All Too Late Chapter 5

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All Too Late Chapter 5

All Too Late Chapter 5

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What Am I To You

Kathleen did not respond, but Wynnie was well aware because she knew her son very well.

Wynnie did not understand which part of Nicolette was attractive after seeing that the latter could not walk.

She did not discriminate against Nicolette’s background and upbringing but because her actions were undignified.

“Why don’t you go back to your room to rest? I’ll call Samuel and ask him to come back,” said Wynnie calmly.

Kathleen pursed her lips and replied, “Okay.”

After that, she turned to leave.

Wynnie watched her leave and sighed.

If only Kathleen isn’t so thoughtful. I’ll stand up for her if she cries.

Wynnie took out her phone and called Samuel, “I don’t care what you’re busy with now, but I want you to get your ass home this instance!”

She hung up after saying that, and Samuel frowned.

Wynnie was evidently angry, judging from her tone.

Could it be that Kathleen told Grandma?

Samuel became upset, and his eyes darkened.

Nicolette was afraid when she saw that.

“Samuel, what happened?” Nicolette bit her lips and asked, “Could it be that Kathleen didn’t want to get a divorce and told your Grandma?”

“I’m not sure.” Samuel grabbed his coat and said, “I’ll be leaving for a bit.”

“Are you coming home tonight?” asked Nicolette while she tugged at the corners of his shirt.

“Yeah.” Samuel nodded.

Nicolette smiled and said, “I’ll wait for you. I’ll be waiting for you no matter how late it is.”

She would definitely not let go of him again.

Samuel looked at her meaningfully and left.

Nicolette’s eyes turned cold right afterward.

Samuel returned to the Macari residence, and Wynnie blocked him at the entrance.

“Mom, what happened?” asked Samuel coldly.

“You smell entirely of disinfectant. Could it be that you realized that having children is your problem, so you went to the hospital for a checkup?” asked Wynnie icily.

Samuel frowned and said, “Mom, what are you saying? I’m perfectly healthy.”

“Very well. Why don’t you want children?” asked Wynnie unhappily.

“Kathleen was the one who didn’t want kids,” replied Samuel calmly.

“Nonsense.” Wynnie scolded, “Samuel, how could you push the responsibility for this to a girl? This is akin to resenting your wife for not being able to have children. How did I give birth to a son like you!”

Samuel’s brows furrowed, saying, “I’m telling the truth.”

He had tested Kathleen.

After they made love, she said she wanted to sign up for art lessons, and he asked her about having a child since she felt bored.

Kathleen instantly rejected the idea.

Wynnie laughed coldly and said, “Were you the one who raised the idea of having kids?”

“Yeah.” Samuel nodded.

“You fool. Would you have let her go if she didn’t say that?” Wynnie angrily continued, “You probably told her she’s thinking about something she shouldn’t. Moreover, what are you going to do if Nicolette returns after the both of you have a child?”

Samuel replied, “If Kathleen doesn’t want a child, she can give birth to the child and let Nicolette and I care for the baby. She’s still young, and she can find another man.”

Wynnie let out a chuckle from frustration and scolded, “You can’t be my son! I need to check if I took home the wrong child!”

Samuel was at a loss for words.

“I seldom interfere with the issues between you and Kathleen, so you guys can do what you want.” Wynnie coldly said, “You’re such a jerk and are not a match for Kathleen. Plenty of talented young men in my law firm will be a good match for her!”

After that, Wynnie turned to leave.

Samuel frowned.

He knew that Grandma liked Kathleen, but he was surprised that Wynnie liked her as well.

What kind of mother-in-law will look out for men for her daughter-in-law?

Samuel’s heart clenched, and he was uncomfortable at the thought of his wife who was as cute as a rabbit in the arms of another man.

He went up the stairs, and Kathleen was lying on the bed, hugging her blanket, sound asleep.

They might have unpleasantly parted ways, but Samuel’s anger toward her was usually short-lived and dissipated as quickly as it came.

This sweet peach is too delectable and I can’t stop myself from having a few bites.

Kathleen had an odd habit when she slept. She did not like to wear too much as she felt it was constrictive.

That was why she immediately changed into a pearl-white sheer nightgown when she went upstairs.

At that moment, she was hugging her blanket, and her fair and slender hand and legs were exposed, appearing alluring.

“Kathleen,” whispered Samuel as he supported himself on both sides of her body.

Kathleen was sleepy and tired. She did not even open her eyes when she heard someone calling her. Instead, she just said in a soft and raspy voice, “Be quiet. I’m sleepy.”

She became drowsy very often after getting pregnant.

Samuel grinned and said, “Why don’t I accompany you to sleep?” He extended his hand and caressed her smooth and soft face.

He wondered how she cared for herself as her skin was very smooth.

“No. You’ll crush…” Kathleen was in a daze, and she wanted to say that he would crush the baby.

Samuel’s face darkened, and he said, “We are not even divorced yet, but you’re already rejecting me?”

She never rejected him usually, aside from the days she had her period or if she did not feel well.

He knew when Kathleen’s period was, and it was not time yet.

Kathleen suddenly felt her body dip, surrounded by an intense embrace.

She immediately became wide-awake.

Kathleen watched Samuel, who was hugging her, and froze. “Samuel Macari?” she asked in shock.

He was upset as she rarely called him by his full name.

She usually called him Sam and did not allow others to call him that, saying it was her exclusive nickname for him.

Kathleen quickly sat up, hugging her blanket, and looked at him nervously.

She knew Samuel loved to misbehave, but she could not allow that as she was pregnant.

Kathleen was willing to indulge him and was happy to do so, but the circumstances were different then.

Samuel did not like Kathleen avoiding him and icily said, “What did you tell my mom?”

Kathleen’s eyes showed how puzzled she was, and she replied, “I didn’t say anything to Wynnie.”

“How did Mom find out that Nicolette is back if you didn’t say anything?” asked Samuel unhappily.

“Samuel, Nicolette is not invisible, and many people in Jadeborough know her. You also let her move into Goodwill Hospital. Don’t you know how many wealthy people in Jadeborough go there to see the doctors? Won’t they gossip if they saw Nicolette? It’s normal that news may travel into Wynnie’s ears!” Kathleen was usually gentle, and she never got angry at Samuel.

She kept trying to be a good wife, but she finally understood that Samuel would not like her no matter how good she was.

He even wanted her to save her love rival.

Samuel saw her defensive manner and frowned, saying, “I’m just asking.”

“Aren’t you suspecting me? You felt that I complained to Grandma and Wynnie because I don’t want to get a divorce.” Kathleen felt wronged.

She was not someone like that. Ever since she married Samuel, she remained silent about the injustice she faced.

However, she was hurt that Samuel would misunderstand her that way.

Does he not have the slightest trust in me even if he doesn’t love me? What am I to him?

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