All Too Late Chapter 69

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All Too Late Chapter 69

All Too Late Chapter 69

Samuel narrowed his eyes and stared at Nicolette’s face coldly. “You’re not worthy.”

Nicolette froze. “Samuel, you… What did you say?”

“You don’t deserve it.” Samuel threw her a sharp gaze and condemned, “Nicolette, you shouldn’t have crossed my bottom line.”

Nicolette was shocked. “Your bottom line?”

“That’d be Kathleen.” Samuel stated coldly, “I’ve never thought of hurting her as the price to save you.”

“Samuel, I’ve no idea that she was pregnant.” Nicolette was still trying to defend herself, “I merely wanted to regain my health as soon as I could so that I can get married to you. Samuel, we missed out on three years. I don’t wish to waste any day from now on. Let’s get together peacefully, shall we?”

Samuel stared at her indifferently.

“If worse came to worst, I’ll make it up to Kathleen with you from now onward. I’ll be her servant and do whatever she asks me to. Is that all right?” Nicolette pleaded with aggrievance, “Samuel, you should be worried about me too. I almost died.”

Samuel’s vicious glare emitted coldness. “Your life is precious, but aren’t my babies’ lives too?”

Stunned, a shiver ran down Nicolette’s spine.

She had never seen Samuel looking at her with such a terrifying gaze.

Looking at the dignified man, who was exuding an intimidating aura in front of her, Nicolette was anxious and petrified.

“Samuel, I’m sorry. If you want children, I’ll bear them for you. All right?” Nicolette’s eyes glistened with tears.

Samuel threw her a cold gaze and turned around to leave.

“S-Samuel!” Nicolette shouted at his back.

She knew that there would probably be no turning back for Samuel once he walked away like that.

D*mn it! If Kathleen were not pregnant, Samuel wouldn’t get so enraged.

However, that did not matter, as Nicolette felt that she remained important to Samuel since he was indebted to her for saving his life.

As long as his real savior never showed up, she could make use of his weakness to her advantage to be entangled with him forever.

In the ward, Kathleen was still weeping miserably in Wynnie’s arms.

Wynnie was comforting her, “Kate, I understand that you must be very upset. But your health comes first. Crying like this is not good for your body.”

Kathleen whimpered. “Mom, keep this from Grandma. I’m afraid she won’t be able to handle it.”

Hearing her words, Wynnie’s eyes reddened. “All right. I get it.”

Kathleen loosened her hold on Wynnie and wiped away her tears. “Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Despite what she claimed to be, Wynnie was very worried for her.

How can Kathleen be fine after losing two kids?

Wynnie would find it normal if Kathleen let it all out or caused a ruckus.

However, with her behaving that way, Wynnie was worried sick of her.

It was probably not a good thing if she did not vent her pent-up frustration.

“Mom, I’m tired.” Kathleen’s pale and delicate face revealed weariness.

Wynnie had consulted the doctor.

Kathleen’s body was seriously damaged and would probably take a few years to recuperate.

Moreover, she could not have a baby within a year or two.

Otherwise, both she and her baby would be in danger.

What Kathleen needed right now was a good rest.

“All right. Go to sleep. I won’t disturb you then.” Wynnie understood her feelings.

Kathleen nodded and lay down.

She needed silence and deep thoughts.

With Wynnie around, she could not do so.

Seeing her lying down, Wynnie tucked the blanket in for her before turning around to leave the ward.

She bumped into Samuel outside.

Upon seeing Samuel, she immediately raised her hand and slapped him.

Wynnie had held this slap back for three days.

She held it back when Samuel had just returned, as Kathleen was unconscious with her life at stake at that time.

Now that Kathleen was out of danger, Wynnie could not hold herself back any longer. “Did you go to see that woman again?”

Samuel was expressionless after getting a slap in his face. “I merely went there to make things clear.”

“What else do you have to say to her?” Wynnie reprimanded in rage, “Shouldn’t you teach her a lesson and put her in jail?”

Samuel fell into silence.

“How could you still show mercy to her.” Wynnie scolded furiously, “Are you going to realize how wicked she is only after Kathleen is dead?”

“Mom, I know what to do.” Samuel’s deep voice was filled with coldness. “Don’t bother about it.”

Wynnie scoffed, “Don’t bother? This is what Kathleen has to suffer when I stay out of it! You’ve made me lose two unborn grandsons!”

Samuel furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why? Are you unhappy with me scolding you like this?” Wynnie snapped, “Samuel, Kathleen’s never going to forgive you with this!”

Never forgive me? That’s true. I don’t deserve it.

“Kathleen even reminded me just now to keep this matter from Grandma.” Wynnie’s heart ached. “She’s such a good woman, and you’ve gone ahead and ruined her.”

After that, she turned around and left.

With a grim face, Samuel turned around to enter the ward.

Kathleen was simply lying down. Looking at her exquisite yet pale face, which was as white as a sheet, Samuel’s heart ached.

She was delicate and soft in the first place, not to mention her sickly look, which could move the hearts of everyone who came across her.

The pathetic sight of her made Samuel wish he could care for her dearly by holding her in his arms.

“Kate.” Samuel asked in a husky voice, “Are you hungry?”

With her pale lips pursed for a moment, Kathleen replied, “Samuel, I don’t want to see you. My body is too weak right now, so I don’t want to scream at you. Can you leave me alone, seeing that I’ve just lost my two kids?”

Samuel sat down instead and reached out to hold her hands.

Kathleen dodged his outstretched hand. “Don’t touch me.”

Samuel instantly felt a twinge in his heart. “I’m sorry.”

Tears started rolling down Kathleen’s cheeks. “Sorry? My two babies died in vain with a mere apology in return. Are their lives this worthless?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Samuel never expected Kathleen to think of it that way.

“What else could you mean then?” The normally sweet voice of Kathleen had now become insouciant. “How are you going to make it up for my two kids?”

“Kate, let’s live together nicely from now on. We can still have kids.” Samuel comforted her with a thoughtful gaze, “Don’t be like this.”

“Haha!” Kathleen let out a bitter and sarcastic chuckle until tears streamed from her eyes. “So what you mean is you’re just going to let Nicolette off the hook and leave this matter unsettled. Am I right?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Samuel’s gaze darkened.

“Then how do you plan on punishing her? Are you going to make her pay with her life for my babies, or do you have something else planned?” Kathleen questioned coldly.

The aura she was exuding right then was dangerous and chilly, completely different from her normally gentle and cute demeanor.

She now appeared cold yet fragile.

“Kate, I won’t care about her anymore. I promise.” Samuel grabbed her hand. “I’m actually the one responsible for this. I’ve failed to train my subordinates right, which was why they were daring enough to do such a thing behind my back. You can just punish me.”

Kathleen’s long eyelashes quivered, and her gaze glinted with coldness. “Samuel, of course, you’re not innocent either. Both you and Nicolette should die. Do you understand?”

Her hatred for Samuel was more intense than that for Nicolette.

Stiffened, Samuel looked at her.

“If you had let me go earlier, I’d have left this place by now, and my babies wouldn’t die too.” Despair brimmed in Kathleen’s eyes. “It’s all because of you and Nicolette, you adulterous pair!”

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