All Too Late Chapter 66

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All Too Late Chapter 66

All Too Late Chapter 66

“I do not believe it!” Kathleen was struggling.

She panicked upon seeing her blood being drawn from her body.

“Ms. Johnson, we have the written authorization from Mr. Macari.” The doctor took out another agreement.

Kathleen looked at the signature on the agreement, it was indeed the exact signature from Samuel’s note.

How could he! He said he did not want divorce yesterday, but today he is taking my bone marrow forcefully like this! I am still pregnant with a baby!

“Let go of me now!” Kathleen’s eyes were all red. “If anything happens to me, Old Mrs. Macari will never let you get away with this!”

Sarah replied, “Wake up now, as long as Mr. Macari is putting Ms. Yoeger under his care, even old Mrs. Macari cannot do anything.”

“You!” Kathleen said with her teeth grinding.

Sarah let out a sarcastic laugh and said, “Why do you think Mr. Macari asked me to be your bodyguard all of a sudden? It was to keep an eye on you and to make sure you don’t run away.”

Kathleen could not move with her hands and feet tied up.

“Help!” Facing the door, she screamed. “Help!”

“There is no need to shout, no one will come to your rescue. Don’t you know what time it is now? There are not many doctors and nurses around in the hospital now. Even if someone heard you, they will not come to save you. Just give up,” Sarah said in a cold way.

Kathleen can feel her blood being drawn away from her.

They were not giving her a blood transfusion, meaning they took her blood out and extracted the bone marrow.

Then, they did not replenish blood back to her body.

Instead, they just let her blood drain.

Kathleen felt that her body was getting colder and colder.

Samuel, you are too inhumane! You think it would be okay if you asked someone to do it after you left?

She laughed in her heart with scorn.

As I guessed, he was nice before this but it was all fake. It was just for me to put my guard down. He’s too cruel.

“Is Kathleen inside?” Suddenly, Gemma’s voice could be heard coming from outside.

There were people guarding the door. “It’s none of your business. Get lost now!”

“What’s going on inside?” Gemma frowned and said, “Kathleen are you in there?”

“Gemma, hurry! Go get Old Mrs. Macari, ask her to…” Kathleen let out a groan and did not manage to finish her sentence. She was hoping for Gemma to get Diana to save her.

However, she was knocked unconscious by Sarah before she could do so.

From the sound of it, Gemma sensed something was not right.

She quickly turned and run.

Gemma had Wynnie’s contact, so she would be able to get to Diana by contacting the latter.

Unfortunately, she was caught by Sarah before she could run far.

Sarah was better than most ordinary people, and she was brutal and sharp in her attacks.

She knocked Gemma out and casually put her outside the operating room.

After they got the bone marrow, the doctor hurried over to perform the operation on Nicolette.

No one cared about Kathleen.

They all thought she would wake up by herself as time passed.

No one noticed she was bleeding down there; little by little until her whole body was red from the blood.

Gemma suddenly awakened, but she could not stand up.

Sarah was very harsh in her attack and she hit on Gemma’s nerve.

As a result, Gemma felt weak on her feet.

She knew nothing could be done even if she crawled in by then.

Whatever had happened in there, she was powerless to stop it from occurring.

Getting someone to give Kathleen her justice was the most important thing at the moment.

She took out her phone from her pocket and dialed Wynnie, unsure if she had already gone to bed at that hour.

“Ms. Young?” Wynnie was still awake.

Gemma’s neck was still in pain. So much so to the extent that she had to break her sentence up. “Mrs. Macari… Hospital, save Kathleen… Quick!”

Save Kathleen?

“Got it, I’ll be right there!” Wynnie hung up the call and got off the bed.

Calvin frowned and asked, “What’s wrong Darling?”

“Something might have happened to Kathleen, I need to go to the hospital,” Wynnie replied in a serious tone.

Calvin was concerned too. “I’ll go with you.”

They quickly changed and headed out.

Gemma felt somewhat relieved.

She struggled to get up to a sitting position, leaning on the wall.

At that moment, the door in front of her was opened.

A nurse hurried out and looked for the doctor.

“Doctor, we have a problem. Kathleen is losing a lot of blood!”

“What happened?”

“I have no idea, but I think we’ve landed ourselves in big trouble. We cannot afford to bear the responsibility if she dies.”

The doctor’s face turned gloomy and said, “Wait, I’ll go find out.”

The doctor entered the operating room.

He came out after a while.

“Ms. Yoeger said since nothing can be done now, we do not need to do anything. Send her straight to the morgue. Mr. Macari will not ask much when he is back anyway,” the doctor said mercilessly.

“Save her!” Gemma’s voice was weak. “I beg you, save her!”

The nurse felt troubled too.

She knew this operation should not happen.

Now, they were in a bad situation.

“She’s already dead,” the doctor said coldly.

“It can’t be! She can’t die just like that!” Gemma started crawling over.

She pulled the cuff of the doctor’s pants and said, “I’m begging you. Please save her!”

The doctor shoved Gemma aside with a kick. “Get lost! Don’t you stand in my way of treating Mrs. Macari-to-be!”

The doctor went back to the next room without turning his head after finishing his sentence.

The nurse looked at Gemma with an expression that said there was nothing she could do.

Gemma wanted to beg her, but the nurse stepped back and said, “She really is going to stop breathing. I’ll go get someone to send her to the morgue.”

Gemma was terrified.

If Kathleen was sent to the morgue, then it would be the end for her.

“No! No!” Gemma shook her head.

She flung herself at the nurse and gripped her legs. “I will not let you go!”

She had to hang in there until Wynnie came; she had to hold on.

Sarah came out from the next room at that moment.

Seeing Gemma holding on to the nurse, she walked over and kicked her.

Gemma felt immense pain, but she gritted her teeth and did not let go.

Sarah then kicked her again on her head.

Still, Gemma did not loosen her grip.

Upon seeing that, Sarah was furious. “You don’t know who you are dealing with.”

She pulled at Gemma’s collar and hit her head on the wall.

Instantly, blood started spilling all around.

“Ah!” The nurse was shocked. “You are going to kill another person!”

“Don’t worry, I know what I am doing,” Sarah said without emotion. “Go get someone.”

The nurse nodded.

Gemma did not have any strength in her anymore.

That was all that she could do for Kathleen.

In the end, she was thrown aside to the wall like a garbage bag.

Sarah gestured and said, “If you cause any trouble again, I’ll throw you to the morgue!”

Not long after that, the nurse was back with two people with her.

They were holding a body bag, and they put Kathleen in it.

Kathleen was breathing very weakly and her face was as pale as a sheet.

There were no signs of any reaction from her.

They put Kathleen onto a trolley and were ready to push her away.

Wynnie and Calvin arrived right at that moment.

However, they did not know that Kathleen was in the body bag.

They only noticed Gemma.

“Ms. Young, are you all right?” Wynnie helped Gemma up.

Gemma had not completed fainted; she weakly pointed at Kathleen who was being pushed away.

Wynnie frowned, but Calvin understood her. He commanded in an icy voice, “Don’t move”

The nurse and the two people were greatly terrified as they thought no one would come to rescue Kathleen.

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