All Too Late Chapter 280

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All Too Late Chapter 280

All Too Late Chapter 280

Old Man

Cough! Cough!

Samuel began coughing terribly all of a sudden.

Even his hand that was holding the cup was trembling.

Kathleen immediately received the blanket, set it aside, and gently patted his back.

“I’m fine…” His coughing appeared to be severe.

She placed a hand on his forehead.

“You’re having a fever. Where do you keep your antipyretic medication?” Kathleen furrowed her brows.

“I don’t know. It’s fine. I’ll be okay after I take a nap.” Samuel’s voice sounded hoarse.

“Shouldn’t you know your body’s condition better? An ordinary person may feel better after a nap, but do you think that will apply to you?” She stood up.

Samuel took in her anxious demeanor and said with a husky voice, “Sometimes, when I look at your facial expressions, it gives me the false impression that you’re still in love with me.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Lie down and rest for now. I’ll go search for the medication.”

“Okay.” He nodded and lay down on the bed while she looked for the medication.

In the end, Kathleen found a first-aid kit under the television cabinet in the living room. There were all kinds of medications inside.

Creak! Creak!

She heard the sound of the door swinging coming from the basement.

Did Samuel not lock the door properly?

She hurried toward the basement.

The scene that entered her vision shocked her because Nicolette was missing.

Did someone sneak into the castle? Sh*t! Samuel!

Kathleen dashed upstairs at once.

She saw a woman forcing Samuel’s mouth open and stuffing a pill inside.

Samuel had lost consciousness because of the fever.

Otherwise, he would not have allowed the woman to do as she pleased.

“Who are you?” Kathleen stepped forward to stop her, but she was too late.

The masked woman let out a derisive chuckle before striding hastily toward the window and jumping out.


She jumped into the sea.

D*mn it! It seems like someone knows we are on the island, and they’ve been hiding nearby, waiting for an opportunity to ambush us when we let our guard down. But why did they capture Nicolette? If we fail to locate her, or her body is discovered after she is killed, Samuel will undoubtedly shoulder the blame. Even if there is no evidence, others will assume he’s the culprit. What a troublesome mess. Who’s that woman anyway, and what did she feed Samuel?

Kathleen returned to Samuel’s side and checked his pulse.

However, she did not find out anything unusual happening in his body.

That’s weird. Are my medical skills failing? What could that pill be if it is not poison? Never mind. I’ll deal with this later.

Kathleen administered an antipyretic medication to him.

Then, she locked all the doors and windows because she was going out to search for Nicolette.

A thunderstorm is raging outside, so I am sure they haven’t left. They should probably still be on the island.

Kathleen went to Samuel’s study.

She had noticed a few guns when she was looking for the medication earlier.

She took two guns with her and searched the entire castle, ensuring no one else was in there before leaving.

Kathleen then drove around the island for traces of the unwelcomed guests.

The island was not vast.

Samuel had instructed his men to fix the highway surrounding the island. Therefore, her journey was not unbearable.

These people could not possibly hide in the mountains amidst the pouring rain, since it is too dangerous to do so.

She drove the car to the other side of the island.

As she expected, Kathleen saw a mini truck.

The truck was used to transport items from the dock to the castle but was stolen by those people.

These people sure are audacious. Do they think that Samuel and I are both sick, so we will not dare to chase after them? Great! Just they wait. I’ll show them. They probably think I’m a joke because I’ve been docile for some time.

Kathleen rolled down the car window, maneuvering the steering wheel with one hand while holding a gun in her other hand. Then, she fired two shots at the truck’s wheels.

The other party did not expect Kathleen to leave the castle, nor did they anticipate her to fire the shots.

The tires burst instantaneously, and the truck halted.

Kathleen got out of her car holding two guns, one in each hand.

She aimed at the truck’s window and opened fire directly.

The driver was shot and knocked out on the steering wheel.

She walked around the car to the passenger seat.

“Get out!” she shouted at the man.

The man had sustained injuries.

He opened the car door and revealed his wounded arm.

However, he was holding a gun in his other hand.


Kathleen shot his gun-wielding arm without hesitation.

That man exclaimed in agony before falling out of the vehicle.

She stepped on his wound and demanded, “Where’s Nicolette?”

He shrieked, “She’s inside the trunk of the car!”

Kathleen strode over and pulled away a cloth at the back of the truck.

Nicolette was indeed hiding in there.

Terror filled her eyes as she gazed at Kathleen.

Kathleen snorted and walked back to that man’s side. “Who sent you here?”

He kept quiet, unwilling to divulge the information.

She squashed his wound with her feet. “Quit acting tough and spill the beans! Otherwise, I’ll throw you into the water cell as well!”

That man’s face turned pale. “I’m from the Blissful Sect.”

The Blissful Sect? The organization my brother’s godfather is in? D*mn it!

“That old man!” Kathleen’s fury intensified.

They must be tired of living!

Kathleen brought them back to the castle.

She removed all the equipment and tools on them and placed them inside the water cell.

Nicolette uttered with a trembling voice, “I did not plan on escaping.”

“Ha!” Kathleen sneered. “They did not render you unconscious. Why didn’t you shout or make any noise earlier if you were not thinking of escaping?”

Nicolette was stunned.

Kathleen locked the door to the water cell.

She turned on her heels and headed upstairs to Samuel’s room.

However, she noticed he was no longer lying on the bed.

Where is he?

“Samuel?” Kathleen shuddered.

Don’t tell me he’s kidnapped? Sh*t!

“Sam…” She turned around and was about to look for him.

Then, she saw Samuel standing quietly behind her.

“Are you all right, Samuel?” Kathleen walked up to him.

As soon as her finger touched him, he suddenly grasped her wrist and pinned her on the bed, locking her hands behind her back.

“Samuel, what are you doing?” Kathleen was livid.

He leaned down and pressed his hot chest against her cold back. “It’s me.”

“Why is it you again?” She was infuriated.

“That pill.” Samuel’s voice turned a few notches deeper. “I’ve taken that pill before.”


“What do you mean?” Kathleen recollected herself.

“The first time I woke up, I sensed that similar taste in my mouth. The flavor was sweet with a hint of alcoholic smell,” he replied.

She pursed her lips. “Let go of me first.”

“Don’t worry. I will not harm you.” Samuel paused briefly before continuing, “Your journey out of the castle alone made me doubt your self-protecting awareness. Therefore, you will rest well in the room from now on while I am going to deal with those people.”

“What’s there to deal with?” Kathleen was mad. “Hurry up and go back. The matter has nothing to do with you.”

Samuel did not move. Instead, he smirked. “It is so easy to take advantage of you in this posture.”

D*mn it!

“I dare you, Samuel! I’ll hate you for eternity!” Kathleen exploded with rage.

“You hate me to begin with.” He nibbled her ear. “Be a good girl, will you?”

Kathleen was fuming. “You must not hurt them. I still need them.”

“I have some things to ask them,” Samuel said frostily.

“Let’s go together. I’ll be worried if you go alone.” She frowned.

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