All Too Late Chapter 287

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All Too Late Chapter 287

All Too Late Chapter 287

Kathleen walked over and noticed a disheveled-looking Yareli, who was hiding in the corner with a kntfe in her hand.

“Yareli” Kathleen tried to approach her.

However, Yarell used all her might to swing the knife around in frantic motions. “Don’t come any closer!”

“Don’t go over to her,” said Samuel. He held Kathleen back, fearing that she would get injured,

Kathleen knitted her brows. “Yareli, calm down and take a good look. It’s me. I’m Kathleen.”

That was when Yareli paused and looked up at Kathleen, and then she turned to look at Samuel

Her grip on the knife loosened. The knife dropped to the ground with a loud clang as she suddenly bawled.

Seizing the chance, Kathleen hurried over and kicked the knife away before squatting in front of Yareli.

“What’s the matter?” Kathleen asked.

*I-It’s Nicolette! She’s deranged!” Yareli explained between hysterical sobs, “She even took my mom away Kathleen, I know you hate my mother, but can you please help me save her?”

Kathleen frowned upon hearing those words,

Nevertheless, Yareli leaned in closer and added, “We’re cousins, and my mom is your aunt, after all.”

“Saving your mom is impossible. Plus, whether she lives or dies has nothing to do with me.” Kathleen heartlessly stated.

Yareli instantly froze in shock. “How could you be so cruel?”

By then, Kathleen could not bother to continue chatting, so she stood up.

That was when Tyson rushed upstairs to report. “Mr. Macari, Zachary is now in the ambulance.*

“There’s another one in here,” Samuel said while pointing at Yareli.

Tyson looked at her before darting outside to call for help

It was not long before a doctor and nurse came over.

Seeing that, Yarell snarled through clenched teeth, “Don’t touch me!”

Tyson hurriedly explained, “Ms. Yoeger, they are good people.”

“So what?” Yareli indignantly shrilled, “Someone tried to take advantage of me earlier, so I don’t want anyone touching me now.”

Feeling helpless, all Tyson could say was, “All right. Why don’t you stand up on your own, then?”

A pout appeared on Yarell’s pitiful face. “B-But I can’t…”

“So what you do want?” Tyson asked impatiently,

“Can you help me up, Samuel?” Yareli pouted while whining, “I don’t trust anyone now except you. I know you’re not that kind of guy”

A frown marred Samuel’s countenance.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day. Mr. Macart,” Kathleen snidely remarked before pivoting on her heels to leave.

She wanted to have a look at Nicolette’s room.

Just then, Samuel’s chiseled face contorted, giving off an air of hostility. “I have two words for you.

“What are they?” Yareli’s interest was piqued.

“Get lost.” Samuel said brusquely.

Then, he set off to go after Kathleen

All that remained was a furious Yareli, whose face had turned a hideous shade of purple

Did he ask me to get lost? How dare he! I’m Yareli Yoeger, the Yoeger family’s heiress and a gorgeous lady! Doesn’t he know to behave more gentlemanly in front of a lady? Ugh!

Tyson stared speechlessly at Yareli, secretly thinking her excuse to get close to Samuel was idiotic

Meanwhile, Kathleen went into Nicolette’s room and noticed everything seemed ordinary

She circled around but still found nothing

Samuel soon sauntered over and asked, “Did you find anything?

Kathleen shook her head. “Nope”

At that, Samuel shut the door before closing in on her

His actions immediately startled Kathleen, who exclaimed, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I won’t let him off easily if he dares overstep the boundary

Samuel’s slender finger reached out to pinch her chin. “I’m not the least bit interested in Yareli, so you’d best not misunderstand anything.”

“I didn’t,” Kathleen retorted while frowning

It was then that she got cornered by Samuel, whose gaze grew gloomier by the second.

“With Zachary’s current condition and Vanessa getting kidnapped by Nicolette, Yareli is the Yoeger family’s sole heir She’s a perfect match for you,” remarked a grim-faced Kathleen.

Samuel did not know whether she was speaking honestly or sarcastically

Either way, her words bothered him.

Displeasure filled his darkening eyes as he leaned in closer to her face.

Kathleen knew there was nowhere to hide, so she shut her eyes.

She could already sense Samuel’s breath closing in

Suddenly, a series of knocks came from the door before a voice rang out. “Mr. Macari, Derek Lynch has arrived

“All right. Samuel stopped what he was doing and replied coldly, ill head down now

“Okay.” With that, Tyson took his leave

Only then did Samuel’s frown loosen.

At the same time, Kathleen heaved a sigh of relief

Gosh, that frightened me.

Samuel’s eyes locked onto hers as he instructed. “Come downstairs with me to see Derek

“Derek? asked Kathleen in perplexity

“Derek Lynch is a member of the military. He also specializes in the study of robotic exoskeletons, so he can prove whether I gave one to Nicolette.” While speaking, Samuel held Kathleen’s hand and led her out.

That was when her gaze landed on the trash can nearby

“Wait!” She broke free from his grasp just then, rushing over to take out a piece of paper from the trash can.

On the paper was a phone number

Samuel was quick to notice something. “It’s a foreign number.”

Kathleen nodded. “We can run an investigation on it.”

I’ll do it. Right away. Samuel took a photo of the number with his phone and sent it to Tyson

“Hmph. You’re not the only one with extra help. Kathleen scoffed while sending the number to Giselle.

Exasperated by her antics, Samuel asked helplessly, “What good is pissing me off?”

Kathleen did not respond.

Sorrow caused Samuel’s chest to tighten at that instant.

Silly girl. She seems to think I don’t know anything at all…

“Let’s go. Dropping the matter, he then led her down to the living room to meet Derek

“What a big scene. I can’t believe there are people who managed to survive this massacre.” Derek exclaimed, not knowing whether to feel relieved or amused,

“You’re here.” Samuel then questioned indifferently. “Have you investigated the matter?”

Derek looked over at Kathleen “Ms. Kathleen.”

The formal title startled Kathleen, who quickly corrected, “Just Kathleen is fine.”

Unsure of what to do, Derek looked over at Samuel for approval.

“Do as she says,” was the latter’s icy response

Amusement flashed in Derek’s eyes as he replied, I suppose.”

“Anyway, let’s focus on what matters. Did the military misplace a robotic exoskeleton?’ Samuel interrogated

“Technically, it wasn’t misplaced But then again, a set of robotic exoskeleton is no longer there…”

“Get to the point.” Samuel’s expression had darkened like coal by then

“One of our newer models that got wrecked is missing. Actually, it was not entirely wrecked. Before it went missing. It was meant to be repaired.” Derek answered.

“That’s a severe problem. Yet, the military has just found out about this?” Discontent was evident in Samuel’s voice.

Derek’s expression was complicated as he elaborated, “The person responsible for repairing the robotic exoskeleton stole it. The situation is complicated. However, if it’s truly with Nicolette and she has gone abroad, then we’re in deep trouble.”

“Oh? So, you’ve only realized the gravity of the situation now?” Samuel sarcastically stated

“We’ll investigate this matter thoroughly in secret.” replied a helpless Derek

He then looked at Kathleen and said, “If Samuel had truly wanted to give a robotic exoskeleton to Nicolette, he wouldn’t have stolen a flawed one. Plus, he wouldn’t have taken this specific model After all, it’s only a half-body design One can only walk after attaching its sections to their waist and ankles, which could be rather inconvenient. The one we’re currently researching and have developed is utter perfection. So, wouldn’t it make more sense if Samuel gave her that model instead?

Those words took Kathleen aback

She had not expected Derek to reveal so much. It was now evident that Samuel and the military shared a more complex relationship than she thought

Eventually, Derek’s gaze returned to Samuel. *1 should head back. The higher-ups are taking this matter very seriously. Please inform me if you guys manage to track Nicolette down.”

Samuel nodded. “Will do.”

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