All Too Late Chapter 294

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All Too Late Chapter 294

All Too Late Chapter 294

Save My Brother

When Kathleen was done showering and exited the bathroom, her condition was much better than before.

Samuel’s heart ached as he gazed at her. “Go on and have your meal first. I’m going to take a shower.”

She nodded.

Kathleen was indeed famished.

Moreover, the dishes Samuel ordered the servants to send over were all her favorites.

Ding dong!

The doorbell rang all of a sudden.

The other party appeared to be in a hurry.

Kathleen was stunned.

Who could it be?

She got up and was about to open the door when she heard Wynnie’s voice outside. “Open up, you b*tch! How dare you seduce my son! Open the door at once!”

Kathleen was caught in embarrassment.

“How dare you drug my son? You’re dead, Yareli!” Wynnie pounded the door. “I’ll call someone to break down the door if you do not open up right this instance! Why is there someone as shameless as you in the Yoeger family!”

Kathleen opened the door.

Wynnie dashed into the room without taking a proper look around.

With her hands on her hips, she turned around to gaze at Kathleen. Then, Wynnie’s jaw dropped. “Kate?”

“Mrs. Macari,” Kathleen greeted her awkwardly.

“How come you’re here?” Wynnie cheered up at once. “I wasn’t scolding you earlier. I was chastising Yareli.”

“I know.” Kathleen nodded.

“W-Where’s Samuel?” Wynnie asked cautiously.

She was afraid of making a blunder.

What if Kathleen had spent the night with someone else other than Samuel?

“He’s showering,” Kathleen explained.

Wynnie noticed the food on the table. She grinned. “Hurry up and have your meal. You must be hungry, I suppose?”

Kathleen blushed.

She was still wearing a bathrobe because she did not have the time to change into a pair of fresh clothes after having just done bathing.

However, the parts of her skin uncovered by the bathrobe clearly exposed the hickeys on her body.

Wynnie figured the couple must have shared a wild night.

“Mrs. Macari, how do you know about Yareli drugging Samuel?” Kathleen was surprised.

Wynnie explained, “I went to meet with a client this afternoon. He told me he saw Samuel drinking here last night and even mentioned that he was hugging Yareli. I knew something was wrong after hearing that. Samuel only likes you, so there was no way he would have fooled around with Yareli. I came here after I inquired about the address from my client.”

“I see.” Kathleen smiled in resignation.

It was obvious that Wynnie had absolute trust in her son’s character.

At that moment, Samuel came out of the bathroom.

He frowned. “Mom?”

“You b*stard! I can’t believe you let Yareli set you up,” Wynnie snapped.

Samuel was stumped.

“Mrs. Macari heard about this from her customer,” Kathleen immediately declared that she had nothing to do with Wynnie’s sudden visit.

“Nothing happened between us. I will never let Yareli get her way. Don’t worry,” he uttered solemnly.

Wynnie harrumphed, “I’m glad we’re on the same page. Anyway, I didn’t expect Yareli to be so despicable.”

“Mom, you don’t have to intervene in this matter. I’ll handle this myself,” Samuel said indifferently.

“That won’t do. It’ll be extremely troublesome for men to handle an issue like this. After all, what can you do to her? Regardless of your methods, others will say that a grown man like you is bullying a woman. That will significantly affect your reputation,” Wynnie elaborated.

Samuel fell silent.

“You and Kathleen should avoid meddling in this matter to prevent inviting unnecessary problems while failing to teach Yareli a lesson. I have my strategy to deal with her, so you two don’t interfere,” she added in all seriousness.

Samuel and Kathleen exchanged glances.

“Anyway, the two of you should get some good rest. I’m leaving now.” Wynnie turned on her heels and left hastily.

She saw Leonard when she arrived downstairs.

“Thank you so much, Lenny.” Wynnie beamed at him in amusement. “If you’re ever troubled by any legal dispute, feel free to contact me. I’ll definitely help you.”

Leonard grinned. “Mrs. Macari, there’s actually something you can help me with. I deceived Kathleen to bring her here, and she told me she would tear down this place if I lied to her.”

“Then you should let her do as she pleases. After she tears down this place, you can ask Samuel to rebuild it for you.” She patted his shoulder. “I’ll be leaving now.”

Leonard was at a loss for words.

He had witnessed the extent of Samuel’s overprotectiveness toward Kathleen.

Little did he expect Wynnie to side with Kathleen unconditionally as well.

How terrifying! Kathleen is such a capable woman, having successfully won over the affection of the Macaris, especially Samuel’s.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Samuel tousled Kathleen’s hair and noticed it was still wet.

“Come here and dry your hair so you won’t catch a cold.” He dragged her along to blow-dry her hair.

She stood in front of him while he helped her to dry her hair with a hair dryer in his hand.

Kathleen’s hair was thick and soft like silk.

“There. All done.” Samuel placed the hair dryer down and stared at her delicate face. “What are you thinking about?”

She met his gaze. “I’m thinking about matters related to the Blissful Sect.”

He gazed at her solemnly. “Is the Blissful Sect important to you?”

She nodded. “Of course.”

Samuel caressed her face while wearing a faint smile. “I think it’s the Snow Grass in the Blissful Sect’s possession that is important to you. If the Macari family has the Snow Grass as well, will you agree to all the terms and conditions I lay out for you in exchange for the plant?”

“Certainly. I want to save my brother,” Kathleen said earnestly.

“In that case, the Blissful Sect is not important to you. What matters is the Snow Grass.” He bore his dark, pensive eyes into her. “Don’t worry. I won’t make things difficult for you.”

Kathleen fell silent.

Yareli did not dare to return to the Yoeger residence because she was afraid Samuel or Kathleen would look for her there.

D*mn it! My plan yesterday would have succeeded if Kathleen did not appear all of a sudden.

She could not help but make a phone call to Vanessa.

“Mom,” Yareli sobbed aggrievedly.

Vanessa quickly replied, “What’s the matter, Yareli? Is everything proceeding smoothly on your end?”

Yareli sniffled before recounting yesterday’s event to her mother.

“You are too impatient.” Vanessa furrowed her brows.

“Mom, I’m afraid that they’ll cause me trouble. What should I do now?” Yareli uttered worryingly.

Vanessa felt her head throbbing upon being informed of Yareli’s situation. “You’re so careless. Someone must have seen what you did and told Kathleen. Why didn’t you change to another place to execute your plan?”

Yareli pursed her lips. “Mom, it’s very difficult to get near to Samuel on normal days. He’s rarely alone. I only stumbled into him when I went to have a drink yesterday.”

“I think you should lay low for now. I’ll go back to help you once I’m done dealing with matters here.” Vanessa did not know what else to do either.

“Mom, you need to hurry back. I’ve tricked the old hag into returning here. Zachary didn’t notice anything fishy either. He still foolishly thinks we are helping him,” Yareli said.

“Don’t do anything rash in the days to come. Let that old hag help us stabilize the Yoeger family for now. After the Yoeger family becomes stable, I’ll persuade Zachary to poison her again. Once the old hag dies from poisoning and Zachary is imprisoned for murder, the Yoeger family will become ours!”

“But Mom, you’re forgetting Kathleen. How should we handle her?” Yareli knitted her brows.

Vanessa snorted coldly. “Don’t worry. I have formulated a plan. Something bad will befall Charles soon, and Kathleen will undoubtedly go to his aid. Besides, I know some things which can lead to a permanent separation between Kathleen and Samuel!”

“What is it? Tell me, Mom!” Yareli pressed on.

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