All Too Late Chapter 273

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All Too Late Chapter 273

All Too Late Chapter 273


The next day was Vivian’s funeral The relatives and friends of the Lewis family all came to attend. All these years, everyone thought Vivian was overseas. The Lewis family had blocked off all information about her, for fear that people would know. However, following Vivian’s suicide everything was exposed.

Nonetheless, they would never know about the true reason. Everyone thought Vivian ended her life because she was stricken by love, but that was not the Kathleen hated the cemetery, so much so that she began trembling all over as soon as she arrived. Charles only noticed she was shivering after he went over and held her shoulder “Are you all right?”

he asked. She nodded silently “I’ve been calling Godfather yesterday, but the line won’t get through. He finally answered my call this morning and said that he didn’t send anyone to assassinate Samuel. It wasn’t him,” he whispered. Kathleen bit her lip. “I won’t believe anything he said. Let’s go back after settling everything about the Yoeger family.” He nodded. “Okay Vivian was soon buried. As Kathleen looked at the casket she felt distressed.

Noticing the expression on his sister’s face Charles took her in his arms and pressed her head in his embrace He knew that she was reminded of the death of their parents. Her tears fell as he spoke in a low whisper. T’m sorry, Kate. It’s all my fault “You’re my brother. I won’t hesitate to do anything for you.

But I can’t let them touch Samuel.” She bit her lip. T’ll help you protect him, Charles said. As Kathleen spoke, she closed her eyes. “Listen up. Charles. We can’t let Samuel know about this. Ever. We should settle the Yoeger family’s matters as quickly as possible and find a place for Granny to stay in. Then, we’ll return to the castle.”

“All right. He nodded Vivian’s luneral came to an end, and everyone began leaving the cemetery. Caleb walked over “Are you all right?” Kathleen replied huskily. “I don’t like funerals.” I think everyone hales funerals.” He furrowed his brows. Just When Charles’ phone rang He answered the call and yelled in shock “What did you say?

Have Samuel gone nuts?” When Kathleen heard Samuel’s name being mentioned she got anscious. “What’s wrong Charles? Is Samuel okay?” Caleb looked concerned as well Charles responded with a solemn look on his face. “Samuel went to the Yoeger residence and captured Nicolette, who was bailed out from jail.”

Kathleen was stunned. “But the Yoeger family is waiting to get the dirt on him. I think he’s trying to avenge me and my child.” “What should we do?” Charles expression was grim Till call Tyson and ask him about Samuel’s whereabouts. Kathleen took her phone out and gave Tyson a call. “Ms. Johnson.”

Tyson’s voice on the other end of the line sounded apprehensive. “Tyson, where’s Samuel?” asked Kathleen, her voice cracking. “Mr. Macari went out alone in the morning. Ms. Johnson, I think you shouldn’t look for him. I’m serious,” replied Tyson. “Why? Samuel captured Nicolette, and if anything bad happened to her, the Yoeger family would definitely make a big fuss about it. Are you guys just going to stand by and watch?” Kathleen was perturbed.

“Ms. Johnson, there’s nothing we can do. Actually, Mr. Macari’s multiple personality disorder is acting up. If worse comes to worst, you should leave this place.” Tyson wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “What did you say?” Kathleen was flabbergasted. “I’m serious. Ms. Johnson, Mr. Macari has multiple personality disorder, and his second personality is currently in control of his body.

His second personality is destructive and after he’s done dealing with Nicolette, he’ll definitely go after you next. So I think you should take a plane and leave the country. Cover your tracks and don’t let him find you.

We’ll take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry Upon finishing his sentence. Tyson ended the call. “Well? What did he say?” Charles asked with a deep frown on his face. *Samuel is missing. Tyson said he has a second personality.”

“A second personality?” Charles was stunned. “I have to go to him. I can’t let him do anything crazy. With that, Kathleen turned to leave. Charles caught up with her and said uneasily. “I heard Tyson asking you to leave. What’s going on? She pursed her lips. “Nothing. He just doesn’t want me to cause trouble.”

Charles didn’t believe what she said, and she didn’t bother to explain either. After getting into the car, she drove away. Still worried about his sister, Charles sald, Caleb, lend me your car. “Let’s go together. I’m worried, too,” said Caleb. “You don’t have to come with me. Stay here and handle the rest of Vivian’s funeral arrangements. Charles knew that the lesser people involved in this the better Caleb knew what Charles meant.

“Someone else will take care of it. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want your sister to hate me.” After that they got in the car. As Kathleen drove, she kept calling Samuel, but the latter never answered his phone. She was beyond anxious. What an idiot! How did he end up getting a second personality Dmn it!

I shouldn’t have upset him yesterday. She tried her best to calm down and thought of where Samuel would’ve gone. Right then, her phone rang. She glanced at the screen and was delighted to see that it was from Samuel.

Kathleen stopped the car and answered the call. “Samuel, It’s me! Where are you? Don’t do anything stupid! Samuel’s voice was gruff. “Ms. Johnson, this is our first time talking to each other. I’m happy that you finally know my presence.” “Are you really Samuel’s second personality?” Kathleen’s expression turned solemn “Why, of course. Would you like to meet me? His tone sounded frigid and ruthless. “Yes. Where are you?”

replied Kathleen without any hesitation “I’m glad that you would like to meet me. Looks like I would have to change into another set of clothes to welcome your arrival. I’m covered in blood, after all,” he said nonchalantly “Samuel, did you kill Nicolette? Are you out of your mind?” Kathleen felt cold all over as her whole body went numb “You don’t want her dead? My way of doing things is different from his. Although we are both ruthless and decisive, I, for one, love taking matters into my own hands.

As he spoke, his emotions were unfathomable. “D”mn it! If Samuel is sentenced to jail because of you, I swear I’ll destroy you!” Kathleen screamed in anger. When Samuel heard her words, he chuckled. “How do you think I was born? It was because of you.” Chills ran down Kathleen’s spine as she questioned, “Where are you?

“I’m in the castle. You’re smart so you should know where it is. Samuel curled his lips. The castle? Is he talking about Spirit Villa? The place where Nicolette was once imprisoned? Just come here and don’t worry about anything else. I’ve tampered with the surveillance cameras on the way. so they won’t notice anything. Oh by the way. If you tell anyone about this. I’ll kill Nicolette and turn myself in.” he said, his tone dripping with sheer coldness

“Okay. I won’t!” Kathleen promised After Samuel hung up, she felt a headache coming She had a bad feeling that Samuel wasn’t faking it. Cursing under her breath, she immediately drove toward Spirit Villa, for fear that something would happen if she was late When she reached the place, she saw Samuel’s car.

Spirit Villa was reduced to ruins after the fire. She examined the place and got off the car to look for Samuel The moment she stepped inside, she saw Samuel descending the stairs in a white suit that made him look as elegant and noble as a god.

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