All Too Late Chapter 286

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All Too Late Chapter 286

All Too Late Chapter 286

Kathleen didn’t want to talk to hlm.

Venting his problems to Nicolette, huh? What a disgusting man!

Without sparing him a glance, she walked past him.

*Tyson, clean up the mess,’ ordered Samuel

Tyson nodded. All right.”

Samuel then chased after Kathleen and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back

“Let go! Are you worried about Nicolette because I’m going to kill her?” There was a murderous look in Kathleen’s eyes as she spoke

Samuel froze. Then, he looked at her coldly and questioned, “What are you talking about? If you want her to die, I can shoot her right now.”

Kathleen scoffed. “You seem unwilling, though. You even got her the robotic exoskeleton”

“What robotic exoskeleton?” Samuel asked calmly

“Samuel, why are you acting dumb7* Kathleen snapped. She felt extremely frustrated as she stared at his handsome and noble features. “If you didn’t tell Nicolette that my brother needs Melting Ice Grass, how would she think of using that to lure me here?

Samuel’s face darkened “I didn’t even contact her. If you hadn’t held me back that day, she would have been dead by now.”

Samuel knew that Kathleen had spared Nicolette’s life because she didn’t want him to face a lawsuit

Now that Kathleen was accusing him, he felt upset

“You’re the only person I told about Charles getting poisoned. Even in the Blissful Sect, not many people know about it. How did Nicolette find out? Kathleen demanded.

Feeling angry, Samuel stared at her frostily.

He was upset that Kathleen didn’t trust him.

However, he couldn’t do anything about it

He knew that Charles was the person Kathleen cared about the most at the moment.

She would often lose her rationality when Charles was involved.

“Let go! I’m going to get back at Nicolette!” Kathleen bit her lip as she glared at him. There was nothina but coldness in her expression.

Yet, Samuel still wouldn’t let go.

“She’s not here anymore,” he stated.

Kathleen was taken aback. After a short silence, she retorted, ‘I can look for her at the Yoeger residence”

“Five minutes before I came here, Nicolette texted me that you were having fun here,’ Samuel sald grimly

Having fun?

“If it were not for my fighting skills. I would be suffering right now.” Kathleen sald with annoyance.

‘) asked someone to find her whereabouts, but she had left.”

Hearing that, Kathleen furrowed her brows. “She left the country?”

“Yes. Someone is helping her in secret,” Samuel said as he stared at Kathleen’s face

The latter remained silent. She couldn’t believe Nicolette had actually managed to escape

*Do you think I’m helping her?” After asking that, Samuel held his breath, waiting for Kathleen’s answer

“How could she know so many things if it were not for you?”

“Have you never considered that the problem might be lying within the Blissful Sect? Samuel’s expression was hard to read

Upon realizing that possibility. Kathleen clenched her jaw. “Then that old man must be asking for death! Regardless, I have to visit the Yoeger residence first

She broke free from Samuel’s hold and turned to leave.

Suddenly, Samuel hugged her from behind

His action attracted strange looks from the many people passing by

Biting her lip. Kathleen growled, “Let go of me!”

“Shouldn’t you apologize for falsely accusing me?” Samuel grumbled unhappily

“But you have no evidence to prove your innocence,” Kathleen countered, turning her head to look into Samuel’s dark eyes.

Samuel scoffed. “What if I prove that I have neither contacted nor helped her?”

*Then I’ll apologize to you.” Kathleen replied solemnly

Samuel smiled. “I don’t need your apology.”

His words brought a frown to Kathleen’s face “What do you want me to do, then?”

“I want a kiss from you. When he said that his lips curled up further into a smirk.

Kathleen bit her lip once again and elbowed Samuel in the chest. “We’ll see after you prove your innocence.”

With that, she headed outside.

When she noticed Samuel following her, she asked, “Why are you following me?”

“I’m going to the Yoeger residence too. Since we’re heading for the same place, let’s go together.”

“I have my own car” Kathleen didn’t want to be in the same car as him.

“Don’t you know we have to lessen our carbon footprint?” Taking her hand, Samuel led her to his car.

“Samuel, don’t touch mel Do you have a death wish?” Kathleen blurted in a panic.

She was certain those people were still around

“I don’t have a death wish. After what happened at the castle, I have no intention to die at all, Samuel Sald with a mocking smile

He had to live on and find out why Kathleen was so resistant to him.

However, he had a feeling that she was doing that to protect him

That’s great to hear.” Kathleen forced a smile, but deep inside, she was relieved

You have to live a good life, Samuel We’re no longer the same now.

Upon arriving at the Yoeger residence, Kathleen and Samuel got out of the car.

Immediately, they sensed something was amiss

*From what I remember, the Yoeger residence is always heavily guarded. How come there’s no one at all tonight?* Kathleen pointed out

“It’s not just that. In the past, the Yoeger family’s butler or housekeeper would be standing here once they saw visitors coming.” Samuel added.

He’s right.

“Let’s take a look inside. Stay alert,” Kathleen said,

Stepping forward, Kathleen raised the gun in her hand,

Meanwhile, Samuel narrowed his eyes, an ominous look Meeting across them.

The mansion’s door was left unlatched, revealing a crack.

Carefully, Kathleen pushed it open

The smell of blood immediately filled her nose

She grabbed Samuel’s arm and whispered, “It’s dangerous in there. I’ll go in and take a look You stay here and wait for me.”

Samuel raised his brows upon hearing her words “Do you think I need your protection?”

Does she think I’m useless?

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Surely you’re not as good as me right now.”

“Do you want to give it a try?” Samuel responded, wrapping his arm around her thin waist.

‘Scr*w you’ Kathleen snapped

Does he actually think now is a good time to joke?

At that moment, a hoarse volce sounded, “Save me…”

Kathleen was stunned

The voice sounded very much like Zachary’s.

Without a second thought, the two of them walked into the mansion

They were greeted by the sight of Zachary lying in a pool of blood, struggling

“Mr. Yoeger, what happened to you?” Kathleen asked with a frown

“Nicolette came with a group of men and attacked us,” Zachary answered weakly.


“Let me turn on the lights.” Samuel strode over to the wall and found the switch


With a click the entire living room was illuminated.

Aside from Zachary, there were two housekeepers lying on the ground by the entrance to the kitchen

Samuel checked on them and found that they were already dead

He quickly whipped out his phone and asked Tyson to come over

“Nicolette took Vanessa away Yareli is upstairs. Please go and check on her,” Zachary said anxiously

“Let me go and check.” Samuel offered. He was worried that someone else would be upstairs.

Kathleen knitted her brows, “Let’s go together. Are Tyson and the others almost here?”

Samuel nodded

“Don’t worry. This man won’t die so soon,” Kathleen said

“Let’s go.”

With that, the two of them headed upstairs

As Zachary watched their backs, a dark look flashed across his eyes

When Kathleen and Samuel arrived on the second floor, they heard noises coming from one of the rooms.

They walked over and entered the room.

Upon seeing the switch, Kathleen turned on the lights

“Ahh!” Yareli’s scream pierced through the air. “Don’t kill me, please. I beg of you! Spare my life!”

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