All Too Late Chapter 51

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All Too Late Chapter 51

All Too Late Chapter 51

Cynthia saw that Samuel was looking at them unhappily.

She said lightly, “Hurry up and finish up the last few.”

“Okay.” Samuel’s temper was non-existent in front of her.

Kathleen put down the plate and fork. “Granny, what else do you need me to do?” she asked.

“Take out the plates and forks and place them on the table for everyone,” said Cynthia while smiling.

“Got it.” Kathleen went to the cabinet and took out the tableware.

She was familiar with the place.

Samuel was a little surprised when he saw that Kathleen had skillfully found all the things needed from various places.

“You all are always busy, so Kathleen usually comes over to keep me company on weekdays.” Cynthia didn’t look at Samuel as she spoke. “You probably don’t know about this.”

Samuel didn’t utter a word.

Cynthia said coldly, “Samuel, we like Katie not because she has helped the Macari family or because she is your wife. She has her charms. Sometimes, I can’t help but think how much of a pity it is that such a good girl ended up with you.”

Was Samuel good?

That was for sure.

In Cynthia’s eyes, Samuel was the most outstanding child.

Despite that, the way he treated Kathleen couldn’t be considered “good.”

Samuel looked at the busy little figure in the kitchen.

He didn’t know that Kathleen cared so much for his family.

Cynthia finished filling in the last ravioli. She said, “It’s done. Go and wash your hands.”

“Okay.” Samuel walked to the bathroom to clean his hands.

Kathleen was there too.

“You want to wash your hands? I’ll be done soon,” she said while washing her hands.

Samuel stepped forward, and his warm chest pressed against her back. He put his hands under the faucet before resting his chin on her shoulder. “Help me wash them. I can’t do it.”

Kathleen blushed and wondered, Why can’t you do it yourself?

“Wash them yourself,” she retorted awkwardly.

“If you don’t help me wash them, I won’t let you go. Even Granny won’t be able to save you, so figure it out yourself.” Samuel slightly curled his lips.

Kathleen said angrily, “Y-You are a scoundrel!”

He always likes to make things difficult for others.

“Hurry up and wash them. Aren’t you hungry?” Samuel asked with a faint smile.

Kathleen was furious. Eventually, her soft little hands wrapped around Samuel’s as she gave in.

First, she made his hands wet. Then, Kathleen squeezed a little hand soap onto her palms and scrubbed them till it foamed up. After that, she rubbed the foam on his hands.

Samuel kept staring at the lithe figure of his wife in his arms.

She was even cuter when she was acting soft and shy.

Samuel thought for a moment and whispered in her ear, “Kate, we are not divorcing.”

Kathleen was stunned.

What did he just call me?

She turned off the water and turned around. Shooting Samuel a strange look, she asked, “Did a screw in your head come loose?”

Her words caused Samuel to be speechless.

“Wipe your hands clean and come out to eat.” Kathleen pushed him away and walked out.

Samuel remained silent.

Did she not feel anything?

Samuel came out of the bathroom and saw that Kathleen and the others were already waiting for him.

He walked over and automatically sat beside Kathleen.

“Okay, let’s eat,” Cynthia said with a smile.

Kathleen and the others waited for Cynthia to pick up her fork before they started eating.

Kathleen took a piece of ravioli and started eating it.

She smiled and said, “Granny, you make the best ravioli. It tastes so good. Did you use apple cider vinegar in it?”

Cynthia chuckled. “Last time, you said you liked the vinegar, so I asked someone to buy me a few more bottles. Take them with you when you go.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“Eat up. You’re thinner than the last time I saw you.” Cynthia was worried and took another scoop of ravioli for Kathleen.

Kathleen obediently ate it.

Everyone kept telling her that she had gotten thinner.

Hence, she vowed to eat more.

However, there was a limit to how much she could eat.

Her stomach was already full after eating three scoops of ravioli.

Initially, Christopher wanted to find a chance to talk to Kathleen.

Unfortunately, Samuel was present, so Christopher didn’t want to cause trouble for her.

He glanced at the time and said, “Granny, I have a meeting in the afternoon. I’ll be leaving now.”

Cynthia nodded and replied, “Okay. Be careful when driving on the road.”

“Sure.” Christopher nodded. He then glanced at Kathleen and said, “Goodbye.”

“See you,” Kathleen said softly.

Samuel frowned slightly upon hearing that.

After the meal, Kathleen wanted to wash the dishes.

Nonetheless, Cynthia refused to let her do it. “There’s no need for that. The dishwasher you recommended to me last time works very well. I just put the dishes in and let the machine wash them.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

Hearing that, Samuel furrowed his brows and asked, “What dishwasher?”

Cynthia replied, “Look who’s asking. The dishwasher you recommended to me three years ago was not easy to use at all. I only used it once and hated it, so I just left it there. Then, Kathleen asked me to replace it when she came over one time, but I didn’t bother. Later on, my arm was uncomfortable, so I had no choice but to use the dishwasher to wash the dishes. It then exploded with my dishes inside.”

Samuel frowned and said, “Seriously? That brand was Nicolet—”

Suddenly, he stopped talking.

Cynthia frowned at him, while Kathleen felt nothing but awkwardness.

Scoffing, Cynthia said, “Hah! I wondered why I didn’t like it. Turns out that I didn’t like the person who recommended it.”

Samuel remained silent.

“I’m going to wash my hands.” Kathleen turned around and walked away.

Cynthia looked at Samuel coldly and asked, “Samuel, you have to understand one thing. When a woman you like is rejected by the whole family, you should think about it. Is it really that we are causing trouble without reason?”

As Samuel remained calm, she continued coldly, “Diana, your parents, and me—don’t we have the ability to distinguish right from wrong? We have also encountered situations where the parents are bad people, but the children are good. Do you think that we would treat the child badly because of the parents?”

“Granny, Nicolette isn’t a bad person. She just lacks love,” Samuel replied coolly.

Cynthia gave him a helpless look. “She needed to love you, so you gave her all your love. Then what are you giving Kathleen? An empty shell without a heart? If that’s the case, why can’t she change a man? Why does she deserve an empty shell? Just because she loves you doesn’t mean you can trample on her like this.”

“Granny, I will treat her well in the future,” Samuel informed.

“Do you think Kathleen can accept that you still have another woman? You said that Nicolette lacks love. If a man runs up to Kathleen and tells her that he lacks love and wants her to love him, would you be able to accept it?” she demanded sternly.

“No.” Samuel shook his head.

It was unacceptable for him.

Cynthia said coldly, “As the saying goes, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you understand this, then you shouldn’t have done that. If you can’t bear to leave Nicolette, then divorce Kathleen and let her be free. I won’t interfere with what you want to do with Nicolette; just don’t make me angry by bringing her to me.”

Samuel replied with a grim expression, “Okay, I understand.”

At that moment, Kathleen returned.

She felt that the atmosphere in the living room was a little strange.

“Granny, we have to leave now,” she said gently.

Kathleen felt guilty.

Cynthia used to love Samuel very much.

Every time Samuel came, Cynthia would prepare delicious foods for him to eat.

However, she had been treating him very coldly this time.

Kathleen had felt it.

Could it be because of me?

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