All Too Late Chapter 28

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All Too Late Chapter 28

All Too Late Chapter 28


However, Samuel was not overly delighted upon hearing that.

He never expected that Diana would agree to him divorcing Kathleen.

“But there are conditions to this.” Diana was strategizing. “After you divorce Kathleen, you have to give her half of your company’s shares, and you can’t marry Nicolette. If you insisted on marrying Nicolette, then you’d have to give Kathleen the remaining half of the company’s shares. But you can’t resign or leave the company. You’d have to stay in the company. It’s like you’re working for Kathleen, understood?”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

“Kathleen has been married to you for three years. Think about all her youth and the devotion she has invested in this marriage for the past three years. Do you know how much you’re indebted to her?”

Samuel felt that the conditions set by Diana were ridiculous.

“What if I don’t agree to those conditions?” Samuel asked coldly.

“Why on earth would you not agree?” Diana challenged Samuel. “Or that Nicolette is after your money after all, and she wouldn’t want to marry you if you became broke?”

Samuel furrowed his brows. “Nicolette is not a gold digger. She likes me for who I am.”

“Ha!” Diana snickered. “Then go ahead and tell her that and see which option she’d go for.”

Samuel’s expression remained calm.

“Katie has been visibly haggard lately. I wouldn’t want to see her being tortured by you and Nicolette anymore. That’s why divorce is the best option.” Diana stared straight into his eyes. “Just now, when I said I agree to you divorcing Katie, she was delighted.”


Ha, looks like she can’t wait to get rid of me.

“Let’s just divorce. Quickly. I can’t wait to see my Katie smile again.” Diana urged Samuel. “You’re a man, so act like one. Just do it.”

Samuel felt a tearing pain in his head.

Why did Grandma and Mom have such a huge change in their attitude all of a sudden?

“Settle the divorce within three days. Do you hear me?” Diana reminded Samuel. “Katie had already promised me that she would still have me as her grandma even after the divorce. I have nothing to lose. I’ll merely lose one granddaughter-in-law and gain one more granddaughter. Who knows, I might even have another grandson-in-law in the future!”

Samuel was at a loss for words again.

“All right. All right. Take your time to think this through in the coming three days.” Diana waved her hand. “I’m tired. You should go now. I get upset whenever I see you now.”

Samuel felt dejected.

He felt as if his own mother and grandmother were no longer on his side.

They had both sided with Kathleen as if Kathleen were their own.

Samuel turned around and walked out of the room.

At the same time, Calvin walked in.

“Dad?” Samuel furrowed his brows. “You’re back? Aren’t you supposed to be delayed for two days?”

“I’ve missed your mom and decided to come back,” Calvin said coldly. “You don’t look well. What happened? Did your grandma scold you?”

“No.” Samuel paused. “Dad, were you switched at birth?”

Calvin furrowed his brows. “Why wouldn’t you think if you were the one switched at birth?”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

“Did your grandma scold you because of Katie?” Calvin asked.

“Grandma agreed to me divorcing Katie,” Samuel said in a low voice.

“Really?” Calvin asked excitedly. “Your grandma has finally thought things through.”

“So, Dad, are you supportive of my divorce from Katie?” Samuel asked in a low voice.

“I am not supporting you. I am merely supporting Katie.” Calvin said in a cold voice. “Nicolette is back, and you still have a thing with her. Katie would not be happy about it, so you two might as well get a divorce.”

Samuel felt strange that everyone agreed to him and Kathleen divorcing each other.

What’s going on?

“Dad, did you all collude with one another, thinking that if everyone appeared to agree to our divorce, I would wonder what’s going on and refuse to divorce Katie?” Samuel felt that this was a trap.

Calvin snorted. “Do you think we would do such a thing? If your theory were true, what would happen if you and Katie really divorced each other? We wouldn’t achieve our objective, would we?”

Samuel remained silent.

“We just can’t bear to see Katie being so unhappy. If being with you upsets her, it’d be better for you two to break up,” Calvin said coldly. “Son, I just hope that you won’t regret this decision. There’s no turning back. You’d better think this through before making any decision.”

Samuel replied coldly, “What if I haven’t thought this through?”

“Then that means you don’t like Nicolette that much,” Calvin said matter-of-factly. “If you really love Nicolette very much, why would you hesitate then? The fact that you hesitated means that perhaps the person you’re in love with has changed.”


Samuel’s eyes darkened.

Calvin took out some stuff from his luggage. “Give this to Katie. This is the gift I brought back for her. The rest are for your mom and grandma.”

“Nothing for me?” Samuel asked.

“No, you don’t deserve any gift,” Calvin replied in disdain. “You’re making me lose a daughter-in-law. Why would I give you any gift? You should be happy that I didn’t give you a slap.”

Samuel held the box in his hand and asked, “What’s this?”

“A snow globe. Katie is a big fan of collecting something like this. Don’t you know?” Calvin asked in a cold voice.

Samuel shook his head.

He did not know about this.

“You’ve never brought back any gift for Katie whenever you went on a business trip?” Calvin looked surprised.

“Never,” Samuel answered.

“Hmph.” Calvin snickered. “Why on earth did Katie fall for a sc*mbag like you?”

Samuel was speechless once again.

“I really have nothing more to say to you.” Calvin held a box in his hand and went to see Diana.

Samuel clutched the gift box in his hand and walked upstairs.

He went to the bedroom and saw that Kathleen was sitting in front of the desk with a laptop, a tablet, and a sketch board.

What is she doing?

He placed the gift in front of her. “Dad is back.”

“Dad is back?” Kathleen was delighted. “He brought this back for me?”

“Mm.” Samuel furrowed his brows.

“I’ll go downstairs and thank him in a while.” Kathleen unwrapped the box impatiently and took the snow globe out.

The snow globe contained a Christmas scene; the red and green hats each contained a cute little doll.

The meaning behind the gift was obvious.

She knew that this symbolized the good wishes from the family.

Shortly after, she placed the snow globe on the desk.

“You like this sort of stuff?” Samuel asked, his brows furrowed.

“Yes, why not?” Kathleen picked up a pen and started drawing on the sketch board.

Samuel took a deep breath. “Today, Grandma and Mom both agree to our divorce. Even Dad agrees to it.”

“That’s surprising,” Kathleen said indifferently. “So, do you agree to it?”

“Grandma said that if I were to divorce you, I’d have to give you half of my shares. I’d also have to agree that if I marry Nicolette in the future, I will give you my remaining half of the shares, and I’m not allowed to leave the company. I’d have to stay on and work for you,” Samuel said emotionlessly. “Grandma really dotes on you.”

“Why? Mr. Macari, are you reluctant to part with your shares?” Kathleen asked in a cold voice. “I thought you were determined to marry Nicolette. People like you have no issues with doing shameless things. It must be true love then. Mr. Macari, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to sacrifice for true love, right?”

“What do you mean by ‘people like us’?” Samuel grabbed her chin, his palm cold. “Didn’t you say you don’t want all that?”

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