All Too Late Chapter 42

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All Too Late Chapter 42

All Too Late Chapter 42

Kathleen silently listened to them as they finished their words.

In an instant, the cake in her mouth didn’t seem sweet anymore.

It tasted bland.

However, the two women didn’t notice her at all and left after they finished chatting.

Kathleen wanted to drink some water to quench her dry throat.

Just then, someone handed her a glass of warm water.

As she glanced in the direction of the beautiful hand that was holding the glass, she saw Christopher.

“Chris?” Kathleen took the glass from him and gulped down the water.

She had only focused on getting food just now and had forgotten to get herself some water.

Christopher looked at her before glancing at Samuel, who was by the side. He then asked, “How could he leave you here by yourself?”

Hasn’t he thought about how uncomfortable and out of place Kathleen would feel on her first time at such an event?

“I’m used to it.” Kathleen sipped her water slowly. After eating some cake, she drank some more water. As she would eventually feel full from it, she then decided to stop eating.

I’ll eat some vegetables and meat later at night.

Kathleen started planning the menu for her meal later on.

She had to constantly keep her mind occupied with other things to stop herself from thinking about Samuel and Nicolette.

When Kathleen said that she was used to it, she meant that she was used to being abandoned by Samuel.

No matter how much she needed Samuel, he would always abandon her for Nicolette.

At that moment, Samuel was happily chatting away with others.

But at the same time, he hadn’t forgotten about Kathleen.

After Samuel turned around again, Christopher had already taken his seat beside Kathleen.

The two of them chattered and laughed, and it seemed to be an eyesore for Samuel.

Lowering his glass, Samuel said, “Please excuse me.”

He then walked toward Kathleen.

Kathleen sensed that there was a growing pressure getting closer to her. When she glanced sideways, she saw that it was Samuel.

Samuel looked at the food on her plate and grumbled, “Is that all that you’re eating?”

“I don’t feel like eating anything else,” Kathleen replied with a frown.

“You’re too picky,” Samuel fussed.

“Are you only finding out about this now?” Kathleen asked nonchalantly. “Oh right. You don’t even care. Even Maria knows more about me than you.”

At this, Samuel was rendered speechless.

Is she intentionally trying to make me look bad in front of Christopher?

“Kate has a weak stomach. Most of the food here was prepared beforehand and is already cold. How do you expect her to eat those?” Christopher questioned him coldly.

Samuel was displeased by his words.

Even Christopher knows that she has a weak stomach?

“I’ll bring you to eat something warm.” Samuel pulled Kathleen onto her feet.

Her hands were dainty and soft.

Of course, Samuel would get frustrated seeing her talk to other men.

But when he saw her talking to Christopher, he felt as if he was about to lose a precious item of his.

He gripped her hand tightly as if it was the only way that he could slowly make that feeling disappear.

“Christopher, I know you’re busy and probably don’t even have the time for a meal. So I won’t be inviting you to join us,” Samuel told him coldly.

With that, he then walked away with Kathleen.

Christopher fell into deep thought as he watched Kathleen leave.

He felt that there was something missing when Kathleen gazed at Samuel.

Although that was something that he hoped for, he felt his heart wrench at the same time.

He genuinely wished that Samuel would treat Kathleen better. But at the same time, if Samuel continued with this, Christopher would stand a chance with Kathleen.

This painful feeling tormented him every day, leaving him in excruciating pain.

Samuel brought Kathleen to the car.

However, he was in a dilemma about where he should bring her to eat.

After thinking about the oatmeal he had last time, he decided to bring Kathleen there.

Kathleen sat in the car and glanced out of the window, saying, “If you miss Nicolette so much, then you can go. I can take care of myself.”

Samuel’s handsome face darkened. “I’m bringing you out to eat.”

This has nothing to do with seeing Nicolette.

“You could’ve taken me anywhere else, but you chose to bring me here.” Kathleen then pointed at the hospital outside the window.

“Do you think that I would make up such an excuse just to see her?” Samuel scoffed.

“Because you want to coax me into donating my bone marrow,” Kathleen responded nonchalantly.

With that, Kathleen whipped out her phone and played the recording of the conversation between the two women just now for Samuel.

As he listened to it, Samuel’s gaze turned cold.

“Samuel, we’ve been married for three years. If someone at home exposed this, they wouldn’t expose it only after three years. So I’m sure you’re well aware of who was the one who let this out,” Kathleen said icily. “I don’t like dirty tricks like this. Tell Nicolette that my word is final. I won’t donate my bone marrow. And tell her to stop forcing me to do it!”

With that, Kathleen got out of the car.

She then flagged down a taxi and left.

After which, Samuel drove the car to the hospital opposite the road and got out to look for Nicolette.

Nicolette was sitting on the hospital bed and looking at her phone.

She kept replaying the video of Kathleen giving a speech on stage.

It wasn’t because she thought that Kathleen spoke well, but because Samuel’s gaze was filled with pride as he listened to her.

It was impossible that Samuel didn’t have feelings for Kathleen.

Just then, she heard footsteps outside.

When she turned around and saw Samuel, she was delighted. “Samuel, you’re here. Didn’t you say that you were only coming at night?”

“Nicolette, did you tell others about my marriage with Kathleen?” Samuel asked sternly.

Nicolette was stunned.

How did he know?

“I didn’t,” Nicolette denied. “Samuel, I’m not that childish.”

“Did you arrange for someone to gossip about it in front of Kathleen?” Samuel questioned her icily.

At this, Nicolette panicked. How did he know about this? Could it be that he heard it? Those two idiots just can’t do a simple thing right.

Nicolette just wanted to provoke Kathleen and let the latter know that Nicolette was the one Samuel liked. She hoped that Kathleen would give up on him sooner because of this.

But she didn’t expect that Samuel would find out about this.

“Didn’t I tell you before that even if I divorced Kathleen, I wouldn’t let anyone harm her?” Samuel wore a steely expression.

“I know. But I didn’t even do anything.” Nicolette feigned ignorance. “Did someone tell you something? Samuel, I know that Kathleen’s parents saved your grandmother before, so she’s a benefactor to your family. Samuel, she’s your benefactor, and she’s also mine. Why would I do anything to harm my benefactor? Besides, it’s impossible for you to keep your three-year marriage with Kathleen under wraps and not expect anyone to find out about it.”

“Because no one knew about this for the past three years,” Samuel responded with certainty.

Nicolette felt wronged as she bit her lip, and tears streamed down her face. “So do you think that I sent someone to intentionally anger Kathleen? What good would it bring me if I angered her? How would she donate me her bone marrow then?”

“It’s good that you know that.” Samuel remained indifferent. “Nicolette, you know me better than anyone else. I hate being played by others.”

“Samuel, I’m not playing with you. I really didn’t.” Nicolette sounded as if she was about to cry. “I just love you too much. Samuel, I went through so many hardships outside over the past three years just so that I could get back on my feet.”

She tugged Samuel’s sleeve and went on, “Samuel, I want to go home. Grandma’s birthday falls on the day after tomorrow. I want to celebrate her birthday. Can you come along with me?”

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