All Too Late Chapter 53

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All Too Late Chapter 53

All Too Late Chapter 53

Wynnie: Mom, you’re a genius! This is such a great idea!

Diana: Of course I am!

Wynnie: It’s been so long. Why hasn’t Katie appeared?

Diana: Could she have been abducted by Samuel? If so, shall we call the police to capture that rascal?

Wynnie: Let me drag someone in for questioning.

With that, Calvin was dragged into the conversation.

Calvin: Wow! Mom, you guys made a group chat behind my back?

Wynnie: Do you know what your son has done?

Diana: Do you have any idea?

She added a stern-looking emoji behind that.

Calvin: I don’t know! I don’t know anything! I’m on your side! I’m not with that rascal!

Wynnie: Mom, he got the code word correct. Looks like he’s really on our team.

Calvin: I’ve always been on your side, okay?

Kathleen could not help but laugh when she read their conversation.

They were all so adorable.

Wynnie: Have you checked the trending news?

Calvin: Yes, I’ve seen them. I’m working on public relations.

Wynnie: Are you guys trying to clear their names?

Calvin: No. We want to skew the discussion in favor of Kate. We’ll talk about how much she has suffered the whole time she was supporting Samuel behind the scenes.

Wynnie: Great! Keep it up! Whatever you do, remember that your son is in the wrong no matter what.

Calvin: Got it, Wynnie! What about the crystal ornament that you broke last time? Are we blaming that on Samuel? We might as well make him the scapegoat for that too.

Wynnie: Where’s your dignity?

Diana: It was probably thrown away along with his placenta.

Calvin was rendered speechless.

Kathleen laughed her head off.

It seemed that it was the Macari family’s tradition for mothers to pick on their sons.

Wynnie: What does your son say about that?

Calvin: I haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

Wynnie: That rascal! Where could he have gone?

Calvin: I’m already looking.

Wynnie: If anything happens to my daughter-in-law, I shall disown this son of mine.

Calvin: Sure. Whatever you say, Wynnie.

Wynnie: I really wonder what all this is about. I don’t know if Nicolette harbors any ill will, and if she intends to bully our Kate.

Diana: I dare her!

Kathleen felt a surge of warmth in her heart when she read that.

She sent a message: Grandma, Dad, Mom, I am safe now.

Wynnie: Where are you? Are you all right?

Kathleen: I’m fine. That Twitter post was sent by mistake. I asked Samuel to check, but he told me that it hadn’t been sent out.

The group chat fell silent.

The other three were in deep thought. Sent by mistake? Kathleen even asked Samuel to check, but he didn’t manage to find out. How is that possible?

Kathleen sent a message to Samuel: Did you really not see the Twitter post that had been sent by mistake?

Samuel: No.

Kathleen frowned. She asked: Is there any way to remediate this?

Samuel: Only if you can turn back time.

Kathleen: I can’t. So, what now?

Samuel: What do you mean by that?

Kathleen: Aren’t you going to explain to them?

Samuel: Why do I need to explain? Aren’t we already a married couple?

Kathleen: You see, the problem is on your side. Won’t Nicolette be furious with you when she sees that? If she’s mad at you, you will vent on me. She does not want to be cannon fodder.

Samuel: Have I ever vent on you?

Kathleen: When have you not? Your temper has never been good, and now it’s even worse!

Samuel sent a emoji depicting confusion: Has my temper been bad in the past?

Kathleen did not want to talk to him anymore.

She sat on the couch and sank into deep thought.

Why didn’t Samuel delete the Twitter post after she had sent it by mistake? What was he thinking?

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nicolette saw the trending news on Twitter.

She exploded with rage.

Why is this happening?

She thought that Kathleen and Samuel would divorce in secret just like how they had gotten married in secret too.

No one was supposed to know. No one would ever know.

After that, Samuel would force Kathleen to donate her bone marrow to cure Nicolette.

Then, Samuel would marry Nicolette.

Nicolette would deal with the other members of the Macari family at a later time.

As long as Samuel loved her.

As long as Samuel had her back, she would not care at all.

At most, she would limit Samuel’s interactions with Diana and the rest.

That way, Samuel would truly be hers, and hers alone.

However, when Samuel publicly announced his relationship with Kathleen, all the glory that Samuel had given Nicolette the night before vanished without a trace.

On the contrary, Kathleen, who had not revealed herself the entire time, became the biggest winner.

She wondered where the Macari family had gotten ghostwriters from.

They would rather trample on Samuel in exchange for Kathleen’s honor without discrediting her one bit.

Currently, some netizens empathized with Kathleen. Others commended her.

Someone had even posted a picture of her and Samuel at the birthday banquet at the Yoeger residence the day before. They proceeded to mock her for being the homewrecker.

Unable to stomach her anger, Nicolette gave Samuel a phone call.

In the most pitiful voice, she asked, “Samuel, what is all this about?”

Samuel explained casually, “Nothing much. Kathleen and I are in a relationship. It’s that simple.”

“Then, what about me?” Nicolette cried. “Samuel, tell me. Who am I to you?”

In a hoarse voice, Samuel replied, “I’m sorry, but I can’t divorce her.”

Nicolette froze.

What did he say?

“Don’t worry. I will always take care of you. I will continue to assist you in your treatment. Rest well. Don’t overthink things,” he added.

With that, he hung up the phone.

Nicolette was dumbfounded.

Did he mean that he would never divorce Kathleen? I’ve put in so much effort, and in the end this is what I get?

She felt like calling Kathleen to question her on what she had done.

However, she knew that doing so would expose her, so she could not do that.

She totally did not expect Kathleen to be so patient.

Nicolette also could not believe that Kathleen could be this indifferent even after the latter found out that Nicolette herself had slept with Samuel.

Could it be that she only loves Samuel for his money? Haha! It’s fine. Samuel says he’ll take care of me forever. That means he won’t ignore me. I still have a chance! Kathleen, you won’t get to be cocky for long.

Nicolette still had a spot in Samuel’s heart. No one could replace her.

Next, she needed to destroy the relationship between Kathleen and Samuel completely.

Nicolette took out her phone and dialed a number. “I want you to sneak into the ward tonight and unplug Benjamin’s life support.”

The other party replied, “That man is already in a vegetative state.”

Nicolette chuckled coldly. “I don’t care what he is. I only want him dead! Kathleen and Samuel’s relationship can only be destroyed if Benjamin dies. One more thing. You have to leak this out. Say that I got people to do the dirty work, but don’t let her catch you.”

“You are playing with fire. What if Samuel doesn’t care about you anymore?” asked the other party.

Nicolette said confidently, “No, he won’t. Samuel will not be cruel to me. He won’t believe that I’m behind this. The more Kathleen holds me accountable, the uglier their relationship will get as it tears apart!”

This was the only way she could have a chance.

The other party replied after a pause, “Okay. Got it.”

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