All Too Late Chapter 72

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All Too Late Chapter 72

All Too Late Chapter 72

Am I being heartless? I don’t think so. I don’t even care if others say I’m heartless. Isn’t Nicolette heartless? She caused my miscarriage and almost made me lose my life. I’m already going easy on her by just wanting to make her crippled.

Kathleen’s delicate eyes glanced at Samuel lifelessly.

Right then, Samuel’s gaze darkened.

“You can’t agree to my request because you can’t harden your heart to do it, right?” Kathleen eyed him emotionlessly. “Then, what’s the point of having this conversation anymore?”

Samuel remained silent.

“Samuel, you can just pretend nothing has ever happened and live with that vicious woman. That’s your business. Just don’t come to me and make me feel disgusted.” Kathleen shut her eyes. “I’ve had enough.”

I can be as cold-hearted as him, not having a care about anything else.

Kathleen had given up entirely.

Samuel stared at her icily. “That’s it?”

Kathleen was stunned by his response. She looked at him palely. “Yes. That’s it.”

But is Samuel really willing to do so?

Of course, Kathleen did not believe it.

“Okay. I understand.” Samuel’s tone was grim. “Then, you’ve got to listen to me and take good care of your body. Kate, we’ve got a long way ahead of us.”

“We’ll talk about it once you’ve fulfilled my request,” Kathleen said plainly.

Samuel released her. “Okay. Wait here for my update.”

With that, he walked out of the room.

Kathleen remained calm.

When Samuel stepped out of the room, he ordered Tyson to approach him. “Get someone and send Nicolette to the villa.”

Tyson was stunned. “Now?”

“Yes,” Samuel responded flatly. “Once she’s fully recovered, send her out of the country.”

Tyson was shocked. What’s is Mr. Macari trying to do?

“Look for another woman who looks similar to Nicolette. I need her for something,” Samuel instructed coldly. “You must find her within twenty-four hours.”

“Okay.” Tyson went off to carry out his tasks instantly.

With a dark expression, Samuel turned around and left.

Meanwhile, Kathleen was alone in the ward.

Right then, she thought of Benjamin, and she pressed the call bell.

Moments later, a nurse walked in. “How can I help you, Mrs. Macari?”

Mrs. Macari?

Kathleen was confused. “You can just call me Kathleen.”

The nurse was dumbfounded.

After all, everyone in the hospital knew how much Samuel treasured Kathleen.

All the related personnel involved in Nicolette’s surgery were removed by Samuel.

In fact, the doctor and nurses never appeared again.

No one knew of their whereabouts, nor did anyone dare to ask.

Moreover, for the past three days, Samuel showed no interest in Nicolette and treated her coldly.

Instead, he neither ate nor drank for three days straight. All he did was take care of Kathleen.

Thus, everyone came to a tacit understanding.

That was the power of a legal wife.

That was why everyone treated Kathleen with utmost politeness.

“Where’s Gemma?” Kathleen asked, frowning.

“Gemma’s fine. She just injured her waist a little and needs to recuperate for some time,” the nurse explained.

“Is it serious?” Kathleen questioned concernedly.

That day, she heard sounds of a fight outside.

She knew Gemma could never defeat Sarah.

“She’ll be fine after some rest,” the nurse answered.

Despite that, Kathleen was still worried.

“I want to see her.” Kathleen furrowed her brows.

“Mrs. Macari, you can’t move about,” the nurse said hurriedly. “Your body is still very weak. Even walking will be a problem for you. Having a miscarriage is not a simple matter. You should sit still and rest.”

Kathleen frowned deeper. “Is someone taking care of her right now?”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Macari. Mr. Macari has assigned someone to take care of her. Everything will be fine,” the nurse replied.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “That’s good. Please do your best to satisfy her needs. If there’s something you people can’t figure out, tell me. I’ll come up with a solution.”

The nurse nodded. “Okay. You should worry more about yourself, Mrs. Macari. It’s impossible for this body of yours to recover in less than a year and a half.”

“Thanks. I’ve got it.” Kathleen lowered her gaze.

She was a traditional medicine practitioner.

When she placed her fingers on her wrist, she knew what her body’s condition was.

Before her pregnancy, her body was already weak. On top of that, she was constantly in shock, fear, and emotional stress. Hence, she could barely eat anything.

After that, a lot of blood was drawn from her, and she lost more of it when she had her miscarriage.

Now that she had lost so much blood and vitality, it would take at least three to five years for her to recover completely.

After saying all that, the nurse finally left, leaving Kathleen sitting on the bed with her gaze lowered, lost in her thoughts.

When midnight came, Samuel returned.

Meanwhile, Kathleen was sleeping on the bed.

Suddenly, she felt a weight on her body.

Samuel had pulled her into his arms along with the blanket.

Right then, Kathleen could sense his cold aura and smell the scent of blood from his body.

Did he really cripple Nicolette?

“Where did you go?” Kathleen’s voice was slightly grim.

“I went to do what you asked.” Samuel released her and pulled out his phone. “I’ve got a video of it. Here, take a look.”

At that, he passed the phone to Kathleen.

Holding the device, Kathleen pressed the play button.

In the video, Nicolette’s legs were stained with blood, and her hair was a mess. Some were even stuck on her face. She looked like she was half dead.

Kathleen put down the phone without saying anything.

Seeing that, Samuel took the phone back and patted her head. “I did what you said. Don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

Kathleen eyed Samuel. “Do you not love her anymore?”

“I love you more,” Samuel answered instantly.

Love me more? So, he doesn’t just love me. He still has feelings for Nicolette.

“I’ve already arranged for someone to send her away. She’ll never appear in front of you again,” Samuel promised. “Kate, we’ll live a great life in the future. No one will interfere with our lives again.”

When Kathleen heard his words, she somehow could not bring herself to feel happy.

She did not even respond to Samuel’s hug.

At that moment, she was just exhausted, so exhausted that she felt like dying.

After some time, Samuel felt the body in his arms was motionless.

Slowly, he released Kathleen. Only then did he realize she had fallen asleep.

According to the doctor, she lost a lot of blood during her miscarriage. On top of that, her body was originally weak.

Thus, she needed to be taken care of properly.

If she did not heal properly, she would suffer complications for the rest of her life.

Samuel placed her on the bed gently and tucked her in.

Then, he went for a shower to wash away the stench on his body.

After putting on a fresh set of clothes, he got into the bed and hugged Kathleen to sleep.

That night, his uneasy heart had finally felt a sense of relief.

He knew he could never lose Kathleen no matter what.

At the same time, he also knew it would be difficult to make Kathleen return to her sweet and innocent self.

No matter how difficult it was, he would never give up.

As he pondered on that, he gradually drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, his phone was on silent mode.

There was no answer, no matter how many times Nicolette called Samuel.

“Ms. Yoeger, please stop dawdling. Let’s leave now.” Tyson glanced at Nicolette impatiently.

Does she really think Mr. Macari will pay attention to her? She should be thanking the gods that he didn’t kill her for doing all those things.

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