All Too Late Chapter 41

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All Too Late Chapter 41

“I’ll pay close attention.” Kathleen encouraged him, “Good luck.”

“I’ll do well because you’re here.” Alex blushed slightly as he turned around and walked off.

Kathleen blinked.

Some people just didn’t know how attractive they were.

At the sight, Samuel snorted.

At the seminar, there was a seat specially reserved for Samuel.

However, there was only one seat reserved for him.

As Federick was the one who brought Kathleen along with him, they naturally sat together.

“I won’t bother Mr. Macari then,” Kathleen said as she turned to Federick. “Let’s go, Federick.”

Federick nodded in response.

“Stop right there,” Samuel demanded coldly.

He walked up to Federick and took the seat number from the latter’s hands as he continued indifferently, “I’ll swap seats with you.”

Federick and Kathleen were rendered speechless by his actions.

In the end, Samuel still switched seats with Federick.

Despite that, Samuel was always the center of attention wherever he went.

Even though they were seated in the last few rows, the crowd’s gaze constantly remained on him.

“I swear I’ve gained more attention over the past few days compared to the past three years that I’ve been married to you,” Kathleen whispered.

“We haven’t even gotten a divorce,” Samuel responded coldly.

“I know. It’s in one month’s time,” Kathleen replied as she looked toward the stage.

Alex had already made his way up onto the stage.

Samuel didn’t like it when Kathleen looked at other men.

He hoped that he would be the only one in Kathleen’s eyes.

“Kathleen, since you already know that, then why did you still go out with other men?” Samuel asked in a stern tone.

“Even you’re allowed to send Nicolette off at night and stay out for the entire night. All we did was go out openly in broad daylight, unlike the shady business you were up to.” There seemed to be thorns in her sweet voice as she added, “Samuel, since you could question me on the basis of marriage ethics, why don’t you take a look at yourself first?”

If they weren’t in public, Kathleen genuinely wanted to stand up and leave.

As Samuel heard her words, his face darkened.

While Alex gave his speech on stage, Kathleen listened to him attentively.

However, it wasn’t because she was interested in him.

Instead, she was thinking about how she would handle the situation if it ever happened to her and her child.

In the future, she would have to deal with everything on her own. Besides making a living, she still had a lot of important skills that she had to learn.

In fact, she already wasn’t expecting much deep down.

“Samuel, don’t forget about the divorce agreement,” Kathleen reminded.

Samuel remained silent.

He hadn’t been paying much attention to what Alex was talking about.

All he heard was that there wasn’t a conclusion on the causes of autism and how parents should take special care during pregnancy.

Despite that, he felt that he was just worrying too much.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at Kathleen’s belly. They didn’t know when she would give birth yet.

After the specialist’s talk was over, the host invited a member of the audience to go up onto the stage to share their views.

The host then picked a number and announced, “Number two hundred and fifty-one.”

Kathleen was stunned to hear this. Me? But I don’t have any experience.

Kathleen waved her hands to refuse it.

At this, the host chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. Just come up on stage. No one’s going to laugh at you.”

Kathleen bit her lip.

How could I be so lucky? I rarely attend such events, and I can’t believe that I got picked once I went to one.

But now, she had no choice but to go up on stage.

Once she went up, the crowd started discussing among themselves.

“What a pretty girl. She doesn’t look like she’s married.”

“How do you know that she isn’t married? Let me tell you this. Beautiful girls and handsome men always marry at a young age.”

“No, I stand by my words. I want to take a few photos of her. I’m going to find a wife just like her in the future.”

“I also think that she looks like everyone’s first love who could make people’s hearts flutter.”

As he listened to them, Samuel’s expression darkened.

How dare these disgusting men talk about my woman like that!

Nonetheless, what they said wasn’t wrong.

Kathleen indeed looked like everyone’s first love.

Although she looked similar to Nicolette, the latter didn’t really seem to have the face of everyone’s first love.

She just didn’t look as innocent as Kathleen.

Besides, Kathleen naturally had a sweet personality.

Just as how one’s appearance was a reflection of one’s heart, the two of them exuded completely different auras.

As Kathleen stood in front of the microphone, she got slightly nervous. “I’m sorry. I’m just here to listen to the talk. I don’t really have a deep understanding of autism.”

“It’s all right. You can still share your views with us., the female host encouraged her gently.

After all, Kathleen had a likable personality, and anyone would easily take a liking to her.

“I think that life is fascinating. From the moment a mother gets pregnant, she will probably worry if her child will grow up to be healthy. Nothing else would matter more than her child’s health and safety.” Kathleen spoke in a soft voice. “Once the child is born, although there may be unexpected situations, it is still as how they say that every child with autism is a child of the stars. No matter what happens to them, as parents, we will never give up on them. No matter how hard the road ahead is, we will press on bravely.”

A round of applause erupted from the audience.

Kathleen got embarrassed and said, “Please forgive me for not speaking very well. I hope that more people will pay attention to autism and learn more about it. I also hope that those in the medical industry will be able to find out about its causes soon and develop a treatment to save families with autism.”

“Well said!”

“You’re absolutely right!”

“This is the reason why this seminar exists.”

The audience was extremely enthusiastic.

After handing the microphone over to the host, Kathleen got off the stage.

As she sat down, she then heaved a sigh.

After the seminar, someone wanted to take a photo with Kathleen.

Although Kathleen couldn’t bring herself to reject it, Samuel pulled Kathleen beside him and said, “She doesn’t have the time for that.”

With that, he then pulled her and walked away.

“Where are you taking me?” Kathleen asked with a frown.

“A business banquet,” Samuel replied coldly.

“But I don’t drink.” Kathleen furrowed her brows slightly as she went on, “Besides, why would I go there?”

“To fill your stomach.”

In any case, he just couldn’t leave Kathleen there.

That place was like a wolf’s den.

Samuel brought Kathleen to another hotel.

There would be a business banquet held in the banquet hall there that afternoon which was organized for Samuel by his business associates.

Besides wine, of course, there would be beautiful women.

All the women were gorgeous and dressed to the nines.

Their main target was Samuel, and they weren’t interested in any other men.

Once Kathleen entered, she immediately shook Samuel off.

Samuel was surrounded by his business associates and had no time to care about Kathleen.

Meanwhile, Kathleen carried a plate and walked over to the dining area to find some food to eat.

After taking some cakes, she headed to the corner to enjoy them.

Just then, she heard two women talking beside her.

“Did you know that Nicolette sent me a message yesterday? She showed off about how she slept with Samuel.”

“So soon? Isn’t Nicolette sick? How does she have the energy to sleep with him?”

“Even if I were on the verge of death, if Samuel were willing to do it, I would’ve slept with him too!”

“Nicolette sure is lucky. After three years, Samuel still can’t seem to forget her.”

“Let me tell you a secret. Don’t tell anyone else.”

“What secret?”

“I heard that Samuel is actually married.”

“No way.”

“It’s true. Do you know who his wife is?”

“Who is it?”

“It’s Kathleen, the one who walked in with Samuel just now. Besides, Kathleen was the perfect match as Nicolette’s bone marrow donor. Samuel said that he

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