All Too Late Chapter 33

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All Too Late Chapter 33

All Too Late Chapter 33

Many netizens started commenting on the scene they had just witnessed. Someone wrote: Is this the rooftop of Macari Group? I have seen the introduction of this place before. They have built a pavilion on the rooftop of Macari Group, and there is a pond with a lot of colorful fish in it.

Another netizen posted: Whenever there are beautiful fish, there is me! I want to make a wish!

And that was followed by comments from others. Didn’t any of you notice that two people are kissing?

I saw it! I saw it! I can’t see their faces clearly, but judging from their height and figure, they are a good match.

Can someone tell me who they are? Even though I can’t see their faces, I’m blushing already!

I took a screenshot just now and zoomed in a bit. The man is wearing a Patek Philippe watch. That watch is not something that ordinary people can afford.

He looks like Samuel Macari. As for the girl he’s kissing, I have no idea at all who she is. However, from her shapely figure, I can tell she is a stunning beauty.

Of course! If he’s really Samuel, how can he fall for an ugly woman?

Anyway, isn’t Nicolette Yoeger Samuel’s crush? I heard that she is back. Is this girl Nicolette?

So, is Nicolette finally going to marry Samuel?

Right then, Wynnie appeared in the comment area with her official account and commented: Thinking of marrying Samuel? In her next life, perhaps!

My goodness! My mother-in-law is here! Good day, Mom!

Is someone impersonating her?

Oh my gosh! It’s Wynnie Staines, the well-known lawyer! It’s really her!

Mother-in-law, please reveal the truth! Who is that little minx trying to steal my man?

It seems like mother-in-law is on my side! Both of us don’t like Nicolette.

Mother-in-law, do you mind having a male daughter-in-law? I’m good at doing laundry and cooking!

Wynnie then commented: Thank you for your attention. I do know this young lady, and I like her very much.

Oh my God! I can’t believe this little minx can get the approval of my mother-in-law! Who the heck is she?

I like whoever my mother-in-law likes! Please take a look at my comment, Mom!

I’m so sad, but since my mother-in-law has agreed to their relationship, I have to let go of him.

No! I choose to fight till my last breath! Mother-in-law, I’m much better than this little minx!

No matter who she is, I’m okay with it, as long as she’s not Nicolette.

Just then, Wynnie appeared in the comment area again. She posted: This young lady is not a minx; she is a fairy! Everyone here is a fairy as well! Fairies must help out one another!

Seriously? Is my mother-in-law praising me as a fairy? I think she is implying something.

Does she mean that all of us are fairies, but someone is not? Who is that person then?

Of course, it’s Nicolette! Wow! I can’t believe that my mother-in-law is mocking someone, but I like it!

After Wynnie’s comments, all the netizens temporarily forgot to reveal the young lady’s identity.

Instead, they were discussing whether Nicolette was the person Wynnie was implying.

Since Wynnie had publicly expressed her disgust toward Nicolette, no matter how in love Samuel was, Nicolette would never had the chance to marry him.

Moreover, he was kissing another girl.

In other words, Nicolette had no chance at all of marrying Samuel.

Soon after, all the employees in Macari Group received an order not to reveal Kathleen’s identity.

At that instant, everyone knew that Kathleen must be the daughter-in-law recognized by the Macari family.

However, who would ever think that she was the real daughter-in-law?

Once she heard the sound of the helicopter, Kathleen wanted to push Samuel away.

However, the latter hugged her tightly with both his arms, making her unable to move.

Besides, out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed a cameraman carrying a camera on the helicopter.

Therefore, he deliberately turned sideways to block Kathleen’s face.

Her cheeks were blushing fiercely after being kissed by him. He would not allow others to see her charming appearance.

Only he was worthy of seeing that side of hers.

At that instant, Samuel suddenly realized his possessiveness toward her.

He wanted to have her all for himself in every single moment.

“You…” Kathleen bit her lips as her eyes turned watery.

Every time they kissed, she would look like that.

He had taught her how to breathe while kissing, but she couldn’t master it.

Looking at her pitiful expression, he had the urge to take advantage of her.

“Silly,” Samuel stated and smirked.

“Samuel, you’re not allowed to kiss me again!” Kathleen couldn’t take it anymore. Her soft voice was full of anger. “We are going to divorce! This is sexual harassment!”

“Don’t use that phrase without knowing its meaning. Do you know what sexual harassment is? I can show it to you if you want.” Samuel stared at her coldly.

“You!” Kathleen stomped her feet, looking adorable.

Who wouldn’t like such an adorable young lady and have her by his side?

“If you want to feed the fishes, I’ll send someone to bring you the bait. If not, follow me back now,” said Samuel nonchalantly.

“I came here with Dad. If I want to go back, I will find him myself.” Kathleen sounded unhappy. “You’re just my future ex-husband.”

“Kathleen, we haven’t divorced yet. As long as I don’t agree, we will never get a divorce,” said Samuel angrily.

“Okay, as you wish!” Kathleen decided to go all out. “After all, it’s great to be Mrs. Macari. Without having to struggle and suffer, I have much money to spend. I can even buy any food I want! It’s just that someone might be pitiful. She had been longing to be your wife for so long but ended up this way.”

Samuel’s eyes were fixed impassively at her.

“Samuel, you’re the one who chose not to divorce. Since you insisted, I have my request as well. I don’t want to be your hidden wife anymore! I want everyone to know that I’m Mrs. Macari! Otherwise, please sign our divorce papers.” Feeling annoyed, Kathleen was fuming as her face was red in anger.

He sneered, “Hah! Getting bolder now, huh? Since when did you learn to threaten me?”

Kathleen gritted her teeth and replied, “I’m not threatening you. Besides, I have Grandma supporting me. You can’t do anything to me!”

Samuel looked at her and said, “You can tell everyone your identity. Let’s see if you’ll have a peaceful life after that.”

At that, Kathleen was stunned.

“Once you reveal your identity, you can’t simply appear in public. You can’t go window shopping, eat fondue, or drink milk tea as you like. At every moment, you have to accept everyone’s scrutinization. If you don’t believe me, you can try it,” said Samuel coldly.

Kathleen pursed her lips.

Is that true? If my identity went public, I can’t even have the freedom to eat fondue and enjoy milk tea anymore?

“Hah! Don’t you dare lie to me! I can use your money to reserve the whole shopping mall! I can shop wherever I want and buy any food I like!”

Upon listening to that, Samuel sneered disdainfully, “Pathetic! So, your purpose in revealing your identity is merely for the sake of food and desserts? Don’t you have any other useful plans?”

“Of course not! There are still spicy cheese chicken and chicken pie!” Talking about food, Kathleen was exceptionally well-versed.

“Such a foodie.” Samuel’s expression softened a little. “Other than that, you don’t want anything else?”

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