All Too Late Chapter 8

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All Too Late Chapter 8

All Too Late Chapter 8


All Alone

“Why aren’t you driving? Isn’t Nicolette waiting for you?” Kathleen asked coldly.

Samuel had wanted Kathleen to take the front passenger seat, but he changed his mind when he heard what she said and started the engine.

Neither of them spoke a word on the way home.

The atmosphere in the car crackled with tension.

Samuel felt that it was all Kathleen’s fault.

If she had behaved like she was before, they would not have argued.

Halfway through the journey, Samuel’s phone rang.

It was Nicolette again.

“What did you say? I’ll go over immediately.” Samuel suddenly stopped the car and turned to Kathleen. “Get down. I’ll ask Tyson to come and take you home.”

Kathleen refused to move.

“Get down.”

“It’s almost twelve. Are you going to leave a girl here all by herself?” Kathleen’s heart wrenched.

“Tyson will be here in five minutes.”

Kathleen felt a sickening lurch in her heart. Her face was drained of color.

Biting her lip, she got out of the car.

“Five minutes. Tyson will be here soon. Wait here,” Samuel said.

Kathleen lowered her head and kept quiet.

She had nothing to say to Samuel anymore.

Even if Samuel did not have any feelings for her, he should know that it was not safe to leave a girl by the road at this hour.

Yet he had chosen to leave her by the road.

Samuel glanced at Kathleen. For some reason, he felt awful seeing her head hung low.

Just then, his phone rang again.

Nicolette needed him now.

Without hesitation, Samuel drove away.

Tears ran down Kathleen’s cheeks, falling to the ground.

Five minutes later, Tyson arrived to pick her up.

However, there was no one on the road.

Where is Mrs. Macari?

Tyson tried to call Kathleen.

However, no one answered the phone.

Sensing that something was not right, Tyson quickly gave Samuel a call.

“Did you find her? Remember to send her home safely. If she’s hungry, ask—” Samuel started talking the minute he picked up Tyson’s call.

“Mr. Macari, Mrs. Macari is missing,” Tyson said in a quavering voice.

“Missing?” Samuel frowned.

“Yes. There’s no one on the road. I tried calling Mrs. Macari, but no one answered the phone.” Tyson was starting to feel nervous.

“Send some men to look for her. You must find her no matter what,” Samuel bellowed.

What should I do if something happens to her?

“Okay.” Tyson hung up the phone and ordered some men to search for Kathleen with him.

However, they could not find her within a ten-kilometer radius.

Tyson checked the surveillance cameras and got the shock of his life.

Indeed, Kathleen had met with a bad guy.

A man who appeared to be drunk had dragged her into an alley.

Tyson’s face turned ashen, and he called Samuel immediately.

Stunned, Samuel said, “I’ll be right there.”

He stood up and was about to leave when Nicolette tugged at his sleeve. “Samuel, what’s the matter?”

“Something happened to Kathleen.”

“Something happened to Kathleen?” Nicolette pursed her lips. “Is she deliberately causing trouble because she doesn’t want to divorce you?”

“No.” Samuel was very sure that it was not planned by Kathleen. He knew her to be a very simple person.

“All right, then. Go quickly and come back soon. I’ll wait for you,” Nicolette said.

Samuel nodded and walked out.

Nicolette bit her lip. Kathleen, you’re really scheming, but it’s no use. Samuel is mine.

Samuel rushed to the scene where Kathleen had gone missing.

Tyson handed a phone to him. “Mr. Macari, this is Mrs. Macari’s phone. There’s blood on it.”

A chill ran down Samuel’s spine. “Go find her! I want her dead or alive!”

“Understood!” Tyson nodded and immediately ordered his men to search again.

Samuel’s knuckles whitened as he gripped Kathleen’s phone. He prayed hard that nothing had happened to her.

“Oh my god!” Gemma Young was shocked to see Benjamin Young carrying a girl, who was smeared with blood, into the house.

“Stop talking nonsense! Move aside!” Benjamin growled.

Gemma quickly moved to one side as Benjamin placed Kathleen on the couch.

Gemma walked over. “Isn’t she… Kathleen?”

“Yes. Bring me a towel.” Benjamin’s eyes were fixed on Kathleen.

“Okay.” Gemma went to the bathroom and handed a wet towel to Benjamin. “Benjamin, what happened?”

“I was on my way here to look for you when I saw a drunkard harassing a girl. I only realized that she was Kathleen after I saved her.” Benjamin helped Kathleen wipe her face.

“Why is there blood?” Gemma frowned.

“It belongs to the drunkard. She’s not hurt.”

Gemma folded her arms. “Benjamin, shouldn’t you send her to the hospital?”

“She asked me not to send her to the hospital before she passed out.”

“Why?” Gemma did not understand at all.

“How would I know?” Benjamin shrugged. “I’ll leave her with you. I’m leaving.”

“Benjamin, where are you going? You have blood all over you. Will someone call the police if they see you in this state?” Gemma was worried about her brother.

“I am the police. Who are they going to call? I’m going to the police station to check who her family is and give them a call.”

Gemma’s face darkened. “Does she still have any family? She’s like us. Our parents are no longer around.”

“I’ll still have to check.”

Kathleen had muttered the name “Sam” when she was conscious.

Benjamin thought Sam must be her family, possibly her boyfriend.

They had not seen each other for so long. Benjamin was not surprised that she now had a boyfriend. However, he was a little heartbroken.

Benjamin left after instructing Gemma, “If Kathleen wakes up, ask her who else is there in her family. Give them a call and get them to pick her up. If she refuses to say, leave her alone. Don’t force her.”

Gemma looked at Kathleen’s ashen face and sighed.

She was wiping Kathleen’s face with a towel when Kathleen opened her eyes.

“You’re awake.” Gemma sounded relieved.

Stunned, Kathleen looked at Gemma in a daze. “Gem?”

“Oh, you still remember me? I thought you’ve forgotten about me ever since you were adopted by the Macari family,” Gemma teased.

Kathleen paused for a while. “I wasn’t adopted by the Macari family.”

“Whatever it is, I’m glad that you’re awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Gemma started to examine Kathleen.

It had been so many years, and Kathleen was still as beautiful as before.

“I’m feeling fine. Where is this place?” Kathleen pursed her lips.

“My house. My brother saved you. He asked me to call your family once you’re awake, in case they get worried.”

Kathleen looked up in bewilderment. “I don’t have any family.”

She would have nothing after she divorced Samuel.

Gemma said wistfully, “That’s right. We have no family. We are all alone now.”

“You still have Benjamin,” Kathleen corrected her.

Gemma sighed. “Oh, do you want to give the Macari family a call?”

Call the Macari family? What will Samuel do if he knows about it?

Kathleen was put in a spot. If Diana and Wynnie knew that Samuel had left her alone late at night, and she had almost been molested by a drunkard, Diana would know that Samuel had gone to look for Nicolette.

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