All Too Late Chapter 282

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All Too Late Chapter 282

All Too Late Chapter 282

What Have You Been Through

The Blissful Sect was after him, and yet she was not willing to turn her back against the organization.

Knowing Kathleen was indebted to the Blissful Sect, Samuel could understand her sentiments.

But why did she have to go that far and provoke me by saying that?

“Do you really think I don’t have the guts to kill him?” Samuel had his gun pointed right at the man’s head.

“Ms. Johnson, please save me!” The man was practically screaming at the top of his lungs.

“Stop crying!” Kathleen chided angrily. “I’m going to poison you to make you a mute if you keep crying!”

The man was stumped.

He cast a sheepish glance at Kathleen and dared not say anything.

Kathleen looked coldly at Samuel and said, “Samuel, we are not related to each other in any way. I will deal with my own matters as I see fit, and I will not interfere in your matters too.”

“Kathleen!” Samuel burned with fury right then. “If what he said is true, that you’re going to become the next leader of the Blissful Sect, are you going to attack me if I am to deal with the Blissful Sect?”

Kathleen was stunned for a moment.

She turned around to face Samuel. “Will you attack me then?”

“No,” Samuel replied in a heartbeat.

He did not have the heart to do so.

“I will, though.” Kathleen’s sweet voice was tinged with cruelty. “I owe the Blissful Sect a lot.”

Samuel’s eyes burned with fury.

He held Kathleen’s hand and came up from the underground.

The two of them arrived at the living room as tension hung in the air.

Samuel knew there was nothing he could do to Kathleen.

He did not even have the heart to pluck a strand of hair off her, let alone harm her.

Right then, a flicker of light illuminated the room.

The sun was about to rise.

It had been a long night.

Kathleen was all tuckered out.

She looked at Samuel and asked, “Are Tyson and the others just nearby?”

Samuel said nothing.

“Ask them to come onto the island right away!” Kathleen approached Samuel and said, “Samuel, I’m talking to you!”

Samuel glanced at her and fainted.

“Samuel?” Kathleen was shocked.

She reached out to touch his forehead.

He’s burning up!

Kathleen knew his fever had taken a turn for the worse.

She immediately looked for his phone.

She wanted to call Tyson.

“Ms. Johnson…” Tyson said in mild surprise.

“I know you guys are just nearby. Get your *sses right here!” Kathleen chided. “Samuel has to go to the hospital immediately.”

“Understood.” Tyson dared not defy her.

Kathleen ended the call and then called Charles.

It was almost time to contact him.

The call went through, and Kathleen said impassively, “Charles.”

Charles asked worriedly, “Are you all right?”

“Charles, the Blissful Sect has made a move. What did your godfather promise me?” she said in a frigid tone.

“I was just about to tell you that something happened to the Blissful Sect. Are you all right?” Charles said in a hoarse voice.

“I’m all right.” Kathleen’s tone was still cold and distant. “But I did teach a few people from the sect a lesson.”

“Kate, I’m going back to the sect to check out the situation. Please stay at Jadeborough and don’t go anywhere,” Charles said concernedly.

“Charles, I will deal with the matter at Jadeborough as soon as possible and go look for you.” She pursed her lips, and then said, “I’m going to cure the poison in your body.”

“We’ll see how it goes. I can’t keep burdening you.” Charles felt his heart ache for her. “Kate, I do not wish to see you putting your life at risk for me again. I’ve wanted to see you settle down with a trustworthy man so that I can—”

“Charles…” Her voice turned shaky. “You…”

“Kate, after Vivian’s gone, I realize that this world is mundane and dull at best.” He lifted his head to look at the blue sky. “After I knew that you were taken away by Samuel, I suddenly did not feel as apprehensive anymore. Maybe I do hate him, but I know for a fact that he will not hurt you.”

“Charles, don’t do anything dumb.” Kathleen sniffled. “Just you wait. I can save you for sure!”

“Anyway, I will head back to the Blissful Sect first. Wait for me at Jadeborough,” Charles said.

“Charles, call me if anything happens. I will go look for you,” Kathleen said with furrowed brows.

“Okay,” Charles said before hanging up.

After making sure that Kathleen was safe and sound, he knew he no longer had any inhibitions.

Two hours later, Tyson finally arrived with a group of people.

He looked at the island and castle that were in a mess, and he was at a loss for words.

“Send Samuel to the hospital. Send Nicolette back to the Yoeger residence. Imprison the man,” Kathleen ordered calmly.

“Yes.” Tyson then ordered his men to get to work.

He walked over to Kathleen’s side and asked, “Are you all right, Ms. Johnson?”

“Yes, I’m okay. I’ll leave the cleaning up here to you guys,” Kathleen replied mildly.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Johnson.” Tyson only took orders from Samuel, but Kathleen was an exception.

Others might not be aware, but he knew just how important Kathleen was to Samuel.

Kathleen got up and left in a car.

They boarded a ship to head back to Jadeborough.

On the ship, there was a compartment for one to rest in.

Kathleen fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

She was haunted by multiple nightmares in her dream.

There was blood everywhere.

“Ah!” Kathleen’s eyes sprang open.

She shot up from the bed and clutched tightly onto her sheets.

“What’s the matter with you?” Samuel asked huskily.

Kathleen was stumped when she spotted him. “Why are you here?”

“I was afraid that you would leave without notice,” Samuel said hoarsely.

Kathleen leaned against the headboard and said, “Don’t worry. I will not leave. I want to stay in Jadeborough to wait for my brother.”

Samuel stared at her and said, “Kate, you’ve just left for one year. To be honest, your improvement in your skills infuriates rather than surprises me. It is definitely not something that you can cultivate with only a year of practice.”

Kathleen appeared impassive. “So, what do you reckon?”

“You’ve engaged in true battles,” Samuel said coldly.

Kathleen did not say a word.

He threw a cold, hard look at her. “What have you gone through this past year?”

“Would you let me off the hook if I tell you?” Kathleen muttered.

“As long as you’re honest with me, then yes.” Samuel had mentally prepared himself for whatever might come.

Kathleen hugged her knees to herself and said, “After the wedding, Christ brought me to meet my brother. I thought that Charles was merely a boss of an entertainment company. It was only after that I found out that his godfather was actually the leader of the Blissful Sect. I was in a bad shape right then, always feeling a need to thrash things around. I was plagued by the fury and urge to kill both you and Nicolette. Right then, Charles’ godfather suggested to me that he had a way of letting me vent my frustration.”

Samuel listened to her every word attentively.

“I was left to fend for myself in an area where a rival organization was having a vicious turf war with the Blissful Sect. Every day, all I thought about was when the bullets would finally kill me,” she recounted bitterly. “But it happened that I was lucky enough to survive that and became an external advisor for the Blissful Sect.”

Kathleen knew she could not divulge the whole truth to Samuel.

Some things were better left unsaid, such as the fact that Samuel was the main reason that she had agreed to become the advisor for the Blissful Sect.

Samuel then asked incredulously, “And Charles agreed to that?”

“My brother has been poisoned. If he can’t find the cure, he won’t be able to live past forty. I don’t have the means to develop the cure, and I can only develop some medicine to dampen the effects of the poison. Only the Blissful Sect has the key ingredients to make the cure. Without the Blissful Sect, my brother will die. Samuel, I’m sorry. If you wish to eradicate the Blissful Sect, you’ll have to deal with me first,” she said ruefully.

She had to save Charles.

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