All Too Late Chapter 62

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All Too Late Chapter 62

All Too Late Chapter 62

Samuel brought Kathleen out to eat.

By pure coincidence, they encountered Michelle Yoeger.

She was the second daughter of the Yoeger family.

Michelle and Kathleen hardly crossed paths in life.

However, Michelle disliked Nicolette too.

Therefore, when Kathleen got up to go to the restroom, Michelle left her table and stopped Kathleen before the latter could enter it.

That made Kathleen frown. She asked, “Is there something wrong, Ms. Yoeger?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Why else would I look for you?” Michelle brushed her hair and said, “I mean, you are a stunner. Why couldn’t you handle your man?”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Michelle sized up Kathleen and said, “What’s more, you look identical to Nicolette. There’s no way he didn’t catch any feelings for you at all.”

“Ms. Yoeger, I hope you won’t bother me regarding Samuel and Nicolette.” Kathleen pursed her lips and continued, “It’s none of my business.”

“How is that none of your business?” Michelle panicked. “She’s trying to snatch away your husband. He’s your husband, right? Don’t act like a bystander. Or else I seem to be more worried for you than yourself.”

“Ms. Yoeger, there’s nothing I can do about it,” Kathleen said soberly. “Therefore, please stop looking for me over this matter.”

“Why don’t you ask for my help?” Michelle looked at Kathleen intently. “I know just the way to handle a man. Should I teach you the know-how?”

“I heard you just broke up with your boyfriend last month, Ms. Yoeger.” Kathleen pursed her lips. “Ever since you started dating, all of your relationships don’t last over two months. Some guys even dated you because of your affluent background. But they all broke up with you after a few days because they couldn’t stand you.”

This time, Michelle was at a loss for words.

“How did you know that? You investigated me?” Michelle was stunned. “Are you interested in me?”

She was terrified and hugged herself.

Kathleen sighed. “No. You are too famous. I’ve heard about it from others.”

“Hehe! So I am this famous?” Michelle acted shyly all of a sudden. “To tell you the truth, I’m preparing to make a debut lately.”

Once again, Kathleen was rendered speechless.

She couldn’t believe Michelle didn’t get what she really meant.

“Oh, we’re going off-topic.” Michelle furrowed her brows and continued, “Anyway, don’t let that little bitch, Nicolette, get what she wants. Got it?”

Kathleen kept quiet, not knowing how to respond.

“Do you understand what I just said?” Michelle put one of her hands on Kathleen’s shoulder. “Reach out to me if you need help from the Yoeger family. Here, this is my phone number.”

Michelle stuffed a tiny note into Kathleen’s pocket with her other hand. Then, she turned and left.

When Samuel and Kathleen went to pay their bill, they found that Michelle had already paid it ahead of them.

With pursed lips, the cashier said softly, “Ms. Yoeger has something to say to the two of you.”

“What is it?” Samuel asked coldly.

“She said she hoped for a lasting happy marriage for both of you.” The cashier stammered, “And also that she had put a curse on the meal.”

Samuel and Kathleen were rendered speechless.

They thought Michelle was being ridiculous.

Then, they left the restaurant together.

Kathleen told Samuel. “You have Michelle’s contact number, haven’t you? Let’s pay her back for the meal.”

“It’s fine. It’s only a meal. I’ll find an opportunity to repay her,” he said coldly.

“Well, don’t bother about what she said. She was just…” Kathleen was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to justify Michelle’s actions.

“Why would I be bothered?” Samuel furrowed his brows. “Did she do anything wrong?”

“She… She hoped we have a lasting marriage,” Kathleen said with a frown.

“Isn’t she wishing us well?” Samuel was confused.

“Yes, Michelle meant well. But it isn’t suitable for us,” she explained. “If we have a lasting marriage, then what about Nicolette?”

“Well, it can’t be helped then,” he said indifferently.

What Samuel said gave Kathleen a headache.

She thought he didn’t understand what she meant.

However, in fact, Samuel knew just what she was saying.

The Yoeger family hated Nicolette more than the Macari family did.

No one from the Yoeger family had positive feelings for Nicolette.

Samuel didn’t understand why the woman he considered pitiful seemed vicious in their eyes.

Samuel sent Kathleen home.

On their way back, they didn’t utter another word.

Without sparing another look, Samuel left right after he dropped Kathleen in front of the house.

Kathleen breathed a heavy sigh. Then, she packed up her stuff and left for the Evans residence to see Madeline.

Soon, she arrived at the Evans residence.

Ever since Kathleen’s parents passed away, she no longer lived in her old neighborhood.

Their house was a country allotment unit. Hence, when her parents passed away, it got taken away from her.

Federick moved away too when he got married.

He moved into a villa.

When Kathleen saw Federick’s mother—Lily Abbott—again, she felt the latter had gotten much older.

She seemed a lot more aged than people her age.

“Mrs. Evans,” Kathleen greeted her while looking at her intently.

Lily looked at Kathleen and said excitedly, “Oh my, it’s Kate!”

“Yeah.” Kathleen nodded. “It’s been a long time.”

“That’s right. It’s been a long time. You’re all grown up.” Lily held Kathleen’s hands and said, “You’ve grown gracefully. Your parents must be at ease.”

Kathleen wore a melancholic smile.

Lily pulled Kathleen to sit on the couch. “I heard from Federick that it was you who found Madeline.”

“It was Samuel and me,” Kathleen explained.

Lily had seen the news. “Yes. I know that. I’m grateful to both of you.”

“Not at all, Mrs. Evans. Right, where is Madeline?” Kathleen asked.

“In her room.” Lily grinned. “I’ll bring you to her.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded her head lightly.

Then, Mrs. Evans brought Kathleen to Madeline’s room.

The design of Madeline’s room looked adorable. Furthermore, all the edges of the furniture had round finishing without sharp edges.

It was apparent that Federick wanted to keep her safe, even if he didn’t express it outright.

“Madeline, guess who’s here.” Lily sounded very gentle.

However, Madeline did not respond to her.

She remained seated on her chair without moving an inch.

Seeing that, Lily let out a sigh.

“Madeline,” Kathleen called out and walked over to her.

“Katie!” Madeline responded immediately.

Lily looked at Kathleen in astonishment.

Kathleen squatted in front of Madeline and shook the bag in her hand. “I brought the clothes I made for your doll. Shall we try them out?”

“Yes!” Madeline beamed.

Lily was amazed by what she saw.

They had spent so much time, yet there was no response from Madeline.

However, Madeline took the initiative to speak when she saw Kathleen.

It was impressive.

After that, Kathleen played with Madeline in the room.

Madeline gradually began to talk more as compared to usual.

Even so, Lily was glad.

Later that evening, Kathleen was still at the Evans residence when Federick got home.

Lily invited Kathleen to stay for dinner.

She didn’t feel it was polite to decline the latter’s invitation, so she agreed.

“Federick, Kathleen was so impressive.” Lily sounded excited. “She could interact with Madeline.”

“Madeline loves her,” Federick explained.

Lily heaved a sigh out of a sudden.

“What’s wrong?” Federick furrowed his brows.

“It would be great if Kathleen were your wife,” Lily said.

“Mom, don’t be ridiculous,” Federick said with a frown.

Lily knew she should watch what she said too.

At that moment, Kathleen came out of the room and said, “Mrs. Evans, Federick, I have to go now. Samuel came to pick me up.”

Madeline came out too and held onto Kathleen’s hand tightly, not willing to let go.

Federick smiled lightly. “Why don’t we invite Mr. Macari in for dinner too?”

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