All Too Late Chapter 290

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All Too Late Chapter 290

All Too Late Chapter 290

At A Disadvantage

Kathleen hugged Frances, feeling moved. “Granny…”

Frances caressed Kathleen’s face. “Good girl. I promise I’ll never make you suffer.”

Meanwhile, Samuel silently watched the scene of the grandmother and granddaughter hugging each other by the side.

Frances smiled faintly and said, “All right. Could you wait over there? I’d like to have a word with Samuel.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded obediently and scooted to the side.

Knowing Frances had something to say to him, Samuel walked over. “Old Mrs. Yoeger, is there something you’d like to tell me?”

“Samuel, stop clinging onto Kate,” Frances advised. “Though both of you never told me about it, you were the one who kidnapped her, right?”

Samuel said nothing.

“Samuel, I’m not forcing you to leave Kate. I just hope you can consider my advice,” Frances said solemnly. “After all, I’ve known you since you were a kid. I was utterly heartbroken when you told me you liked Nicolette back then. Although you’ve seen her true colors now, I hope you can let Kate regain some of her freedom.”

Samuel’s eyes darkened. “Old Mrs. Yoeger, you don’t have to do this. My relationship with Kate is real. She didn’t promise to be with me because of how I clung to her. I won’t force her into anything in the future, but we have to walk this path together, as we have a common objective now.”

“All right.” Frances knew there was no point in saying anything more. “Both of you are adults, and you have your own ideas. I just hope that you won’t harm Kate, whatever decision she makes. It doesn’t matter if you can’t give her your blessing.”

That was enough to make her grateful.

Samuel croaked, “I won’t hurt her.”

No matter how vicious and extreme he was, he would never harm Kathleen.

He loved her with all his heart.

“I’m going to bring Kate to the Yoeger residence for a few days,” Frances said softly.

A cold gleam flashed across his eyes. “I know.”

Frances cast him a thoughtful gaze. “Kate and I will be going home now.”

“I’ll send both of you home,” Samuel offered solemnly.

“Okay,” Frances answered after giving it some thought.

“This way.” Samuel’s voice was calm.

Hearing that, Frances called out to Kathleen, and all three of them got into Samuel’s car.

Kathleen felt uneasy, for she knew Frances wanted to return to the Yoeger residence. “Granny, they’ve hurt you so much. Why do you still want to live with them under the same roof?”

“Don’t worry. If they want to kill me, they would’ve done it long ago,” said Frances, staring into the distance, lost in her thoughts. “I know they let me live not because they couldn’t bear to see me die but because I’m still useful to them. Just like this very moment. No matter what happens to the Yoeger family, as long as I’m alive, all their problems can be solved by using me.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “To be honest, I don’t believe their promise.”

“You silly child. Do you think I believe them?” Frances flashed her a half smile. “I’ve faced all the ups and downs of life. I understand the human heart well.”

“So why are you still helping them?” Kathleen was bewildered.

“Because of my dignity.” Frances’ gaze darkened. “I can’t accept how my daughter was taken away just like that. I know what that old man cares about. He fears the fortunes of the Yoeger family won’t be inherited by a member of the Yoeger family. But he’s forgotten that I’ve worked my ass off for this. I can give it to whoever I want. Anyway, he’s basically powerless. He can’t control me.”

Kathleen was shocked by what she heard. She never expected Frances to have such thoughts.

Frances assured, “Don’t worry. Back then, I didn’t expect them to be so heartless and ambitious. Now that I know their true colors, I won’t lower my guard.”

Kathleen nodded in response.

“Okay. You should pack up your things. You’ll move into the Yoeger residence with me tomorrow,” Frances said seriously.

“Okay.” Kathleen had no choice but to agree.

When she stepped out of Frances’ room, she was stunned to see Samuel standing in the living room.

How did he get in?

As if reading her thoughts, Samuel explained, “The housekeeper let me in. She said you were talking to Old Mrs. Yoeger, so I didn’t let her interrupt your conversation.”

I see.

“Is something the matter?” Kathleen knitted her brows.

“Of course.” Samuel strode over with his long, slim legs.

Thanks to his height, he gave off an intimidating aura.

Kathleen frowned deeper. “What are you doing?”

“This is your house. What can I possibly do?” Samuel asked with a faint smile. “Look at how scared you are.”

Kathleen bit her lip, looking pale. “I just don’t want to be petty with you. After all, you’re not in great condition. You might not be my match if we really got into a fight.”

Samuel scoffed. “I can’t be bothered to fight you.” His gaze darkened. “We’re on the same boat, anyway. There’s no harm in having conversations.”

Kathleen frowned. “Since when are we on the same boat?”

“We aren’t?” Samuel raised his brow.

Kathleen did not agree with his words.

“Think about it. If I attacked Blissful Sect with my all and ruined their Snow Grass, how are you still going to save your brother?” Samuel asked coldly.

Kathleen froze for a moment. “What do you mean?”

“If we work together, I promise to find a way to get Snow Grass,” Samuel suggested seriously.

“What ways do you have?” Kathleen frowned.

“That’s not for you to worry. Snow Grass is what you want,” Samuel said nonchalantly, smiling. “Of course, it’ll be better if you have Melting Ice Grass, right? The latter is indeed hard to find, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

Surprised, Kathleen asked, “Can you find it?”

“If I can find it…” Samuel slowly parted his lips to speak when Kathleen cut in without hesitation, “I’ll agree to any request you make.”

Samuel’s lips curled into a subtle smile. “Very well. That’s what you said. You’d better not regret it.”

Kathleen paused for a moment and blinked with her eyes that sparkled like diamonds. “I won’t. What matters is that you can find it. As long as you can save Charles.”

Samuel fixed his eyes on her delicate face. “I’ll keep your words in mind.”

Kathleen pursed her lips.

“What do you think about this matter with the Yoeger family?” asked Samuel grimly.

Softly, Kathleen asked, “Do you have any thoughts about it?”

“Personally, I think this entire matter is a little strange,” Samuel said plainly. “Who exactly is Nicolette? How is she able to rob the Yoeger family and even take Vanessa away?”

“What about the phone number? Do you have any updates from your side?” asked Kathleen.

Samuel shook his head. “No.”

“This number wouldn’t appear in Nicolette’s room for no reason,” Kathleen said indifferently. “If you weren’t the one who leaked the news about Melting Ice Grass, then it must be them.”

Samuel looked at her coldly. “You still don’t trust me?”

“Only partially.” Kathleen turned her head away.

Samuel huffed in displeasure. “You’ll be at a disadvantage for not believing me.”

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