All Too Late Chapter 67

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All Too Late Chapter 67

All Too Late Chapter 67

Calvin walked over and unzipped the body bag.

Kathleen’s lifeless face appeared inside.

“Kate!” Calvin clenched his teeth in anger and stared at the nurse. “How dare you!”

Wynnie moved Gemma aside and walked toward them. She then put her finger below Kathleen’s nostrils and said, “She’s still breathing.”

“Go and call a doctor over! Or I’ll make your entire family pay for her.” Calvin glared at the nurse and raged.

The nurse was terrified and dashed to find the doctor.

Wynnie burst out in tears. “What should we do? If something really happens to Kate, how should we explain it to her parents?”

Calvin’s face darkened. “The Macari family will give her a reasonable explanation.”

Soon, the doctors came over. Luckily, there were a few doctors on duty that night. They then rushed Kathleen to the operating room for emergency treatment. Gemma went into the operating room as well.

After a while, a nurse came toward Calvin and Wynnie. She then said, “Kathleen’s family? I need your signature here.”

Wynnie answered, “I’m her mother-in-law; let me sign for her.”

The nurse hesitated for a second and asked, “Where’s her husband?”

Wynnie paused. “He’s on a business trip. Am I allowed to sign for her?”

The nurse replied, “She has been three months pregnant. But due to the excessive blood loss, there’s no hope for the baby to survive.”

“What?” Calvin and Wynnie froze.

Kathleen is pregnant? But the baby could not survive?

In just a few seconds, waves of mixed emotions flooded them, sending them through an emotional roller coaster.

“I’m going to kill them!” Wynnie was infuriated.

The nurse pursed her lips. “Please sign for her then. When she’s awake, you have to give her good comfort. She was about to have twins, after all.”

Wynnie was taken aback.

Twins? I lost two of my grandchildren instantly in one night?

Calvin fell into silence and signed the paper. He knew that Wynnie was already falling apart.

The nurse went into the operating room with the signed surgical consent form.

Calvin wrapped his arm around Wynnie’s shoulder and consoled, “Darling…”

“Ha…Ha…” She then smirked. “I really want to kill Nicolette right now! Like right now!”

“I know.” His expression was even more sullen. Nicolette, how dare you!

“I’m not going to let a single person who takes part in this tonight off the hook easily!” she furiously stated.

Upon hearing her words, Calvin nodded. He wouldn’t let them off easily as well.

A moment later, Simon and his subordinates brought Sarah over.

Sarah got down on her knees. “Sir. Madam.”

“Tell me! Who ordered you to do this?” Calvin asked coldly.

“It’s Mr. Macari,” she answered.

“Impossible!” Wynnie glared at her. “Don’t you ever use Samuel as an excuse! Tell me! Was it Nicolette?”

“Madam, it’s really Mr. Macari. I have proof,” Sarah replied.

“Where is it?” Calvin asked.

Sarah took out her phone and said, “Mr. Macari sent me a voice message.”

Calvin took over her phone and clicked into the voice message.

Samuel’s cold deep voice was heard: “You will do whatever Nicolette wants you to do. Her words are mine. “

Wynnie was stunned. Could it really be Samuel?

However, Calvin kept the phone away and uttered, “I will send someone to investigate. I’m sure that you know what you’ve done!”

“Sir, I did nothing wrong.” Sarah paused for a while and continued, “Mr. Macari likes Ms. Yoeger the most. If she is safe and healthy, Mr. Macari will be happy. As for Kathleen, just give her a sum of money.”


Wynnie gave a hard slap in Sarah’s face. “You’re just a f*cking servant! Who are you to tell me what to do? You don’t even deserve to carry Kathleen’s shoes!”

Sarah was flushed with pain.

“Do you think that if you please Nicolette, she will defend you in front of Samuel?” Wynnie ordered coldly, “You two, take her away. Give her your most severe punishment so she will remember!”

“Yes, madam.” The two men that brought Sarah forward took her away again.

Wynnie could not stop trembling in anger.

“Let’s not tell Mom about this. She will…” Calvin was worried.

Wynnie nodded. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she said, “What should we tell Kate when she’s awake?”

Calvin’s gaze darkened. “Give Samuel a call and ask him to get back home right now.”

Wynnie sniffled. “He is probably still on the flight. We can only give him a call after he disembarks from the plane.”

Calvin took a glance at his watch and said, “It’s almost time.”

Wynnie took out her phone and called Samuel.

Indeed, the call went through shortly.

“Mom? What’s the matter?” Samuel frowned.

“Samuel, book the earliest ticket and come back now. Something happened to Kathleen. If you don’t hurry, you’ll lose her forever.” Wynnie was trying hard to control her anger while talking to Samuel.

“What happened?” Samuel’s heart sank. He looked at Tyson and ordered, “Go and book the earliest return ticket.”

Tyson was astounded. “Now?”

“Yes. Right now,” Samuel replied to Tyson coldly. He then asked, “Mom, tell me. What happened to Kathleen?”

“You’ll know when you’re back.” Wynnie hung up the phone straight once she finished her words.

Samuel called again, but she did not pick it up.

He then called Kathleen, but no one answered.

What happened exactly? Was there an accident?

On the other hand, Kathleen dreamed of two cute little boys holding her hands.

She crouched in front of them. “You two are simply too adorable.”

One of the boys held her hand and said, “Mommy, we’re sorry.”

Kathleen was surprised. “What did you call me?”

“Mommy,” the one who replied to her was cute. Another was cool but cute at the same time. They looked exactly the same.

Kathleen was astonished. “Cutie, are you mistaken? I’m not your mommy. My kids have not been born yet. But they will be coming to the world soon in just a few more months.”

“Not anymore,” the other cool boy replied her.

Confused, Kathleen asked, “Why not?”

The cute little boy interrupted the cool boy and chuckled. “That means we need to go now.”

Kathleen was stunned for a second. “You want to go and find your mommy?”

The cute little boy hugged her, then said in a mellow voice, “Mommy, please don’t be sad. We know that you love us very much. We love you too. But we have no choice… We need to go now.”

The cool little boy hugged Kathleen as well. “Mommy, you’re kind of stupid. Please take care of yourself, so we do not need to worry. We would have sworn to protect our silly little mommy when we grew up. But we can’t anymore…”

“You are my kids?” Kathleen asked with a frown.

“Mommy, don’t be devastated. It’s not your fault. I’ll allow you to miss us. However, you mustn’t be demoralized because of the overwhelming grief.”

The cool boy let go of Kathleen and stared at her face. “My stupid mommy, take care of yourself. Don’t make us worried… We have to go now.”

“No! Don’t! Please don’t go!” Kathleen hugged them once again with tears in her eyes.

She knew it in an instant. They were her babies.

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