All Too Late Chapter 277

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All Too Late Chapter 277

All Too Late Chapter 277

You Abandoned Him

After Kathleen settled down Samuel, who had passed out she went straight to Samuel’s study and started rummaging through his stuff. She found his phone from the coat that he hung on the side. As soon as she turned on his phone, a call came in “Mr. Macari, where are you?” Tyson asked eagerly.

“Tyson, Kathleen answered calmly. It’s me. “Mrs. Macari!” Tyson was so overwhelmed that he momentarily forgot about the relationship between Samuel and Kathleen. T’ll send you my location I need you to come over right away.” Kathleen said with a grim tone. “Mrs. Macari, how are things going over there?

Tyson asked in concern “We’re fine,” Kathleen replied coldly. “Tyson, don’t bring too many people along with you. We still need to deal with Nicolette.” “Understood.” Tyson nodded. With that, Kathleen ended the call. She knew the password to Samuel’s phone. It was her birthday Then, she sent her location to Tyson.

After that, Kathleen went down to the basement to see Nicolette. When Nicolette saw Kathleen, the former’s eyes were no longer as sharp. Instead, they looked like a dead fish’s eyes-dim and unable to reflect light “Let’s make a deal, Nicolette.” Kathleen suggested while looking at the woman condescendingly.

Hearing that Nicolette furrowed her brows. “You’ve convinced him to let me go?” Kathleen nodded in response. Nicolette was at a loss for words. “Why?” She sneered “What do you mean why?” Kathleen asked in confusion “He likes you no matter which personality he is!” Nicolette was agitated.

“Let me tell you something. I knew you would be my rival the day Old Mrs. Macari brought you back to the Macari residence! It’s different how Samuel looks at you.” “Really?” Kathleen was puzzled. “Haha. The bystanders can always see more clearly than the people in the game.” Nicolette bit her lip. “You are the only person in his heart. He would never have talked to me if I didn’t lie to him that saved his life. Kathleen never imagined Nicolette would tell her this. “Let me tell you something you don’t know, Kathleen.”

Nicolette continued, “When you first came to the Macari residence Samuel always accompanied you when you were crying secretly by staying in your general vicinity. I saw him doing that a few times when I went to the Macari residence. He even rejected my invitation to go out since he was scared you would be alone.

From then on, I knew you had to die!” Nicolette thought this was her only solution Otherwise she would have nothing left. “I had no idea. Kathleen looked at her indifferently “I put in so much effort and played so many tricks, yet he only looked at me once. But you, you easily attracted his attention. Nicolette’s eyes were full of despair. “He loves you so much that he split into two personalities, and both of them still love you.”

Kathleen’s expression was as emotionless as ever. “Even so, you’re still not worthy of sympathy, Nicolette.” “Just do whatever you want to me!” Nicolette snorted. Still wearing a poker face, Kathleen uttered, “I never thought of killing you. I never wanted you to die from the very beginning.

After all, you must be in despair since you can’t use your legs.” “So, that’s your goal? To watch me suffer a pain worse than death and to live a living hell?” Nicolette’s eyes turned glacial. “That’s right.” Kathleen’s red lips curled into a sneer. “I’ll be able to watch as you amble slowly to your death without taking any action myself.”

“I’m going to kill you!” Nicolette bellowed in agony. “Nicolette, you’re powerless now,” Kathleen said calmly. “You’re nothing but Zachary’s source of kidney even if you’re able to get out now. The Yoeger family is nice to you only because they can benefit from it.” Nicolette looked at Kathleen in despair.

Then, she asked coldly, “What do you mean when you say you want to make a deal with me?” “Keep everything that happened here a secret. In exchange. I’ll help you when the Yoeger family decides to take your kidney.” Kathleen raised her brows slightly “How are you going to help me?”

Nicolette frowned. “I can’t tell you that now. But I’ll let you out of the water cell if you agree to our deal.” Kathleen’s clear eyes appeared cold. Nicolette’s face turned ashen. “Fine. I accept the deal” “Nicolette. I’ll kill you with my bare hands if you dare to break your promise. You should know that it’s a cakewalk for me to do that.

All it takes is a pack of poison. Kathleen sneered. Her words made Nicolette tremble. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll retaliate once I get out of here?” “You?” Kathleen uttered disdainfully. I wasn’t afraid of you even when your legs were fine. So why should I be now that you’ve become like this? “Kathleen you’ll regret it in the future if you don’t kill me today!” Nicolette threatened. “We shall see then.” Kathleen stared at her coldly.

Nicolette bit her lip hard. “I’ll make a deal with you.” Kathleen merely stared at her indifferently for a moment before she said, “Wait for me then. I’ go look for the keys now.” With that, she turned and left Nicolette could only smile bitterly. She never thought Kathleen could make Samuel listen to her this easily.

This was something she could never achieve. Meanwhile, Kathleen went back to the dining hall. She remembered she left Samuel on the chair. However, he was gone when she came back “Samuel?” Kathleen was confused Where did he go? “Are you looking for this perhaps?”

All of a sudden, Samuel appeared right behind her with a key in his hand. “Are you Samuel?” Kathleen’s brows twitched slightly as she stared at Samuel’s handsome face. Samuel’s thin lips curled up slightly. “Yes. It’s me.” Instantly, Kathleen’s heart lurched. “No, you’re not.” “I told you before that he wouldn’t return anymore. Samuel said coldly. Kathleen uttered flatly, “I’ve contacted Tyson, and he’ll be here soon. Give me the keys, Samuel.”

Samuel lowered his head. He was so close his thin lips could almost touch Kathleen’s nose. “What if I refuse to?” Kathleen replied calmly. “Fine. You can keep it. What else can I do? I’ll leave the place when Tyson comes. You can do whatever you want. You’re not Samuel, so I don’t care what you do.” “You don’t?”

Hostility filled Samuel’s eyes. That’s right,” Kathleen said in frustration. She continued. “Samuel listens to me well. He would rather hurt himself than me, and he told me he would never lie to me. Also, he told me to ask for his help whenever I needed it. And that he’ll help me as long as I do.”

“Then why did you abandoned him?” Samuel Scoffed. Kathleen was caught off guard by his words. “You’re such a cruel woman.” Samuel squeezed her chin. “You want him to be nice to you even when you don’t love him. What do you want from him? “I want him to live well.” Kathleen could feel that his lips were almost touching hers. It was just a hair breadth away. “But he can’t live well without you.” Samuel’s breathing grew heavier.

“He hurt you, so he deserves it Why do you feel bad for him? Unable to refute his words, Kathleen fell silent Then, she lifted her head and spoke with teary eyes. “You know nothing.” Samuel froze. “I only want him to live well. That’s all.” Kathleen said in a hoarse voice.

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