All Too Late Chapter 270

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All Too Late Chapter 270

All Too Late Chapter 270

Kathleen paused in her tracks.

She looked at Caleb coldly and stated, “I know Samuel’s physical condition very well A mere cold could kill him.” Caleb froze upon hearing that. Without hesitation, Kathleen turned and headed to her car. When Caleb got to the door, she had already sped off. “She won’t be able to let go of Samuel Charles’s deep voice suddenly sounded beside Caleb.

Clenching his fists Caleb said, “I don’t believe so! I’m going to chase Samuel out of her heart and have it for myself.” “You’re just making things difficult for yourself, Charles commented, taking a puff of his cigarette. Caleb turned to face him with a solemn gaze. “I like her.” “Christopher likes her, too.

He even had more chances to approach her compared to you. Do you know how resistant she was to him?” Caleb pursed his lips. Is there really no way to this? When Kathleen arrived at the hospital she immediately found Tyson Just as she was about to ask him what happened a nurse hurried out of the ward and told Tyson, “Mr. Macari was poisoned.” Poisoned? Kathleen furrowed her brows.”Can you detoxify him?” A look of hesitance appeared on the nurse’s face.

“Let me in. I know how to save him.” Kathleen declared. Her beautiful face looked icy at that moment “Let Ms. Johnson in. I’ll take responsibility for anything that happens Tyson said. With a nod the nurse led Kathleen into the ward. The doctor was ready to snap when he saw the nurse bring someone inside However, he stepped aside after the nurse whispered a few words into his ear. After Kathleen examined Samuel, her face darkened Rolling up her sleeves, she instructed, “Let half of his blood out and transfuse my blood to him.” “Your blood?” The doctor was stunned. “Stop wasting time. If anything happens to him, I will make you guys bear the consequences!” Kathleen warned furiously, startling the doctor. Everyone knew about her relationship with Samuel The doctor frowned. I thought they were divorced. But it looks like they still have a close relationship, though. four hours later, Samuel woke up He frowned, wondering why he was in the hospital “Mr. Macari, you’re awake!” Tyson exclaimed delightfully “What happened to me? inquired Samuel with a hoarse voice. “You…” Tyson hesitated for a moment before continuing. You fainted.” Kathleen had told him not to tell Samuel the truth “I fainted? Why did I faint?”

“Mr. Macari, you have poor health. Isn’t it normal for you to faint Tyson said sheepishly. However, Samuel was very keen. “No. I didn’t faint because of that. I remember that my heart hurt badly, and I was having a hard time breathing. Hearing that. Tyson bit his lip quietly. Tyson, you’re lying to me.”

Samuel pointed out coldly Tyson responded with a helpless smile. I knew I couldn’t keep it from him. He’s no ordinary man, after all. “Mr. Macari, I wasn’t trying to keep it from you on purpose. Ms. Johnson… Samuel’s eyes turned glacial as he ordered, “Tell me what actually happened.”

Left with no choice, Tyson told him everything Upon hearing that Kathleen had transfused half of her blood to himself. Samuel felt shocked and heartbroken at the same time. “Where is she? “She’s in the ward next to ours. She’s very weak right now. Tyson informed him. Without a word, Samuel lifted the blanket off him and headed straight toward Kathleen’s ward.

When he entered and saw her sleeping peacefully, a bitter expression flashed across his face. He approached her and sat down, reaching out for her soft and fair hand. “How could you be so foolish as usual?

You called Tracy an idiot yet you’re just the same. You despise me and called me an a’shole, so why didn’t you just leave me to die? Won’t that make things easier for you? Now that she saved him, it made him more reluctant and unwilling to let go of her.

Just then, a doctor came in The look in Samuel’s eyes turned dark and he asked softly. “When will she wake up?” “Tomorrow, I suppose the doctor answered. “She gave you a lot of blood, so she has to rest well.” Samuel tightened his hold on her hand and told the doctor, I’m renting out this entire floor.

No one is allowed to disturb her Naturally, the doctor didn’t dare to oppose “Understood “Anything else Samuel looked at him icily The doctor froze for a second before saying, “Ms. Johnson asked me to conduct a blood test on you. The results are out.” With that, he handed the document to Samuel Taking it over, Samuel instructed, “You may leave now.”

“Okay.” The doctor obliged with a nod and exited the ward. Samuel then turned his attention back to Kathleen. He touched her face lightly and whispered, “You silly girl.” Always doing such silly things. After staying with her for a while. Samuel stood up and went out Tyson was waiting outside.

When he saw Samuel, he urged, “Mr. Macari, you should return to your ward and rest on the bed.” It would be troublesome if something happened again. “I want you to investigate how I was poisoned. Start from the food late.” Samuel’s tone was as frosty as ever.

Fortunately, Tyson was an efficient man. “Mr. Macari, I’ve looked into it already. There were no issues with the food and water you had today Samuel furrowed his brows at that. “None at all? After some hesitation, Tyson admitted. “I did notice something wrong.” “What is it? “The medicine Ms. Johnson gave you.”

“Kate will not try to kill me.” Samuel said, his tone brimming with certainty. Someone must have replaced it with something else. “The medicine was bought from Lewis Enterprises pharmacy.” Tyson paused upon saying that. Then, he added, “Could it be him?” Samuel knew who Tyson was referring to It was Caleb.

Caleb liked Kathleen, and he believed that Samuel was his biggest obstacle in pursuing her. Thus, Tyson figured that he wanted to kill Samuel. Since he couldn’t do it directly, he probably decided to tamper with the medicine. “Do you think he’s stupid? If he uses Kate’s medicine to poison me to death, Kate will be enraged when she finds out.

She’ll kill him with something even more poisonous. Samuel said. Besides, if Caleb did that Kathleen would loath him for it Samuel knew very well what kind of person Caleb was. If he was so simple minded, the Lewis family wouldn’t be what it was today. Tyson purged his lips “Who could it be then?” 1.130% no The Yorger larnlly. Semuel uttered indifferently.

Tyson was taken aback. The Yoeger family? Could they be using the same old trick again?” “We’ll find out once we look into it from today on instruct the people in Florinia Manor to make nutritious food and send them here commanded Samuel coldly. “I’ve already told them to do so. They’ll bring food here in a while.”

“I need you to prepare something else for me. Samuel lowered his voice and warned, “Tell them to be quiet when they move. If anyone wakes Kate up, they’ll have to answer to me!” “I understand.” Then, Samuel told Tyson what he had to prepare. After listening. Tyson looked a little surprised.

“Go on now. And don’t tell anyone about this.” “All right. Mr. Macari. Tyson bobbed his head obediently Afterward, Samuel returned to Kathleen’s ward. This time, he got into the bed and fell asleep with Kathleen in his arms.

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