All Too Late Chapter 320

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All Too Late Chapter 320

All Too Late Chapter 320

Change A Partner

Gizem completely regained her senses.

She did not pass out completely all along.

It was not because of the medication’s inferior quality. Instead, the reason for the sedative’s ineffectiveness was her special physique.

A common sedative would not be efficacious to her.

She would only be weakened but not rendered utterly insensible.

After Finn brought her to the Morris residence, he placed her on a bed inside a room.

A woman entered just as she sat up on the bed.

“You’re awake. Are you hurt?” Emily smiled faintly at Gizem.

The latter shook her head.

She knew Emily meant no harm to her.

“I saw Finn’s men bring you in here, and I thought something bad happened to you. I’m glad that you’re fine,” Emily said gently.

“Where is this?” Gizem asked.

“This is the Morris residence,” Emily explained.

The Morris residence? I knew it.

“Don’t worry. You’re not going to get hurt. Actually, Finn just wants you to check on Tracy’s condition.” Emily beamed at Gizem.

Gizem said nonchalantly, “I’m afraid he doesn’t understand what’s the definition of forcing others into doing his bidding.”

Emily paused briefly before saying, “You can just do a casual health check on her to prevent him from constantly troubling you.”

Gizem glanced at Emily and nodded.

Emily grinned slightly and brought her to meet Tracy.

Tracy, somewhat corpulent, was sitting on the bed. The smile on her face was laced with a hint of bitterness.

An inexplicable sense of familiarity rose within her when she first glanced at Gizem.

If she had not known about Kathleen’s death, she would have thought Kathleen had been resurrected.

Although Gizem did not share Kathleen’s appearance, her eyes and temperament were very similar to the latter’s.


At the thought of her, Tracy shuddered. If Finn had not arrived in time previously, Tracy was afraid her purity would have been tainted.

She knew very well that incident happened because Samuel and Caleb were trying to avenge Vivian.

Therefore, Tracy had been lying low for the past few years.

“This is Gizem Zabinski,” Emily introduced.

Tracy gazed at Gizem. “Thank you, and sorry for the trouble.”

Gizem replied, “I did not wish to meddle in this matter, but your husband kidnapped me here.”

Tracy felt embarrassed.

“Give me your hand,” Gizem demanded.

Tracy stretched out her right arm for Gizem to check her pulse.

One minute later, Gizem placed Tracy’s hand back down. “There’s nothing wrong with your body.”

“In that case, why can’t I get pregnant all this while?” Tracy furrowed her brows. “I’ve visited many doctors and tried various medications, but none of them worked.”

Gizem crossed her arm. “Why are you so certain that the problem lies with you instead of your husband?”

Tracy was stunned.

“Do you still not understand the problem? The one suffering from infertility is your husband and not you,” Gizem announced with a clear voice.

“That’s not possible.” Tracy shook her head.

“Ha. If you’re reluctant to accept that he is the problematic one, then there’s nothing I can do to address this issue. There’s no way for me to help. I’m sorry.”

With that, Gizem was about to leave.

“Hold on!” Tracy halted her. “Dr. Zabinski, I’ve checked your records, and I know you’re highly capable. You’ve assisted a few families in bearing their own children. I beg you. I just want to have a child. Just one will be sufficient.”

Gizem said coolly, “Actually, there is a way.”

“Please, tell me! I’m willing to pay any amount necessary!” Tracy responded solemnly.

“It’s not a monetary issue. You just need to change a partner.”

Tracy fell silent.

Gizem shook off her hand. “That’s all I have to say.”

She strode off afterward.

Emily hastily chased after Gizem after glancing at Tracy’s ashen face.

“Dr. Zabinski, wait for a moment!” Emily called after her.

Gizem stopped in her tracks. “What’s the matter?”

Emily hesitated for a few moments before asking, “Can you please check on my son?”


“My son’s name is Christopher. Five years ago, he went to Smealand and was met with a car accident. He’s been in a coma since then. I hope you can help me by looking at his condition.”

Christopher? Car accident?

Gizem wore an unfathomable expression. “Sure.”

Emily was overjoyed. She held Gizem’s hand and dragged her toward the third floor.

They arrived at a room.

The room had been modified into the design of a ward.

An emaciated man was lying on the bed.

Gizem moved forward. “He’s Christopher?”

Emily nodded. Her eyes were slightly reddened. “Dr. Zabinski, I’ve consulted many doctors, but all of them said there’s nothing they could do.”

A gloomy silence descended on Gizem as she took his pulse.

Gizem remained quiet for approximately three minutes.

Emily knitted her brows. “How is my son, Dr. Zabinski?”

“Can you tell me more about the incident involving your son’s car accident?” Gizem put Christopher’s hand down and proceeded to examine his body.

Emily took a walk down memory lane. “A little over five years ago, my son went to Smealand. We received the tragic news of his car accident a month after his departure. However, we did not find him at the accident scene then. One week later, we realized he was saved by someone else and was sent to a hospital. We found him in this state when we reached the hospital. The doctor mentioned he would regain consciousness soon, but… he never woke up since.”

She wiped her tears while recounting the story.

“He did not sustain any injuries to his head,” Gizem said monotonously.

Emily nodded. “That’s right. After we returned to the country, we visited a doctor and did an X-ray examination on him. The doctor also mentioned there is nothing wrong with his brain. However, he’s simply not waking up.”

Gizem pursed her lips. “Pardon me for being straightforward, but he’s not in a coma because of the car accident.”

Emily was astonished. “What did you say? What other reason could it be if not for the car accident?”

“He’s poisoned,” Gizem replied.


Emily was in utter disbelief.

She grabbed Gizem’s hand. “Are you sure? Can you save him?”

“Ma’am, I do not have absolute confidence either. Can you give me some time?” Gizem asked.

Emily nodded firmly. “Of course! I’ve waited five years, so I don’t mind waiting a little longer. Do you know how many physicians we have consulted, but none of them managed to diagnose his condition? You’re the first person who has a different view. At the very least, you’ve provided us with a direction.”

Gizem consoled her, “In that case, I’ll come here tomorrow to take some of his blood samples. Is that all right?”

“Sure,” Emit agreed.

At that moment, the door to the room was pushed open.

Finn entered, seemingly in rage.

He grasped Gizem’s collar. “I think you’re a quack doctor!”

What the f*ck!

Gizem raised her leg and booted him in the crotch with her high heels.

Finn, who did not expect her to retaliate, loosened his grip on her clothes in pain.

Gizem stepped forward and kicked him forcefully in his abdomen, sending him rolling backward on the floor.

“F*ck you! No one has ever dared to treat me like that! Who do you think you are? How dare a piece of filth like you dare to touch me!” Gizem was livid.

Emily was taken aback because Gizem was acting entirely different from before.

She was deeply impressed by Gizem’s reaction and reckoned Gizem must have undergone combat training. Otherwise, her movements would not be so smooth.

“If I tell you you’re the problem, then you’re the problem. You can do nothing even if you’re unhappy about my judgment!” Gizem bellowed.

Emily, standing aside, had the urge to clap her hands.

Ever since Christopher became comatose, Finn had been jeering at them all the time.

However, Finn had also failed to be blessed with a child all those years.

Emily felt elated, watching Gizem teach him a memorable lesson this time.

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