All Too Late Chapter 315

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All Too Late Chapter 315

All Too Late Chapter 315

Time To Grow Up

Gizem furrowed her brows. “Can you let go of me first? Desi might see us.”

Samuel did her bidding, flashing her a stern look.

Gizem leaped up and kept a distance from him.

“It’s the smell of my very own perfume,” was her explanation.

Her words only made Samuel shoot her a dubious leer.

Gizem went on and elucidated her claim, “You can also find this scent on ancient books, Mr. Macari. It originated from a female physician and has a sedative effect. I heard that your ex-wife was also a traditional medicine practitioner. I guess she must’ve followed the same ancient prescription.”

A coincidence?

Suspicion rose within Samuel as he fixed his ice-cold gaze on Gizem.

Could it be that she’s trying to bluff it out because of some ulterior motives?

Never in a million years did Gizem expect Samuel to be so vigilant over a measly fragrance.

“You’re a traditional medicine practitioner, too, you say?” His tone was as cold as the winter.

“Yes.” Gizem nodded. “I learned traditional medicine before diving into modern medicine.”

“All right. You may leave,” ordered Samuel with an impassive countenance.

“Okay.” With that, Gizem wheeled around and stepped out.

Samuel heaved a sigh at that.

My mind must’ve gone haywire. Why did I mistake her for Kathleen?

Gizem got back to the office, only to hear her phone ringing non-stop.

She finally picked up the call. Immediately, Levi’s yawn was heard coming from the other end of the line.

“Why aren’t you back yet, Babe? I almost wanted to crash out, you know.”

“Sorry, I’m not going back tonight. I’m going to stay overnight at the hospital,” stated Gizem.

“Oh… I’ll help you tidy up the house, then,” Levi stated helplessly.

With an indifferent tone, Gizem declined his offer. “There’s no need for that. I’ve given Samuel my word to move into the Macari residence just so it’ll be easier for me to look after Desi.”

Levi blinked his eyes in disbelief. “What? But why? You were so unbending when I invited you to stay at my house back then!”

“Levi, I rejected you because I didn’t want you to misunderstand the relationship between us.” Gizem sounded rather nonchalant. “As for the reason I moved in to stay with the Macaris, like I said, it’s because of Desi.”

It’s also to follow my master’s instruction.

“I don’t care! Do you not love me anymore?” Grievance washed over Levi’s heart as he spoke.

Gizem was stumped for words. “I’ve never ever loved you before.”

“You mean love would one day dissipate, correct?” said Levi in defeat.

Gizem took out a bag of coffee, preparing to pull an all-nighter. “Hey, Levi. Love would never go away, okay? It’s just that I’ve never had a thing for you, so there was no love from me to you, to begin with.”

Levi then uttered in an icy tone, “So… I’ll send your baggage over tomorrow. Will that be okay?”

“Yes, thank you. I’ll be here at the hospital to receive it,” replied Gizem calmly.

“Got it.” A tinge of indignant rose within Levi. “Worse comes to worst; I’ll also move into the Macari residence.”

Gizem was bereft of speech on that note.

“Don’t wear yourself out, you hear? I’ll bring you breakfast as well.” Levi was still so sweet toward her.

“Mm. Thanks.” Gizem nodded.

Breathing out a long sigh, Levi hung up the phone.

Finally, Gizem made herself a cup of coffee as she sat in front of the computer to continue her dissertation paper.

The next morning, Gizem sprawled on the desk and fell asleep.

It was the knocking sound on the door that awoke her from her slumber.

Rubbing her eyes, she answered, “Come in.”

It was Levi. “Babe! Here comes your breakfast made with love!” He entered her office with a spring in his step.

Gizem was at a loss for words.

As Levi placed the breakfast right in front of her, he added, “Please check and accept the donuts and milk.”

“Thank you.” Gizem appeared to be listless.

Wearing a skin-deep grin, Levi stared blankly at her.

At that moment, Gizem seemed to have recalled something. “Aren’t you obsessed with good looks, Levi?”

The latter bobbed his head in approval.

Witnessing that, Gizem became all the more curious. “I’m very much average-looking, at best. What makes you fall for me?”

Prior to that, Levi had been in a relationship.

Gizem, too, had seen his photo with his girlfriend.

The latter was a blonde girl with blue eyes. Having a voluptuous figure, she was extremely stunning, so much so that she could easily be the world’s most gorgeous woman.

“Some of us would only focus on the outside, while the others would need to consider their partner’s inner beauty.” Levi’s smile reached his eyes as he gazed into Gizem’s sparkling eyes. “My inner beauty never needs makeup, though. Would you reconsider?”

Levi was only inches away from Gizem at that point in time. The latter wanted to shove him away.

Right then, Samuel pushed open the door to Gizem’s office and marched in.

At first glance, he assumed that that duo was locking lips with each other. He froze momentarily before blurting out, “Sorry.”

Embarrassed, Gizem quickly voiced out, “Why are you apologizing? We’re not doing anything here, okay? Are you looking for me?”

“My mom made breakfast, and she prepared you a share as well. I’m here to deliver it to you.” As Samuel spoke, he put down the thermal lunchbox on her desk. “Excuse me.”

With that said, he left.

For some inexplicable reason, Samuel was rather displeased with what he had just seen.

After Samuel walked out of the office, Gizem turned to glare at Levi. “Thanks to you, there’s a misunderstanding now.”

“Why do you care?” Levi frowned.

“Well, I don’t, but it’d be very inconvenient for me if any confusion or dispute were to arise in the future.” Gizem then opened the lunchbox brought over by Samuel, only to find some mashed potato, greens, and mushroom soup.

“Wow. This is not too shabby…” Levi arched a brow at that.

“If there’s nothing else, Levi, leave me,” suggested Gizem placidly.

“All right.” Having no choice, Levi spun on his heels.

Bah! She’s always chasing me away.

At long last, Gizem could dig in peacefully upon Levi’s departure.

After finishing it, she cleaned the lunchbox before handing it back to Samuel.

When she arrived at Samuel’s ward, she only found him lying on the couch alone.

Hearing the noise, Samuel opened his eyes.

“Where’s Desi?” came Gizem’s question as she put down the empty lunchbox.

“My mom took her out for some activities.” Samuel’s cool gaze landed on Gizem. “Oh, right. What’s the relationship between you and Levi? Are you guys seeing each other?”

“No.” Gizem shook her head. “We’re only business partners.”

Business partners? It’s as clear as day that he’s not portraying a business-like attitude toward her!

“Is there anything else, Mr. Macari? If not, I shall get going.” Gizem was already making her way to the exit.

“Does Windwell Corporation ring any bell for you?” Samuel’s tone reeked of naught but coldness.

Startled, Gizem queried, “What’s that?”

“Oh? You don’t know?” Samuel had his eyes fixated on her.

Gizem shook her head ever so leisurely and concurred with his opinion. “I have absolutely no idea. You might have to enlighten me.”

Rising to his feet, Samuel explained with a straight face, “This organization has always been researching medicine, and they only put their product on sale on the black market. But, they suddenly changed their business nature in the past year or two. I’ve got wind that even their core members have changed.”

“I’ve never heard of them at all. Sorry,” were Gizem’s words, her demeanor as calm as a toad in the sun.

Even after what she said, Samuel still hurled a sharp look at her.

Unflustered, Gizem continued, “Are you thinking that I’m lying to you, Mr. Macari?”

Samuel kept his lips buttoned.

“Since you don’t trust me, run a background check on me. See if I’m in any way related to that organization.” Gizem was unwavering.

“That I will do,” proclaimed Samuel in his deep voice.

“I’ll take my leave, then.”

Just when Gizem was about to leave, Samuel added, “I’ll go through Desi’s discharge procedures in a moment. Follow us to Florinia Manor later.”

“All right.” Gizem nodded and left right away.

Taking his seat, Samuel squeezed his glabella with his slender fingers.

There’s something off about Gizem…

An hour later, Gizem followed Samuel and reached Florinia Manor.

“A question for you, Mr. Macari,” Gizem piped up flatly.

“Ask away.” Samuel’s reply was icy as usual.

“I heard that you all have been staying at the Macari residence, so why did you bring me here?” Gizem felt perplexed.

“I’ll only send the kids there during working hours because I’ll be away from home,” Samuel was emotionless when he said that. “Today’s my off day, so the kids will be staying here. My mom and grandma pampered the children too much already. I don’t want them to be spoiled.”

I don’t have much time left… I’ve got to educate them to stand on their own two feet before anything happens.

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