All Too Late Chapter 55

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All Too Late Chapter 55

All Too Late Chapter 55

Even so, Kathleen had never pulled any tricks.

She watched, quietly and sadly, as Samuel loved and pampered another woman.

She kept her emotions suppressed. When she felt sad, she merely hid herself away and cried.

She had never done anything hateful.

Until one day, Diana found out about her feelings for Samuel and saw through her.

“You silly child, why didn’t you tell me?” Diana was over the moon.

She had not asked for Kathleen’s opinion when she arranged for Nicolette to be sent away.

Using Nicolette’s life as a threat, she forced Samuel to get together with Kathleen.

Samuel compromised on the condition that Kathleen’s identity remained undisclosed.

Diana knew what Samuel was planning, but she said nothing and agreed.

Kathleen, who married Samuel amid the confusion, naturally did not mind.

She assumed she would eventually warm Samuel’s heart.

She believed that, one day, Samuel would return her feelings.

However, that day would never arrive.

No matter how much Samuel liked her, he loved Nicolette more.

Kathleen had her pride.

She refused to be the hated one.

She would leave so that the lovers could be together.

“You don’t know how much Nicolette means to me,” Samuel said solemnly. “Kathleen, even if I don’t marry her, I can’t ignore her for the rest of my life.”

Kathleen felt a sharp pain in her heart.

She knew that.

“I fell into a river when I was thirteen years old. Nicolette was the one who saved me.” Samuel looked at her with a bone-chilling coldness in his gaze. “I owe her my life.”

Kathleen froze.

This came as a surprise.

In other words, ten-year-old Nicolette had saved thirteen-year-old Samuel.

So that’s how their relationship started.

“So, it’s even less likely for you two to break up.” Kathleen’s heart ached. Her delicate face paled considerably.

Samuel did not say a word. He just looked at her silently.

After a long while, he spoke. “Kathleen, the one I like now is you.”

“Haha.” Kathleen’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “You like me now, but you can’t bear to let go of Nicolette. What should I do, Samuel? You want me to repay that life debt together with you?”

Samuel furrowed his brows.

“Are you worthy?” Kathleen growled.

His expression turned grim. “Kathleen, like I said, you need to give me time. You can’t force me like this.”

“I’ve already said that no matter how much time I give you, the final result will never change.” Kathleen looked at his darkened, handsome face. “Samuel, let’s stop struggling. Let’s get a divorce.”

Samuel stood up and glared at her coldly. “Don’t even think about it!”

With that, he grabbed his suit jacket and stormed off.

Kathleen sat on the chair weakly, her hands lowered. Her heart had never hurt so much.

On the other hand, Samuel went out for a drive alone.

He rolled down the windows to let the cold wind in and calm himself down.

In fact, some of what he said had come out in a fit of anger.

He knew that he didn’t just have feelings for Kathleen.

On the contrary, he liked Kathleen a lot more than Nicolette.

His feelings for Kathleen were also a lot stronger.

What he felt for Kathleen could not be compared to what he felt for Nicolette.

After having struggled for some time, Samuel realized who he had feelings for.

What he felt for Nicolette was simply out of responsibility.

He had to repay her for saving his life.

He could not ignore her.

However, it was indeed difficult to hope for Kathleen’s acceptance.

Hence, he needed a month’s time to persuade her.

However, it was clear that Kathleen had not given him a month. She had offered him a lifetime.

In return, she was determined to get a divorce.

Samuel did not return for the rest of the night.

Kathleen had always felt uneasy whenever she was alone at home.

She did not know why she felt this way. It was rather worrying.

All the while, she had always believed that her sixth sense was been accurate.

She had a similar hunch that time when Diana had a sudden stroke.

However, Diana was healthy the last time Kathleen saw her. Her pulse was fine. There did not seem to be anything wrong with the old woman.

The rest of the family were also in good health.

If it was not her family members, perhaps one of her friends was in danger.

On that note, Kathleen thought of Benjamin.

Gemma told her that Benjamin was out of danger.

However, Kathleen was not assured, as Benjamin had not regained consciousness.

She put on her coat, left the house, and drove to the hospital.

The hospital was exceedingly quiet at such a late hour.

Kathleen headed to Benjamin’s ward with a frown.

She happened to see a figure come out of there.

Kathleen was startled.

The man panicked.

“You’re not a doctor! Who are you?” she glared at him.

The man did not expect to get caught by Kathleen. He turned and ran away.

“Stop right there!” she shouted.

The man ran without looking back.

Kathleen picked up the trash can next to her and threw it at the man.

It hit him in the back.

“Ouch!” the man shouted in pain before he crashed onto the ground.

Kathleen stepped forward and aimed a silver needle at the man’s eye. “Tell me! Who sent you here?”

The man did not expect Kathleen to have such a terrifying object with her. He did not dare to move.

He gritted his teeth and stared at the silver needle in Kathleen’s hands.

Why does she have something like this?

“Who sent you?” There was a ruthless expression on Kathleen’s pretty face.

“Nicolette,” the man said in a hoarse voice.

“What did she want with Benjamin?” Kathleen questioned harshly.

“She told me to kill him,” the man replied.


Kathleen froze in shock.

Her face instantly paled.

“Come with me to the police station!” Kathleen growled.

At that moment, doctors and nurses came running.

They quickly entered Benjamin’s ward.

Kathleen was startled.

Seizing the opportunity, the man pushed Kathleen away and fled the scene.

Kathleen wanted to give chase, but she was more worried about Benjamin.

Hence, she called the police as she ran toward Benjamin’s ward.

The nurse, who was closing the door, told her to wait outside.

Gemma spoke up from inside the ward. “Doctor, please let her wait inside. I’m begging you.”

Benjamin liked Kathleen.

Perhaps he would be fine if he knew that Kathleen was here.

The doctor sighed. “All right.”

Gemma turned to look at Kathleen.

Kathleen was very grateful.

She stood aside as she watched the doctor give Benjamin emergency treatment.

Benjamin was in a serious condition. The oxygen level in his brain was declining while his heartbeat was slowing.

“Doctor, the blood pressure’s gone.” The nurse’s face paled.

She glanced at Gemma.

“No! His heart is still beating!” Gemma protested in panic.

The doctor was holding the defibrillator.

They had administered it for the third time, but Benjamin’s heart rate was still dropping.

After that, Benjamin’s heartbeat stopped. All the data on the screen dropped to zero.

“No!” Gemma fainted.

A nurse rushed to support her. “Gemma, wake up!”

Sad looks appeared on the doctors and nurses’ faces.

They had some knowledge about the siblings’ past.

Their mother had been a doctor at this hospital, and their father had been a policeman.

The couple had lost their lives in a disaster, leaving behind their children.

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