All Too Late Chapter 34

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All Too Late Chapter 34

All Too Late Chapter 34

“What else would I want?” Kathleen asked in puzzlement.

“Think about it. Do you want to have fun alone?” Samuel reminded.

At that, Kathleen suddenly thought of something. “Oh! I can’t spend all your money eating alone. So, I’m going to invite my friends as well!”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

He started to doubt if Kathleen had fallen for him.

“I hope that you will choke on your food,” said Samuel indifferently.

Kathleen snorted and replied, “I know what you mean, but I’m not of such a low standard. No matter how lonely I am, I will have other ways to make myself less lonely. I will never cheat on you or be with another man. I’ll fulfill my duties in marriage, and I won’t go overboard. I’m not like you, Samuel. Marriage is sacred, but you treat it as bondage. For me, it’s not.”

Samuel looked at her frostily. “Marrying a man who doesn’t love you, and you call this kind of marriage sacred?”

Kathleen’s face turned pale at that.

Samuel’s words had cut deep into her heart instantly.

It took a lot of effort for her not to cry in front of him, but his words caused her heart to ache terribly.

She felt the resentment and hatred bubbling from within at that instant.

She tried her best not to cry and care, but his remark was a hard blow.

It’s fine if he knew the truth, but why did he choose to say it?

Samuel never thought that Kathleen would cry.

Without saying anything, she wiped her tears away and stormed toward the exit.

Samuel’s eyes darkened as he stared at her.

Why is she crying all of a sudden? She is so fragile. Did I say something wrong?

Samuel got down from the rooftop.

Tyson walked toward him. “M-Mr. Macari.”

“Why are you stuttering?” Samuel asked coldly.

“The scene of you and Mrs. Macari on the rooftop just now was broadcasted. Besides, Ms. Staines publicly stated that she would not allow you to marry Ms. Yoeger. Now, everyone is discussing this,” reported Tyson.

Samuel knitted his brows. “Did anyone find out Kathleen’s identity?”

“Not at the moment.” Tyson shook his head and added, “Besides, Mr. Calvin had warned everyone in the company not to say anything about this matter.”

“I can’t control what my mom says, but keep an eye on this matter. As long as they don’t discover Kathleen’s identity, everything’s fine,” said Samuel.

After all, the most important thing at that moment is to protect Kathleen’s privacy.

“Yes, I understand.” Tyson nodded and continued, “One more thing, Mr. Macari. Your phone keeps ringing. It’s a call from Ms. Yoeger.”

That incident spread all over the internet. How would Nicolette not be concerned about it?

“Okay,” replied Samuel indifferently.

Back at his office, his phone was still ringing.

Picking up the phone, he said, “Hello?”

“Samuel, how could you kiss her?” Nicolette asked while sobbing.

How could I kiss her? Why can’t I kiss her? She is my wife!

Samuel was frustrated. “Nicolette, you should know that I have kissed her countless times during the past three years. Don’t tell me that you’re going to fuss over all those.”

Nicolette froze at that.

However, she didn’t dare to be mean toward him like Kathleen did, as Samuel was her only hope.

Without him, she would have nothing.

No matter what, she would at least need Kathleen to donate her bone marrow first.

“Samuel, I’m not trying to blame you. It’s just that…” Nicolette sobbed and added, “Samuel, I know your family members don’t like me, and you must be under pressure. I’m sorry.”

Nicolette’s ladylike ways were different from Kathleen’s.

Although Samuel could not pinpoint the contrast, he did sense the difference.

“Samuel, I know you’re just trying to coax her to donate her bone marrow, right?” Nicolette tried to find excuses.

She could not bring herself to believe that Samuel had fallen for Kathleen.

“About the bone marrow, I’ll think of a way. You can hang up first.”

With that, Nicolette regretted, knowing that she had acted rashly.

“Samuel, can you come over to accompany me tonight?” Nicolette sobbed.

“Okay.” He nodded.

“I’ll wait for you.” With that, she hung up the phone.

Placing down his phone, Samuel remained expressionless.

Once Kathleen returned to the rest area, she noticed that the way everyone looked at her was odd.

What happened?

At that moment, a new notification popped up on her phone screen.

She whipped out her phone, only to realize that Wynnie had added her into a group chat containing her, Wynnie, and Diana.

Wynnie shared a news to the group.

Clicking the link, Kathleen read the news and was nonplussed.

Wynnie texted: I’m cool, right?

Kathleen replied: Long live my mother-in-law.

Diana then texted: Well done!

Wynnie replied: Kate, you’ve done a great job as well! That’s what you need to do. You have to let them know that Samuel belongs to you! Although my son is now a sc*mbag.

Kathleen chuckled the moment she saw that.

Why is my mother-in-law so adorable?

Diana texted: Both of you did a great job! I’ll reward you when you come home!

Wynnie texted: Thank you, Mom!

With that, Diana sent a “No worries” sticker to the group.

She was indeed a modern folk.

Wynnie replied: Mom, it’s Old Mrs. Yoeger’s birthday banquet in three days. So, I’m planning to bring Kate with us this time.

Diana texted: I agree! We can’t listen to Samuel and Katie anymore.

Kathleen replied: Grandma, Mom, I’d better not show up. After all, my identity is a little awkward.

Wynnie texted: What are you afraid of? We will introduce you to them as your grandma’s god-granddaughter. After all, everyone knows that we have a god-daughter.

Diana agreed: That’s right! You are my granddaughter. Why can’t you attend the banquet merely because of Samuel?

Wynnie texted: Okay! I’ll contact the boutique and ask them to prepare a gown for Kate.

Diana replied: Okay. Thank you.

Wynnie texted: No worries, Mom. Do remember to reward me during dinner!

Diana then sent her a cute emoji.

At that, Kathleen was dumbfounded.

“It looks like you guys are having a fun time chatting!” Calvin stood behind Kathleen.

The latte was so shocked that she immediately stood up. “Mr. Macari.”

“There is no one here. You can call me Dad. It sounds strange to hear you calling me that way,” said Calvin.

After all, Kathleen had been with the Macari family for more than ten years.

He did watch her grow up since young.

Therefore, he knew how thoughtful and obedient she was.

When Diana suggested Samuel marry Kathleen, he agreed as well.

“Don’t be nervous. Have a seat first.” Calvin spoke smilingly.

Kathleen sat down again.

“Kate, listen to me. No matter what happens to you and Samuel in the future, even if both of you have come to an end, don’t neglect your mother-in-law and grandmother. Both of them like you very much.”

“Dad, I won’t. I like Grandma and Mom a lot too. I respect you as well. I know all of you are different from Samuel. I won’t treat you like how I treat him,” replied Kathleen.

“I know you are a thoughtful girl. I have never worried about this. However, I would like to ask you a question. Have you really stopped loving Samuel?” Calvin asked.

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