All Too Late Chapter 80

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All Too Late Chapter 80

All Too Late Chapter 80

Samuel turned and went into the bedroom.

Kathleen had just had her bath and was dressed in a light pinkish silk bathrobe. A beautiful silhouette could be vaguely seen, which accentuated her womanly figure.

Samuel stood behind her and sniffed. “You smell good.”

Kathleen blushed. “Go and take your shower.”

“All right.” Samuel quickly planted a kiss on Kathleen’s cheek and went into the bathroom.

As for Kathleen, she went straight to bed after blow-drying her hair.

Samuel took a quick shower and was done in just ten minutes.

He then went to the bed and embraced her.

Kathleen stared at his Adam’s apple then closed her eyes.

“Do you want to go and try out the wedding dresses tomorrow?” Samuel asked in a hoarse voice.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“Promise?” Samuel grinned.

“Yes.” Kathleen smiled. I’m not saying that I don’t want to. Why does he have to double confirm with me?

Little did she know that Samuel was lacking peace of mind. Perhaps he felt guilty that he hadn’t done what Kathleen wanted him to do and that he had lied to her.

If she ever found out the secret, she would be furious.

Samuel couldn’t imagine what it would be like if Kathleen was mad. So, he could only do everything he could to make her happy. He could only pray that she wouldn’t be mad at him and disappear from his life if the secret was revealed.

The next day, Samuel woke up early and went for a jog around the area.

When he returned, he saw Kathleen still in a daze, sitting in the bed with one hand holding a tablet and the other holding a stylus pen.

“Why are you awake?” Samuel frowned.

“I feel that if I continue to sleep in, I will be a goner,” Kathleen said worriedly.

Even though she had been pampered for three years as Mrs. Macari, she rarely slept in. She never spoiled herself too much to avoid that if something really happened, everything couldn’t return to the way they were.

Her solidity made him feel bad for her. She did everything with caution and care.

“There are only two of us in the house. You don’t have to be so obedient. Lie down and get some more rest.” Samuel patted her.

“Okay.” She lay down immediately.

Samuel flashed a faint smile.

He took away her tablet and the stylus pen, then went for a shower.

Kathleen fell asleep once again.

When he found out she was asleep after his bath, he did not disturb her. He went downstairs after getting dressed.

Samuel ordered Sebastian, “Call me when she’s awake.”

“Yes, Mr. Macari. I will.” Sebastian nodded.

Samuel left the house after making sure everything was managed well.

Sebastian mused. Kathleen is lucky to be doted by him. I thought Nicolette would be the one staying in this place. Who would have guessed it would be Kathleen instead?

There was a saying, “If one is in love with someone, they will not fall for others. But if that person falls in love with another, that means their feelings for the first person weren’t as deep in the first place.”

After all, Samuel was not fond of Nicolette, but he was more in love with Kathleen.

When Kathleen woke up, she headed downstairs for her meal.

Sebastian informed Samuel while she was eating.

A few moments later, Samuel sent someone to pick up Kathleen.

Sebastian informed Kathleen, “Mrs. Macari, Mr. Macari is sending someone to pick you up. The driver will arrive in just a few minutes.”

Kathleen suddenly burped, like a cute little hamster, and paused for a second. “Why is he sending someone to pick me up?”

“To try out wedding dresses and to take wedding photos, Mrs. Macari,” Sebastian answered.

I forgot about that! Kathleen was taken aback.

Seeing her reaction, Sebastian knew that she must have forgotten about it.

Kathleen finished her food in a hurry and went to wash up and get changed.

Just when she finished tidying herself, the car arrived. She got into the car and headed to the bridal studio.

Halfway through the journey, Samuel gave Kathleen a call.

“Something came up. I might be ten minutes late. You can choose the dress first. I will be reaching shortly after,” Samuel said in a deep voice.

“Okay. I will wait for you.” Kathleen gave a nod.

“All right.” Samuel nodded.

Then, Kathleen hung up the phone.

Soon, she arrived at the bridal studio.

It was the most luxurious bridal studio in Jadeborough.

They only sold their wedding dresses instead of renting them. Moreover, it would cost a few million for a set of wedding photos.

It was definitely a place for high-end consumers. Ordinary people would not be able to afford that.

Kathleen walked into the bridal studio.

The staff gave a quick glance at her outfit. In an instant, her eyes brightened.

She then looked at Kathleen carefully and recognized her at once.

She is… Ms. Jo… What’s her name again? Whatever. I just need to know she is Samuel Macari’s wife!

“Hello, Mrs. Macari. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” the quick-witted staff greeted her immediately.

“Mr. Macari has made an appointment,” Kathleen stated plainly.

“Yes, Mrs. Macari. Are we going to pick out a wedding dress now?” She smiled.

Kathleen nodded in agreement.

The staff then led her to choose her wedding gown.

Coincidentally, two ladies were choosing some wedding dresses. They were sisters.

“Sandra, don’t you want to give it a second thought? Robert is nothing comparable to Mr. Macari.” Yvette was frustrated.

Kathleen was taken aback. Is she talking about Samuel?

At that moment, a familiar voice was heard from behind the curtains. “Yvette, stop talking nonsense.”

“Nonsense? The Sullivan family is nothing compared to the Macari family. You used to be high school and university classmates with Mr. Macari. You two were quite close at that time. You should grab the chance and interact more with him so that you will not have to marry an average man like Robert.” Yvette was indignant.

“Samuel is already a married man. I should not be meddling in his matter anymore,” the woman replied.

“I don’t think Mr. Macari is truly in love with Kathleen. He still showed up at an event with Nicolette a few days ago. I don’t believe that he will change his mind so soon. Perhaps he is forced by Old Mrs. Macari,” Yvette said in a cold voice.

“Stop talking about that.” A lady walked out from behind the curtain dressed in a wedding dress.

It’s Sandra. She used to be Samuel’s classmate.

It had been ten years since Kathleen lived with the Macari family. She was familiar with Samuel and the people around him.

Sandra went to the Macari residence once to attend Samuel’s twentieth birthday. Kathleen had met her before. So, she knew for a fact that Sandra was fond of Samuel to the point of being obsessed.

Initially, Sandra thought of stopping Yvette from talking about the matter as some other workers were around.

It would be terrible if words spread. However, she didn’t expect to bump into Kathleen at the studio.

She rubbed her eyes, thinking there was something wrong with her eyes.

Yvette realized that Sandra was staring at the person behind her. She turned around and was stunned for a second.

She is Kathleen, right? Last time, I couldn’t see her clearly in the video. Now I’ve finally met her. She really is pretty. It’s no wonder Samuel would fall in love with her.

“Hello, Kathleen.” Sandra was feeling slightly awkward.

Did she hear what we were talking about just now?

“It’s been a long time, Sandra,” Kathleen responded coldly.

She is about the same age as Samuel. So, she is probably three or four years older than me. But I’ve never liked her anyway. I think she is well aware of the reason.

Yvette saw that her sister acted timidly in front of Kathleen. She frowned and asked, “Sandra, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sandra shook her head and said, “Let’s leave.”

“Why are we leaving? We’re still in the midst of trying out the wedding dresses.” She frowned and continued, “Why are you so afraid of her, Sandra? You’re the daughter-in-law of the Sullivan family. As for her, she might be dumped by Samuel the next day!”

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