep, thanks to you.” Caleb said with a smick “That’s good to hear. I’ll ask the chef to prepare some food. What time are your parents arriving? “Around midnight. After a short pause.

Caleb added, “You should come with me. My dad and won’t be able to coax my mom. Kathleen gave it a thought and replied, “All right.” The woman was also Vivian’s mother, so it was only right that Kathleen should help. Caleb knew that Kathleen had a soft heart. In fact, he thought that it was too easy to trick her.

Meanwhile, Charles watched them in silence. He noticed Kathleen didn’t look at Caleb the same way she looked at Samuel. Al three in the morning, Kathleen arrived at the airport with Caleb They didn’t wait long before Caleb’s parents appeared at the exit The couple had rushed over without bringing anything with them.

“Dad, Mom. Caleb strode over to them, and Kathleen followed suit Caleb’s mother, Linda Jones, grasped his arms desperately. “Caleb is your sister… is she really dead? Caleb nodded with a pained expression “My daughter! Linda almost fainted at the tragic news.

Thankfully, Caleb’s father, George Lewis, held her in time Kathleen also stepped forward to massage Linda’s head to make her feel better. It was only after a while that Linda managed to pull herself together. “Let’s get in the car first” Kathleen suggested. Caleb nodded. Together with his father, they supported Linda and walked out of the airport. “You should ride with your parents. I’ll take the next car.” Kathleen told Caleb.

“Okay.” Kathleen was very sensible. Without saying anything further, she got in the car behind them. “Dad, Mom. Let’s get in.” Caleb opened the car door. In the car, the couple asked him the details of Vivian’s death. Linda wept sorrowfully, while tears could be seen pooling in George’s eyes.

When they arrived at the Lewis residence, Linda started sobbing the moment she saw Vivian’s photo No one could manage to calm her down. In the end, Kathleen struck the side of her neck to render her unconscious. Seeing that. George looked at her in bewilderment “I heard from Caleb that Mrs. Lewis has heart disease. Something bad could happen if she keeps crying like that.” Kathleen explained. George nodded slowly “Excuse me, please bring Mrs. Lewis to the room.” Kathleen called out.

Immediately, two housekeepers came over and brought Linda to a room on the second floor. George turned to Caleb and asked, “Who is this young woman? “She’s Kathleen Johnson, your future daughter-in-law, Caleb said in a low voice. Daughter-in-law? Caleb is dating someone?

I can’t believe any woman would like him, considering his gloomy personality. How strange George thought in the morning, Linda finally woke up. Before she oven opened her eyes, the smell of medicine filled her nose. Then, she saw Kathleen silting by the bed, holding a glass of medicine Linda frowned in confusion. “You are?

“Hello, Mrs. Lewis. I’m Vivian’s friend, Kathleen Johnson, Kathleen introduced herself. She then continued, “I’m also terribly heartbroken about Vivian’s passing, but I hope you can take care of yourself. I’m a traditional medicine practitioner, and here’s the medicine i formulated for you.

Please give it a try. Thank you.” Linda took the glass and admitted shyly. “I thought you were Caleb’s girlfriend.” Kathleen remained calm. “I’m not. Actually, I’m a divorcee. My ex-husband is Samuel Macari. You probably heard of him.” Linda was surprised at that revelation It was no wonder Kathleen looked familiar to her.

She was too heartbroken the day before to recognize the young woman Taicing a sip of the medicine Linda found it rather bitter. She knitted her brows lightly and started, “Miss, I’m a very open-minded person. As long as my son likes you, I won’t mind letting him marry a divorcee. Even if you have children, I will still accept you.” Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Linda looked at her and added, “I know what you’re thinking. You explained to me in advance so I wouldn’t misunderstand, right? Kathleen nodded. “Miss, may I ask you a question?” Linda inquired meaningfully “Of course. “What is it that my son lacks for you to not like him?”

Linda asked curiously. Kathleen was dumbfounded at her words. The talk seemed to be going in a different direction from what she imagined “My son is handsome and rich.” After giving it a thought. Linda continued. “Well, I suppose his personality is a bit nasty, but he will definitely treat you well. Although it may not seem like it he’s the type to love someone with his whole heart and soul once he has fallen for her.”

Kathleen was a bit embarrassed. “Mrs. Lewis, it’s not his problem. The problem lies with me.” Linda stared at her. “You’re still in love with Samuel? Kathleen shook her head. “It’s okay. Feelings can be nurtured, you know?” Indeed. Linda was broad-minded. Just then, Caleb pushed the door open.

“Mom, you’re awake. Kate is a terrific doctor. So feel free to consult her if you don’t feel well.” As he spoke, he winked at Linda The woman instantly got what her son was hinting at So Caleb does like this young woman! “Ms. Johnson, I do have a feeble body. I don’t like modern medicine ether.

Could I ask you totreat me?” Linda prompted Kathleen nodded. “Sure. No problem.” “Mom, just call her Kate. I call her that too. Caleb chimed in “I should at least ask Ms. Johnson first if she would be okay with that.” As she said that Linda looked at Kathleen “It’s fine. It’s just a name, anyway.”

Kathleen responded. Hearing that Linda smiled. “I’ll call you Kate from now on, then.” “All right.” Kathleen smiled back At that moment, her phone rang. After she picked it up. Tyson’s panicked voice came from the other end of the line. “Ms. Johnson, bad news! Mr. Macari has fainted.”

“What?” Kathleen stood up. “Samuel fainted? Did you send him to the hospital? “We’re on the way. He keeps calling out your name. Could you come here. Ms. Johnson? Tyson sounded very anxious.

“Okay. I’ll head over right now. With that Kathleen turned to leave. Caleb followed her and asked, “You’re leaving? “Samuel fainted. He’s being brought to the hospital right now.” Kathleen said worriedly. “But he was fine when he left. Caleb hinted.

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