All Too Late Chapter 30

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All Too Late Chapter 30

All Too Late Chapter 30


A coward? Me?

Rage crept onto Kathleen’s pretty face as anger simmered within her. “You’re the coward! Divorce me if you have the guts to!”

“No, I won’t.” Samuel was unsympathetically persistent. “You will not make mention of the subject ever again.”

“So you’re still not agreeing with the divorce, right?” Kathleen picked up his phone before handing it to him. “Call Nicolette and tell her you’re not getting a divorce, assuming that you even have the guts to do so.”

An ominous look fleeted across Samuel’s gaze.

“You don’t have the guts to make the call.” Kathleen put his phone down with an aggrieved expression on her fair face. “The only reason you insist on not divorcing me is that you’re trying to force me to donate my bone marrow! I will never do that! Now that Grandma knows about this, I will have her be the judge. With her stepping in, you will have to divorce me!”

With that, Kathleen left the room.

This is infuriating! Why is this man constantly going back and forth? Why is it so hard for me to get a divorce?

Meanwhile, Samuel stared at the phone she discarded on the bed with a chilly look on his face.

She sure is getting bolder by the day, but I just don’t feel like divorcing her.

Now that the other members of the family had agreed on the divorce, he was no longer in a hurry, so he decided to maintain the stalemate.

Kathleen strolled around in the courtyard, for she didn’t want to be in the same room with Samuel.

It felt suffocating to her.

Wynnie arrived home by noon.

Because she and Calvin shared a great relationship, the two of them were constantly seen together, which was something Kathleen admired.

Moreover, Calvin was a great husband indeed. He would bring Wynnie anything she liked whenever he returned from a business trip.

Sometimes, he would create romantic scenarios to help preserve their love.

Despite having a great father like Calvin to set an example, Samuel picked up nothing from him.

Calvin made some cake which he cut a slice from and offered to Wynnie before offering another slice to Kathleen.

“Come, Kate. Don’t you like strawberry cake?” Calvin handed the slice of cake to her. “You can have all the strawberries on it.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Kathleen was astonished by his kindness.

“You don’t have to thank me,” said Calvin.

“Why did you offer Kate such a huge slice? Women nowadays have to keep a slim figure. By doing this, you’re essentially forcing her to finish the whole slice,” Wynnie reminded.

However, Calvin countered, “Kate isn’t fat. Women shouldn’t always talk about going on diets. It’s not good for your health. Keeping a moderate figure is fine enough. You don’t need to feel anxious about it. Instead, have more confidence in yourself.”

Wynnie shrugged in defeat.

Kathleen smiled demurely. Dad really is a great parent. I’m so lucky to have in-laws like them. But why do I just have to have such a sh*tty husband?

“Eat up, Kate. I’m heading to the law firm now.” Wynnie stood up.

“Darling, are you seriously going to work now?” Calvin tracked Wynnie with his gaze.

“I wouldn’t have needed to come back home during noon if it wasn’t for you,” Wynnie complained. “There are a lot of tasks that I still need to tend to at the law firm, so I have to leave.”

“Come home earlier,” suggested Calvin, unwilling to part with her. “I’ll cook your favorite dishes.”

“I know. You’re making such a fuss. You don’t look like the president of a company at all.” Despite saying so, Wynnie was beaming.

“You’ll always be the more dominant one when we’re together.” Calvin blinked.

“Since you said so, you’d better take care of your son. He has done something to cross me,” Wynnie demanded.

“Worry not. I promise to beat the crap out of that brat.” Calvin rubbed his hands together.

“All right then. I’m leaving now.” Wynnie was in a hurry to get back to work.

Calvin stood up. “Hold on, Darling!”

Wynnie turned around. “What is it?”

Calvin walked up to her to hold her arms before leaning in to kiss her on the lips.

All of a sudden, Kathleen felt like she had lost her appetite.

“Hey, our daughter-in-law is watching!” Wynnie chided, flustered despite her usual domineering personality.

Calvin smiled. “She’s our daughter, so it’s all right.”

“Hmph!” Wynnie huffed before wheeling around to leave.

Calvin turned to the side to check on Kathleen while smiling kindly. “Is the cake nice?”

Kathleen nodded.

“It’s great that you like it. Tell me if you ever feel like having it again.” Calvin sat down, which made Kathleen anxious a little.

Although Calvin was mild-mannered most of the time, he exuded a mysterious and domineering aura that befitted his prominent status.

It was just that he rarely showed that side of him to his family, so Kathleen rarely saw that side of him as well.

However, she couldn’t help but be reminded of the distance between them whenever she saw photos of Calvin in magazines, in which he wore a stern expression.

“I heard you’ve been quarreling with Samuel,” Calvin inquired calmly. “Did he bully you?”

“No. I suppose that doesn’t count as bullying.” Kathleen pursed her lips.

“What would count as bullying if not an affair?” Calvin consoled. “Kate, you can’t consider the fact that he had an affair as being in the right just because he doesn’t love you. He should be held accountable. Your marriage is both legally and morally binding. No matter how the two of you got together and ended up getting married, you’re both responsible for your marriage.”

Kathleen bit her lip lightly. “Yes, I’m aware of that.”

“I know you aren’t responsible for this. What wrong could you have done? You just allowed Samuel to do as he pleased because you loved him too much. Kate, you have nothing to fear. You’re Samuel’s legal spouse and also have our support. Go and confront the third party if that’s what you feel like doing. Wynnie, my mother, and me; none of us are afraid of Samuel,” Calvin advised seriously, which touched Kathleen.

Why are they all so nice to me?

“Dad, I know Samuel and I would never be able to return to how we used to be ever since we laid things out in the open,” said Kathleen in dejection.

“Do you mean you’ve made up your mind to file for divorce because your relationship will no longer be what it was?” asked Calvin solemnly.

Kathleen nodded. “I don’t want to hide anything from you, Dad. Samuel did something unforgivable, so I don’t think I can tolerate him any longer.”

Calvin frowned. Something unforgivable? Could it be that he and Nicolette have… That brat!

“So, I would like to file for divorce, Dad.” Kathleen’s lashes fluttered as she lowered her gaze. “But Samuel doesn’t agree to the divorce.”

“I heard from Wynnie that you and Nicolette have matching bone marrows. Am I right?” asked Calvin coldly.

Kathleen nodded.

Calvin finally grasped the situation. “Did he threaten not to divorce you if you do not donate your bone marrow to Nicolette?”

Kathleen nodded even harder.

Calvin scoffed inwardly.

D*mn, this brat sure knows how to plot. Other than forcing her to be a bone marrow donor, he might have ulterior motives for refusing to divorce Kathleen.

“Kate, I’ve spoken to your grandma about this. You have our support, so we won’t try to convince you to change your mind about the divorce.” Calvin paused for a moment. “I’ll help you think of something.”

Kathleen blinked in astonishment.

Is he serious?

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