All Too Late Chapter 276

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All Too Late Chapter 276

All Too Late Chapter 276

Afraid That I Will Fall For You

Kathleen furrowed her brows. “How did he get better after that? “Im not sure.” Nicolette shook her head. “Anyway, after Samuel harmed himself, he didn’t appear in the castle for three months. When he finally reappeared, he had reverted to his normal self Kathleen’s frown deepened. Askin


g her seems pointless.

Nicolette noticed Kathleen intention to leave. “Wait. I also overheard the conversation between Samuel and Tyson. However, you have to promise to release me from this water cell. I’m begging you.” Nicolette pleaded desperately.” have thalassophobia. I’m terrified of having to soak in seawater.” Thalassophobia?

I have heard such a term before. “Spit it out then.” Kathleen’s tone was cold and detached. “I heard Tyson say that once Samuel’s other personality emerged, he wouldn’t sleep. Otherwise, his original personality would revert So that was it? It indeed matches the majority of people who have this disorder.

Kathleen started walking away. “Wait save me, Kathleen!” Nicolette rasped out a plea. Nonetheless, Kathleen pretended not to hear her. “You liar!’ Anger welled up within Nicolette. Everyone is a liar! When noon came, Samuel came down from the second floor. He could smell the aroma of food that was drifting from the kitchen When he entered the kitchen, he saw Kathleen in a pink apron, and how she even had her hair tied up in a high ponytail.

The woman had immersed herself in cooking The sight of the harmonious and heartwarming scene melted Samuel’s heart. Nevertheless, he immediately suppressed the writhing of his heart. Kathleen whirled around upon hearing the commotion. “I was just about to call for you. It’s time to eat. Samuel crossed his arms.

“What do you mean by that Ms. Johnson? “It’s nothing. I just didn’t want you to get hungry.” Kathleen smiled in a way that looked nothing like a smile. “Can you help to prepare two plates of pasta?” Samuel stared at her. “Hurry up.” Kathleen urged. We should split the housework equally. If I prepare the dishes, then you should do the dishes.” Samuel let out a cold snort before setting up the dining table.

After that, he brought the two plates of pasta and placed them on the table. There were already three other dishes and a bowl of soup on the table all prepared by Kathleen Every dish looked absolutely mouth-watering Samuel took his seat It was his first time trying out Kathleen’s cooking.

Just then, Kathleen brought out the final dish she had prepared. After setting it on the dining table she took out a bottle of red wine from the cabinet beside her. “I never thought you would possess such good quality wine.” Kathleen placed the alcohol before Samuel. “How about a drink?”

Samuel replied indifferently. “Are you sure?” “Do you need to be that calculative over a bottle of wine?” Kathleen grinned meekly. Her smile resembled a blooming flower. A trace of complicated emotions flashed through Samuel’s eyes as he gazed at her. After opening the wine bottle, Kathleen filled Samuel’s wine glass to the brim.

She knew the alcohol content of this particular wine. Apart from that she was also well aware of Samuel’s tolerance for liquor. There’s no way he wouldn’t get drunk after downing this bottle of wine!

She then poured herself a small amount of wine. Samuel narrowed his eyes. However, he didn’t want to expose her. Kathleen raised the wine glasses. “Cheers.” Unexpectedly, Samuel not only accepted the wine glass meant for him from Kathleen’s hand but also took her wine glass. He first drank Kathleen’s portion before gulping down his.

Kathleen was taken aback by his action After putting down the wine glasses, Samuel narrowed his eyes and chuckled coldly. “Ms. Johnson, it seems like you don’t have a good understanding of my illness.” His words stunned Kathleen “Sometimes, when the split personality takes over their alcohol tolerance will also change.”

Samuel’s frosty gaze landed on her. D’mn it! He saw through my play! Kathleen squeezed her fingers, not knowing what Samuel might do next. As for Samuel, he picked up his fork and helped himself to the food she had prepared. “Take a seat. Samuel said in a monotonous voice. Kathleen sat down and placed both hands on her thighs. What do I have to do for you to return Samuel to me?” Td told you multiple times, Ms. Johnson.”

Samuel reminded. “He doesn’t belong to you. Also, it was you who didn’t want him. He’s like a piece of trash, and trash should get destroyed.” Kathleen looked up with bloodshot eyes. “Who gave you the right to say so? “But isn’t that the truth?” Samuel sniggered. “If not for his stupidity which made him believe in Nicolette’s lies, would you have lost your baby?

Kathleen pressed her lips together. If you were him in the event of an incident you would also assume the first person you saw upon waking up was your savior. Moreover, it was Nicolette who said that in the first place. He didn’t even have time to differentiate her words. “You’re actually making up some excuses for him?”

Samuel’s tone was loaded with sarcasm. Kathleen frowned. I’m just stating the facts. Feeling annoyed, she poured herself a glass of wine and was about to drink it. However, Samuel stopped her and said placidly, “You can’t drink.” Kathleen raised her brows slightly. “Why not? Samuel responded apathetically, “You just can’t “Haha.

I didn’t expect you—the alter ego—to care for me.” Kathleen pushed his hand away. “Didn’t you declare that both of us are merely strangers? So why would I need your concern?” With that, she finished her glass of wine. Kathleen had a terribly low alcohol tolerance. Therefore, her delicate face soon flushed red. Even so, she wanted to continue drinking. Seeing that. Samuel snatched the wine bottle away.

“Let me drink.” Kathleen attempted to snatch it back. Knowing that taking the wine bottle away would be futile, he downed the remaining wine all at once Kathleen glowered at him. Very well! She flung her arms around his neck and stared into his piercing eyes. “Samuel, how did you end up in this state? You always gave me the cold shoulder during our three years of marriage. But you became like this the moment I left your side.”

She was like an octopus clinging onto Samuel’s body. Her pair of bright expressive eyes sparkled as she said, “Please return Samuel to me. If not can you give me some time to talk to him?” Samuel’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Don’t you have anything you want to say to me?” Kathleen shook her head. “No, I don’t Samuel commented impassively, “How heartless.” “Could it be that you’re also interested in me?”

Kathleen questioned while in the state of intoxication There was an unfathomable look in Samuel’s eyes. “Ms. Johnson, you’re thinking too highly of yourself.” Kathleen’s brows twitched in response to his words. “Can you let him out? I truly do have something to say to him.” Samuel’s breathing grew heavier. “Why don’t you kiss me?” Kathleen was startled at his request. Even though he’s Samuel, he’s not him in a sense.

“You even kissed Caleb before. So why can’t you do the same to me?” Samuel scoffed. He knew about this too? Kathleen loosened her arms around him. This is what I need to explain to Samuel.” However, Samuel pulled her toward him and pinned her against the wall. Kathleen struggled for a while but to no avail. She bit her lip. “What do you think you’re doing? “Ms. Johnson, are you afraid that I’ll fall for you and end up not reverting?’

Samuel got angered into laughter Kathleen stiffened. What an acute observer! That is what he has in common with Samuel, although I know they are the same person. “Yes.” She nodded.

Samuel laughed self-deprecatingly. He raised his hand to caress her face before lifting her chin with his fingertips. His smile deepened. Gradually, he could feel his mind getting foggy, and he collapsed into Kathleen’s embrace. The drug effect had kicked in

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