All Too Late Chapter 274

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All Too Late Chapter 274

All Too Late Chapter 274

Destroying What You No Longer Want

A bone-chilling coldness radiated from Samuel’s ebony eyes. The corner of his thin lips stretched into a faint smile. “Hello, Kathleen.” “Are you faking it?” Kathleen questioned, her brows furrowed. As he approached her. Samuel Scoffed, his gaze hard. “What can I do to convince you that I’m not faking it?

Upon hearing his words, Kathleen merely pursed her scarlet lips and changed the subject “Where is Nicolette?” “1 killed her,” Samuel stated flatly, his tone icy. “What?” Kathleen was at a loss for words. She paused for a moment before saying, “Bring me to see her body then “Are you sure?” Samuel inquired, a menacing smile on his face. “I’m afraid that seeing it will give you nightmares.” “What kind of cruel method did you use to kill her?”

Kathleen questioned with a frown. “Listen, don’t care who you are. Just know that I won’t allow Samuel to end up in jail! Bring me to Nicolette. Now!” With an intriguing glare in his eyes. Samuel pinched her chin. “Are you trying to hide my identity from the police by destroying the crime scene?

“Or, I’ll take the blame for you.” Kathleen retorted coldly. Samuel froze. This woman is really something else. “Follow me,” he eventually said before leading her upstairs. Kathleen followed him without any other words. She could hear Nicolette’s faint cries upon reaching the second floor.

“I’m going to kill you, Samuel! W-Why did you do this to me? I loved you so much, Nicolette wailed. Kathleen was soon able to pinpoint the source of the voice. It came from a room. She entered the room without a second thought. The scene that greeted her was that of Nicolette sprawling on the cold ground.

The woman’s hair was a mess, looking as if she had just stepped out of a horror film Nicolette raised her head when she noticed a pair of women’s boots in her line of sight “You b*tch!” she snarled, glaring resentfully at Kathleen Kathleen, however, met her gaze with a poker face. Samuel emerged from Kathleen’s side and stepped on the back of Nicolette’s palm. Nicolette let out a blood-curdling scream. Samuel’s handsome face wore a hostile expression as he asked, “Would you like me to break your hands as well?

With a vigorous shake of her head, Nicolette pleaded. “I was wrong. Please let me go. Isn’t it enough that I’ve become like this? Stop torturing me. I beg you.” “Let you go?” Samuel sneered. “In your wildest dreams! I would never let you go. In fact, I’m planning on taking my sweet time to torture you.” Kathleen walked up to Samuel and pulled him away “What are you planning to do?” she asked her brows pulled in a deep frown.

“What can I do to get rid of you? How can I get the real Samuel back? “I don’t get what you’re saying. Samuel replied his eyes gleaming with mockery. “I am Samuel.” “Samuel won’t be as rash as you are.” Kathleen stated calmly. “So what if you manage to take revenge? Everything will be for naught because of your involvement. Think about it: there are plenty of ways to deal with people like Nicolette.” In return, Samuel sniggered.

“How could you possibly understand his anguish? I was formed solely due to his undying affection for you. He has made numerous attempts to reach you ever since you disappeared. Yet, it was to no avail. Then, he became insane. He eventually lost his mind. I understand his pain. Therefore, I assisted him in breaking this woman’s legs and harming himself. I could destroy myself together with him. Can you do the same?’

“What the heck are you talking about?” Kathleen asked incredulously. “You were the one who encouraged him to harm himself?” Samuel gave her a cold grin as he answered, “He was in too much pain. I was merely helping him solve his problem. Instantly, Kathleen grabbed a fistful of his collar as she spat, “How could you?” Staring her down, Samuel replied, “I can do whatever I want. This body is now under my control Get it?

“Return him to me!” Kathleen mustered all her strength and shook Samuel. Tears streamed from her eyes as she repeated, “Return him to me!” Samuel grabbed her wrist as he glared at her. “I could destroy the things that you no longer want Kathleen felt a fuse blow in her head. What?

“Samuel’s a living person!” she fumed. “He’s not a thing. Get the hell out of his body! Leave!” Samuel only gave her a cold smile in response. Raising his hand, he struck her neck and Kathleen instantly lost consciousness. Samuel pulled her into his chest cradling her in his arms. Nicolette scoffed at the scene before her. “Your care for her doesn’t diminish even with this personality, huh?” “Yeah,” Samuel replied as he stared at her blankly. “Why?” Nicolette shrieked indignantly. “Have you never liked me Samuel?”

“Our so-called relationship was built on a foundation of lies. It was never meant to last. Samuel stated matter of factly. “To be honest, you were never as important to him as Kathleen was. You would have lost your life way earlier if you hadn’t lied to him that you were the one who saved his life.”

Enraged, Nicolette cried out. “Kill me then kill me if you dare to! At that moment, she only wanted to end it once and for all instead of suffering the agonizing tortures “Death is considered an escape for you.” Samuel remarked icily. “You deserve a life of suffering.” A shudder wracked through Nicolette’s body, causing her to tense up. She crawled to where Samuel was standing and grabbed onto the hem of his white pants.

“Kill me. Just kill me!” Samuel, who was carrying Kathleen bridal style kicked Nicolette away. Nicolette crumpled to the ground, writhing in pain as she screamed, “I hate you, Samuel! You’ve shattered all of my hopes!” “Once again, your hope was built on a foundation of lies.” Samuel’s tone was cold as he continued, “You should’ve known that a weak foundation was bound to crumble sooner or later.” With that, he turned around and left.

Nicolette was left all by herself and could only scream in misery. She would rather die than be tortured by him. Kathleen awoke with a sharp pain in the area where her shoulders and neck met. Curse that demned Samuel for using so much strength on that one hit! However, she soon corrected herself No. He’s not Samuel. He’s another Samuel. Most importantly, where the hell am I? The room was foreign to her.

It did not look like Florinia Manor. But it made sense that Samuel would take her somewhere else. If he had brought her back to Florinia Manor, the others would have found out right away. Kathleen got up, went to the window, and pushed it open A chilling gust of sea breeze blew past making her heart feel much colder than it already was.

Did Samuel bring me to a deserted island? She closed the window and backed up. Suddenly, the door was pushed open She turned around and saw a figure wearing white walking into the room. Samuel was holding a tray, and on top of the tray was a single cup. Kathleen was unsure of the cup’s content though. “Drink this.” Samuel ordered coldly.

Instantly, Kathleen felt repulsed. The Samuel from before would have never acted in such a way. Nevertheless, she took the cup and sniffed the content. “What is this?”

“Nicolette would have to remain soaked in sea water if you don’t drink it, Samuel threatened. What the hell? Kathleen tightened her grip on the cup as she exclaimed, “You’re being ridiculous! You know d’mn well that I don’t care about Nicolette’s well-being, but I can’t let Samuel take the fall.” “What’s the difference? I am him, and he is me.” Samuel stated impassively. Kathleen was seething, “What do you want?

What are your demands? Samuel snorted. “What? Don’t tell me you think I was the one who forcefully took over his body?” “Isn’t it obvious?” Kathleen retorted coldly. “Samuel couldn’t have given it to you voluntarily.”

“Oh, but he did,” Samuel stated with a smirk. “He was the one who gave me his body. I told you before, didn’t I? He lost the will to live after losing you. Therefore, I didn’t take over by force he was the one who didn’t want his body anymore.”

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