All Too Late Chapter 29

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All Too Late Chapter 29

All Too Late Chapter 29

“Samuel, I didn’t want it back then because I used to like you and thought that asking you for money would sully our relationship.” Kathleen looked at him aloofly. “However, I’ve figured everything out. No matter how well I do, it would still seem like a crime to you. So, I’ve decided it would be better to stick to negotiating with you about the benefits instead. Any talk about love and feelings is a nuisance.”

She could finally see things clearly, so her heart no longer felt in as much pain as before.

Although Samuel had become a part of her life and that it would pain her to cut him out of it, she had no choice but to do so, for he had become a festering wound within her.

If she didn’t cut him off, she would eventually die.

Samuel huffed. “A nuisance?”

“Yes. Anything unnecessary would be a nuisance,” Kathleen said coldly. “So, are you going to divorce me or not?”

“No,” Samuel answered harshly.

“No? Why so? Have you perhaps fallen for me?” mocked Kathleen.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself, Kathleen.” Samuel’s tone was frosty. “The only reason I don’t agree with the divorce is that you have yet to agree to donate your bone marrow to Nicolette.”

Kathleen looked at him expressionlessly. “I’ll never donate it. We’ll just maintain this stalemate. I’m not the one who’s in a hurry to get a divorce anyway.”

In fact, neither she nor the Macari family was in a hurry.

It was Samuel and Nicolette who needed things to speed up.

“What is your reason for not agreeing with the donation anyway?” Samuel grabbed her wrist. “You’ll get everything as soon as you agree with this! However, you just won’t! Kathleen, are you—”

Kathleen looked at him very anxiously.

Could he be suspecting that I’m pregnant?

“Are you still in love with me?” asked Samuel coldly.

Kathleen pursed her lips into a thin line.

This man sure knows how to make people feel uneasy.

“No. I just no longer like you anymore.” Kathleen held her gaze low. “Samuel, I want to divorce you, but I’ll never donate my bone marrow to her. If you don’t agree with my decision, we’ll just have to settle things in court.”

She was worn out.

All she wanted was to leave everything behind her.

“Are you planning to file a lawsuit against me? Sure. As you wish.” Samuel chuckled mirthlessly all of a sudden.

“Samuel, I don’t want things to get to that point.” Kathleen’s voice was soft but hoarse. “Besides, you should also be aware that our relationship will be made public if we choose to take matters to court.”

Our relationship will be made public?

Samuel retorted in disdain, “So be it. Let them know about it.”

With that, he entered the shower.

Kathleen took a deep breath while wearing a look of defeat.

She and Samuel were stuck in a vicious cycle.

As long as she wouldn’t donate her bone marrow, Samuel wouldn’t agree to the divorce.

While she hoped for a divorce, she didn’t want to donate her bone marrow to Nicolette because she was pregnant.

This is so tiresome.

Standing under the showerhead, Samuel was taking a hot water shower.

He had a lean and fit figure that made him look good no matter what he chose to wear.

At that moment, his mind was filled with images of Kathleen.

She was crying in some of them, while in others, she was smiling. There were also those in which she was devastated, as well as those in which she was annoying him in an aggressive manner.

He wondered why he had such vivid memories of her.

When he saw her getting out of Federick’s car the previous night, he was burning with envy.

He had done a background check on Federick.

It was revealed that Federick was divorced and had custody of a daughter. He also ran a publishing firm.

Not only was he even-tempered and very understanding toward his employees, but he also had a good reputation among his peers.

Despite all that, why should Kathleen marry a divorcee with a child?

He got out of the shower after he was done.

Kathleen was still sitting in front of the table, focusing on her drawing.

She was in comfortable casual clothing, while her hair was tied together and draped over her left shoulder, making her look like a cute woman who would fit well in the household.

Samuel walked over to her before picking her up from the chair.

“What are you doing?” Kathleen was startled as she started getting nervous.

He just showered. Could he be…

She was forced to sleep with him last time, but she had no desire to go along with him this time.

Nicolette had slept with him, so he is impure now.

“Why are you so nervous? I won’t eat you.” Samuel wasn’t being very empathetic.

“We can have negotiations about anything. However, we’re on the verge of a divorce, so we’ll act accordingly, and you’re not allowed to touch me!” Kathleen bit her soft lips.

I’m not allowed to touch her?

“Do you seriously think you have a say in this?” Samuel asked indifferently.

“I’ll call for help if you force yourself on me. We aren’t in our condominium. If Grandma hears me, she’ll assume that I’m being mistreated by you. She wouldn’t just stay out of this.” Kathleen pursed her lips into a thin line, her voice soft but emotionless as she spoke.

“Kathleen, have I ever laid a hand on you?” Samuel had a morose look on his face.

How dare she make such claims?

“I bet you’re on the verge of committing it.” Kathleen was being bold. “Anyway, we should refrain from all forms of intimacy. We’re on the verge of a divorce, so you’d better show some restraint.”

Samuel smirked. “What if we don’t go through with the divorce?”

Don’t go through with the divorce?

“This is merely a temporary state of affairs. All you need is for me to donate my bone marrow to Nicolette. We would’ve been divorced long ago if it wasn’t for this,” stated Kathleen in displeasure.

“What if I insist on not getting a divorce?” Samuel stared at her face, a flawless piece of art that was as smooth as silk.

Is there a secret to maintaining her skin in such a great condition? But it also goes to show how fragile she is. Any slight bumps would leave an obvious bruise on her skin. That would be an unfortunate sight.

“Then we’ll just maintain this stalemate.” Kathleen gave up on struggling. “The worst-case scenario would be Nicolette dying as we allowed this to drag on.”

Samuel’s face fell.

Kathleen got out of his arms to tidy the hem of her dress while standing aside. “Samuel, you’ll be able to be with Nicolette openly if you divorce me. Otherwise, your relationship would never flourish. Aren’t you afraid that this might end up as the biggest regret of her life?”

Samuel was unfazed.

“You don’t have to threaten me using my uncle. I’ve forgiven enough. Although I’ve been your wife for some years, nobody, aside from a select few, knew that we’re married.” Kathleen was feeling aggrieved. “You knew a lot of the staff in Goodwill Hospital are my parents’ former colleagues. Although they aren’t aware of our relationship, have you thought of the possibility that they might know of it one day, and what their reaction would be?”

She was on the verge of tears. “From the beginning till the end, all you ever did was try winning me over with money, for you had assumed that money would be what I was after. Either that or you threatened me using my uncle. You had never put yourself in my shoes, even for one second. It was unfortunate that I put my trust in the wrong person. I just don’t get why it is so hard for me to have a divorce. If you don’t agree to the divorce, I can’t be blamed for making a huge fuss out of it.”

“What do you plan on doing?” Samuel looked at her coldly.

“I will announce publicly that I’m your wife, whereas Nicolette is the mistress. Why don’t you guess how she might react?” Kathleen tried to threaten Samuel as well.

However, Samuel snickered. “Sure. If you feel like making your identity public, why don’t you attend a ball with me tonight? You can make your announcement by then. What do you think about that?”

Kathleen sensed that he was plotting something. “I won’t go. I’ll just publish a post on Twitter.”

“I bet you just don’t have the courage to come with me, you coward!”

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