All Too Late Chapter 283

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All Too Late Chapter 283

All Too Late Chapter 283

Loving Him My Way

Samuel then uttered in his deep voice, “All right then.”

He stood up, and Kathleen found her gaze following him.

“I never expected us to go on separate ways like this,” Samuel said impassively.

Kathleen pursed her lips, saying nothing.

She knew that the Blissful Sect wanted to kill Samuel, but she also knew that she could not lose what the Blissful Sect could provide to her.

It was the only way to save Charles.

She had no other choice, for Charles was her only brother.

Samuel was wounded.

He knew for a fact that Charles was more important to Kathleen than he was.

Samuel started to cough as he covered his mouth. The palm of his hand was wet.

Kathleen looked at his hand and was slightly stunned. “Are you coughing blood again?”

“This is normal,” Samuel said nonchalantly. “From now on, my matters have nothing to do with you. You take good care of your brother.”

Then, he turned around to leave.

Kathleen was stunned momentarily before she retreated into a corner of the bed. Her eyes dimmed.

Ah, I should just let it all go.

She was tired of it all.

After a day’s journey, they were back in Jadeborough.

A woman came to pick Kathleen up.

She was taken aback by the sight of the woman. “Giselle?”

Giselle Zahn nodded.

She came over and draped a jacket over Kathleen. “We’ll talk in the car.”

“Okay,” Kathleen muttered and followed her.

Samuel’s eyes glinted as he eyed Kathleen’s leaving figure.

“Tyson, go investigate who that woman is,” Samuel ordered.

Tyson was slightly stunned.

He knew that Samuel and Kathleen had fallen out, for the two of them had not seen each other even when they were on the ship.

During the voyage, Samuel kept smoking, sending swirls of smoke into the air that the ship almost looked like it was on fire.

Noticing Samuel was down in the dumps, Tyson could not help but ask the man, to which Samuel had wistfully replied that he would not interfere in Kathleen’s matters anymore.

Here he is again, worrying about Kathleen just because a woman approached her. Men are liars.

“All right.” Tyson nodded.

Kathleen followed Giselle into the car.

“Giselle, why are you not following my brother?” Kathleen asked worriedly.

“He sent me here to protect you,” Giselle replied.

“I’m going to be safe. You should have followed my brother.” Kathleen’s brows were knitted as she sighed in worry.

“Mr. Johnson will only be at ease when he knows for certain that you are safe and sound,” Giselle explained.

Kathleen eyed the woman before her quietly before she said, “It’s been a long time. How’s your condition?”

“Thanks to your medicine, I’m doing much better,” Giselle replied impassively.

“Glad to hear that.” Kathleen nodded.

“I heard that Mr. Johnson’s first love passed away?” Giselle asked after a brief pause.

“Yes. She chose to end her own life that way.” Kathleen sighed.

“No wonder Mr. Johnson sounded so distant,” Giselle muttered in a small voice.

Kathleen was stunned.

Giselle had never been one to display her emotions in front of others.

It was Kathleen’s first time hearing her being vocal about Charles’ impassiveness.

Kathleen regarded the woman intently and asked, “Giselle, do you have a crush on my brother?”

A flustered look darted across Giselle’s face as she hurriedly said, “No.”

Kathleen furrowed her brows.

“Ms. Johnson, please don’t tell Mr. Johnson this. Otherwise, he will not let me stay by his side.” Giselle panicked.

“Do you know that Charles has always liked Vivian?” Kathleen asked curiously.

Giselle nodded. “Of course. I’ve followed him for a long time. I know Mr. Johnson very well.”

“Then, you…” Kathleen was rather taken aback.

“I like him. It doesn’t matter whether or not he reciprocates that feeling,” Giselle said calmly. “I just want to stay by his side. Ms. Johnson, I hope you could grant this little wish of mine.”

“What if Charles never realizes your feelings for him?” Kathleen frowned.

“I’ve never thought of letting him know.” Giselle appeared to be at peace with her decision. “I just want to love him in my own way.”


“Ms. Johnson, you may save any of the words of advice you might have for me.” Giselle’s lips quirked into a wistful grin. “I hope that he could give in his all without inhibition. To me, there’s no better way to love him.”

Kathleen widened her eyes in surprise as she eyed the woman before her.

She was in awe of Giselle’s selflessness.

“All right. Let’s deal with the matter at Jadeborough first. We’ll head back to the Blissful Sect after this is done and dusted,” Kathleen declared.


Kathleen and Giselle headed back to the mansion.

“Kate!” Frances headed out of her room and asked, “Are you all right?”

“Granny, sorry for making you worry. I’m all right,” Kathleen said as she looked at Frances.

Kathleen actually worried about Frances the most.

She was contemplating whether she should give Yasmine a call and ask for the latter’s help.

“I’m so glad that you’re all right. I was scared witless when I heard that you were abducted,” Frances said as she clutched Kathleen’s hands tightly in her own.

“Granny, I’m really fine,” Kathleen soothed her.

“You must be all tuckered out. Go on and take your rest,” Frances said.

Kathleen nodded. “Okay, Granny.”

She turned around to head upstairs.

Frances then turned to the housekeeper and said, “The weather is really nice today. Do accompany me for a walk outside.”

“Sure,” the housekeeper nodded.

Frances headed outside for a stroll with her housekeeper.

After a few moments, Frances asked her housekeeper, “I forgot my thermos. Could you fetch it for me?”

The housekeeper eyed the distance to the mansion. After confirming that it was indeed quite near, she said, “Old Mrs. Yoeger, don’t go anywhere. I will return shortly.”

“Okay.” Frances nodded.

The housekeeper headed back to the mansion to fetch the thermos for Frances.

Frances then said coldly, “Come out now.”

A middle-aged man emerged from behind a tree.

“Who are you?” Frances said icily.

The middle-aged man approached her and showed her the tattoo on his arms. “Old Mrs. Yoeger, I am from the Hoover family.”

The Hoover family?

Frances’ eyes widened. Then, she narrowed her eyes and demanded, “Why are you following me?”

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, I’m here to take Ms. Johnson home,” the man explained.

“Take her home? Didn’t Collin Hoover tell you that my child has nothing to do with him?” she said in an icy tone.

The man remained calm. “Old Mrs. Yoeger, if you had told Old Mr. Hoover that the child was his, he would have lent you a helping hand.”

“You can tell him to piss off!” Frances bellowed. “Tell him I don’t need his help!”

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, please listen to me,” the man said in a low voice. “There are people who are aware of Ms. Johnson’s identity. She is in danger.”

“What are you getting at?” Frances spat.

“Old Mr. Hoover wants to take both you and Ms. Johnson home. Under his protection, the two of you do not have to worry about your safety,” the man explained.

Frances’ gaze was frigid as she sneered, “Go and tell Collin Hoover that he can piss off. I don’t need his help!”

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, I believe you’re well aware that your grandson and granddaughter are destined for great things.” The man’s eyes glinted as he continued, “They might not be able to focus on what’s truly important if they have to take care of you.”

Frances narrowed her eyes.

The man noticed that the housekeeper was approaching, and so he said to Frances, “Please do consider what I said.”

Then, the man turned around to leave.

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