All Too Late Chapter 58

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All Too Late Chapter 58

All Too Late Chapter 58

When the doctor came out, he noticed the grim look on Samuel’s face and was about to leave quickly, not wishing to land himself in trouble.

“Stop right there,” Samuel said in an icy voice.

The doctor halted and asked nervously, “Mr. Macari, what can I help you with?”

“Have you watched the recording of the surveillance cameras?” Samuel asked coldly.

The doctor nodded. “Yes, of course. This is a serious matter.”

“What did Kathleen use to put that man under control?” Samuel frowned.

The doctor answered, “It’s a silver needle used in acupuncture. Last night, Benjamin’s situation was crucial, and she used a silver needle to save him.”

A silver needle?

Samuel never knew that Kathleen possessed such a skill.

“Her granddad was a traditional medicine doctor. He even held the position as an advisor in the National Traditional Medicine Hospital headquarters,” the doctor explained.

Samuel fell silent as he was unaware of that.

He never took the initiative to know more about Kathleen, despite the fact that she had been right in front of him.

Yet, not once did he at least try to understand her wholeheartedly.

“I see.” Samuel nodded.

Then, he turned to Tyson and ordered, “Go and find that man.”

“Yes, roger that,” Tyson replied in a serious tone.

After that, Samuel went to look for Nicolette.

Nicolette was just done combing her hair.

She felt anxious when she saw that a bunch of her hair had fallen again.

If this continues, I might actually die…

At that moment, she heard footsteps coming from outside and immediately put on her hat.

Samuel walked into the room, his eyes dark and cold.

Nicolette was about to hide her fallen hair, but Samuel walked toward her and seized the strands of hair in her palm.

She was so afraid that her eyes turned red. “Samuel, if I one day lose all of my hair, would you come to resent me?”

Samuel shook his head.

Nicolette’s eyes welled up in tears at once.

She hugged Samuel and said, “I knew you wouldn’t.”

Heating that, Samuel felt a weight in his heart.

Nicolette then continued through sobs, “Samuel, I don’t want the bone marrow anymore. Can you just divorce her? I want to spend my remaining days with you. That way, I won’t have any regrets even if I die.”

She wanted Samuel and Kathleen to get a divorce as soon as possible, at any cost. She did not want Samuel to hesitate anymore.

His hesitation showed that he held feelings for Kathleen.

Nicolette could not let things develop this way. At this rate, she would lose Samuel forever.

“Samuel, let’s get married. The greatest wish in my life is to marry you. After I fulfill my wish, I can die without regret,” Nicolette persuaded through tears in a pitiful voice.

Samuel stayed silent and did not say anything.

Nicolette felt uneasy and urged, “Samuel?”

However, he pushed Nicolette away. “We should wait a bit longer. I won’t let you die,” he said indifferently.

Nicolette sobbed while looking at him. “Samuel, I want to take our wedding photos before I lose all of my hair. Can you do that for me?”

Samuel paused for a while before agreeing.

At that, Nicolette’s mood lightened up. “Shall we go dress fitting tomorrow then?”

“Okay,” Samuel replied.

Nicolette was very pleased with the outcome.

As far as she knew, Kathleen had never worn a wedding dress or taken wedding photos with Samuel.

“There’s something I want to ask you,” Samuel said with a serious expression.

“What is it?” Nicolette glanced at him nervously.

“Did you send someone to hurt Kathleen?” Samuel asked with a calm voice.

Nicolette was stunned.

She had assumed that he would ask whether she was the one who sent the man who removed Benjamin’s oxygen mask the day before.

To her surprise, he asked about Kathleen.

“I didn’t. Samuel, why would I do something like that? Even if I wanted to do it, I don’t even know who to ask in the first place.” Nicolette shook her head, looking as if she felt deeply wronged.

Samuel stared right into her eyes. “Is it really not you?”

Nicolette forcefully shook her head. “No.”

“I’ll trust you this time,” Samuel said flatly.

Trust me this time? Shouldn’t you trust me no matter what? Samuel, you’ve changed…

“Rest well and take care. We’ll talk about taking the wedding photos next time.” As he finished his words, Samuel turned and left the room.

Nicolette was slightly trembling, and her body was filled with coldness.

Her heart sank as her happiness from moments ago vanished in an instant.

Is Samuel not going to divorce Kathleen? If things go on like this, I’ll lose everything I have!

That afternoon, Kathleen called Federick.

Federick picked up the phone and said, “Hey, Kathleen.”

“Federick, your voice doesn’t sound right. What happened?” Kathleen asked, bewildered.

“Madeline is gone! I’m finding her right now.” His voice sounded extremely anxious.

Kathleen sprang to her feet. “Gone? Send me your location. I’ll help you find her!”

“No need. I shouldn’t trouble you with this,” Federick refused.

Kathleen took her jacket and car keys. “It’s all right, Federick. If something happens to Madeline, I’ll be sad too. Let me find her with you,” she persuaded as she made her way to the door.

“Okay.” Federick nodded and gave her his address.

Kathleen drove to the park where Federick was searching for Madeline.

Kathleen went to him and asked, “Federick, does Madeline come to this park very often?”

“Yes. It’s very near to our house,” Federick replied with a desperate tone in his voice.

Kathleen nodded.

“You know how Madeline is a special kid. Even if we call out to her, she won’t respond to us. What I worry about the most is that she won’t shout for help even if something happens.” Federick’s eyes slightly reddened.

Kathleen understood what he meant immediately.

“We should search the place carefully and not miss out on any corner,” Kathleen suggested.

Federick nodded.

Kathleen bit her lip. “However, the two of us won’t be enough. Hold on a minute.”

She took out her phone and called Calvin.

Calvin answered the call. “Hello, Kate.”

Samuel, who was sitting opposite Calvin, lifted his eyes.

He frowned when he heard Kathleen calling Calvin.

“Dad, can I borrow some men from you?” Kathleen asked carefully.

“What kind of men do you want?” Calvin enquired.

“Your bodyguards will be good enough. I’m currently looking for a child but am short of people,” Kathleen replied softly.

“Is ten men enough? No, I should send twenty of them to aid you,” Calvin said in a serious tone.

“Ten will be sufficient. I’m at Starlight Park now. Dad, please ask them to come and find me here,” Kathleen answered.

“No problem. I’ll have them go over right away.” Then, Calvin hung up the call.

He asked his assistant, Simon, to make the necessary arrangements according to Kathleen’s request.

After that, Calvin looked at Samuel with a dark expression. “The one whom Kate asks for help from is me.”

Samuel was speechless.

“You as the husband can’t even compete with the father-in-law,” Calvin mocked.

Hearing that, Samuel sneered.

Nonetheless, he felt utterly displeased by the fact that Kathleen did not ask for his help.

He got to his feet and said, “I’ll go and have a look.”

Calvin smiled. “It’s good to know that you’d feel threatened too, huh?”

“I’m your son after all.” Samuel frowned.

Calvin stared at Samuel expressionlessly. “Samuel, the whole family knows that you have the upper hand when it comes to you and Kathleen’s marriage. If you want a divorce, no one can stop you. If you don’t want a divorce, none of us can force you either. However, have you ever thought about Kathleen’s opinion? Does she want to spend the rest of her life with you?”

“She does,” Samuel said definitely.

Calvin replied, “That was the Kathleen before, but she might not want to now.”

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