All Too Late Chapter 46

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All Too Late Chapter 46

All Too Late Chapter 46

“W-What?” Kathleen was flabbergasted.

Christopher let out a chuckle. “Are you surprised?”

She nodded.

“I was just joking.” Christopher’s lips curled into a smile. “What I mean to say is, a friend is an extra pair of hands for support, isn’t it?”

He knew that he could not make his intentions clear right now, as Kathleen was not divorced from Samuel yet.

Kathleen was someone who held onto her morals strongly, and so was he.

They respected each other, so they would not put each other in an awkward situation.

Essentially, both of them were full of pride.

Prideful people like them would never allow others to point fingers at them.

Christopher wanted to confess his feelings to Kathleen only after she was divorced from Samuel.

As for the baby in her stomach, he could treat it like his own child since she was the mother, after all.

“To be honest, Samuel and I have an agreement.” Kathleen lowered her gaze, and her expression was calm. “We promised to not divorce if we both feel that we can remain with each other after a month. However, it was not until that day at home, when I saw how condescending and harsh Samuel was when objecting to me attending Old Mrs. Yoeger’s birthday dinner, that I finally understood. He looks down on me from the bottom of his heart.”

She would not be maintaining this unequal marriage anymore.

Christopher’s face darkened. “Kathleen, you shouldn’t belittle yourself. The Macari family and I have never thought that you’re inferior to others.”

“Chris, I’m well aware of how kind you, Grandma, and the rest are to me.” Kathleen smiled. “Samuel is responsible for his own actions, so I won’t hold a grudge against you all. However, I feel like leaving this place after I’m divorced from Samuel.”

“Where do you want to go?” he asked.

“I’m thinking of going to my granny’s house.” Kathleen took a sideways glance at him. “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.” Christopher shook his head.

He was delighted that she could open up to him like this.

“Is there anyone else in your granny’s house?” Christopher continued.

“No.” Kathleen replied calmly, “My mom told me there are many flowers in my granny’s house. The flowers will come to full bloom in the summer and are extremely beautiful. I’d like to visit the place that even my mom missed.”

Nodding, he said, “I understand.”

“Therefore, I’ll simply look on in silence regardless of whether Samuel messes around with me or gets angry at me. I don’t want to torture myself anymore.” Kathleen said flatly, “He’s not worth it. I guess I’ve wasted ten years of my youth on the wrong person.”

Christopher paused for a moment before starting, “Kathleen, actually—”

He was just about to say something when there was a knock on the door.

Kathleen was astonished. “Are Grandma and the rest back so soon?”

“Take a seat. I’ll go get the door.” Christopher stood up and went to open the door.

Upon doing so, he saw that it was Tyson standing outside.

“Mr. Morris?” Tyson was rather surprised.

“What’re you doing here?” With his face expressionless, Christopher asked, “Why aren’t you with Samuel?”

“Mr. Macari has instructed me to pick Mrs. Macari up to head to the Yoeger residence,” Tyson explained.

Christopher frowned.

What does Samuel mean by this?

“Doesn’t he know that Kathleen’s sick?” Christopher was utterly displeased. “She can’t go.”

“This…” Tyson dared not say so to Samuel.

“Come in and ask her in person.” Christopher did not give him a hard time.

Tyson nodded.

He entered the mansion and walked to the living room.

He looked at Kathleen, who indeed appeared paler than usual.

It seemed like she had genuinely fallen sick.

“What’s the matter?” Kathleen asked blandly.

“Mrs. Macari, Mr. Macari has ordered me to take you to the party at the Yoeger residence,” Tyson answered.

“I’m not going.” Kathleen rubbed her temples. “I bet Nicolette instigated him to do so, which is why he asked you to pick me up.”

Tyson fell silent sheepishly.

“If I didn’t follow Grandma and the rest there and only show up after Samuel sent someone over to pick me up, what do you think the Yoeger family and other guests at the birthday party would think?” Kathleen sneered, “Why would I bring this slander upon myself?”

Tyson pursed his lips. He actually thought the same way as well.

“Mrs. Macari, it’s actually not Nicolette. Mr. Macari gave this order himself,” Tyson defended Samuel.

“I’m not going either.” Kathleen scrunched her brows and refuted, “He can’t order me around!”

Helpless, Tyson wanted to say something else.

However, before he could, Christopher instructed coldly, “Call Samuel and tell him Kathleen is seriously feeling unwell.”

With his lips pursed, Tyson turned to walk away.

He called Samuel.

It did not take long for Samuel to answer his phone. “Have you picked her up?”

“No.” Tyson hesitated before adding, “Mr. Macari, Mrs. Macari said she’s not going as she really feels unwell.”

Samuel was displeased. “Didn’t you tell her that it’s me who asked you to pick her up?”

“I told her.” Tyson bit his lip. “Mrs. Macari insisted that she’s not going. Since she didn’t follow the rest to the birthday party, if I send her over right now, it would make her seem too troublesome and affect the others’ impression of her.”

“She’s indeed troublesome.” In an unhappy tone, Samuel ordered, “Bring her to me!”

He was determined to see her!

“Mr. Macari, I dare not act rough.” Tyson found himself in a tight spot. “What’s more, Mr. Morris is here.”

“Mr. Morris?” Samuel questioned with his face all gloomy, “Christopher?”

“Yes!” Tyson nodded vigorously.

Mr. Macari, you better realize the danger soon. Your woman is going to be taken away. Stop bothering about Nicolette or whoever.

“I’m going back right now!” Samuel stated coldly.

I just knew Christopher had some ulterior motive for not showing up at the birthday party!

After the call, Tyson returned and stood in the living room without saying anything.

Kathleen frowned. “Mr. Hackney, I don’t want to make things difficult for you either. These past three years, you’ve accompanied me to go shopping, watch movies, have meals, and even have body checkups at the hospital more frequently than Samuel has.”

Tyson felt awkward. “Mrs. Macari, this is my duty.”

Christopher knitted his brows.

Has Kathleen been so lonely after getting married to Samuel?

“Is Samuel coming over to get me?” Kathleen questioned suspiciously.

Tyson nodded.

At that, she was speechless.

This is too much! He was the one who refused to allow me to go. Yet, it’s also him who’s forcing me to be there now! Is he trying to torment me to death?

“Chris, you should go back first,” said Kathleen, troubled.

They’re definitely going to fight if they encounter each other.

“All right.” Not wanting to make things difficult for her, Christopher took his leave first.

Exiting the mansion, he got into his car.

He then drove away from the Macari residence.

Halfway through his journey, he still bumped into Samuel.

As Samuel blocked his way, the two men got out of their respective cars.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Samuel looked at Christopher with a chilly gaze.

For some unknown reason, he always felt that Christopher was the biggest threat to him.

“Samuel, for the past three years, how many times have you shopped, ate, or watched movies with Kathleen?” Christopher took a step forward and interrogated in an icy tone, “How many times have you left her all alone, made her cry, and broke her heart!”

“Christopher, that’s between me and Kathleen. It’s none of your business!” Samuel’s voice was stern.

Christopher grabbed Samuel by his collar and spat heatedly, “She’s the woman I’ve loved for ten years! How could you do this to her!”

Samuel was taken aback.

He has loved her for ten years?

Christopher’s eyes had turned red. “She’s Kathleen, the woman I most adore. How I wish I could dote on her and love her like the priceless treasure she is. Yet, here you are, hurting her over and over again!”

“Christopher, she’s my wife.” Samuel warned frigidly, “You better know where you stand!”

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