All Too Late Chapter 81

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All Too Late Chapter 81

All Too Late Chapter 81

“Don’t spout nonsense,” Sandra reprimanded her sister. The former’s expression became unnatural when she saw Kathleen.

With a stony expression, Kathleen eyed Yvette and uttered, “You have a mouth but fail to speak properly. It might as well have grown below you; at least it would serve some form of purpose then.”

“What did you just say?” responded Yvette in an extremely shrill voice.

“Do you not understand what I mean? If you do, then great. If not, looks like your brain’s faulty too,” said Kathleen with an icy tone.

“Kathleen, my sister did not speak in a nice tone just now, but did you really have to criticize her like this?” interjected Sandra, frustrated.

“Well, wasn’t your sister the one who started it first?” Kathleen said flatly. “Surely you know that it’s always the instigator who’s at fault.”

Sandra bit her lip and did not say a word.

Back then, Kathleen said the exact same thing to her.

Yvette mocked, “Kathleen, what’re you so cocky about? You and Samuel have been married for three years, but he ended up having a mistress anyway.”

Kathleen’s delicate countenance paled a shade.

Previously, Samuel and Nicolette appeared in the Yoeger residence together.

Everyone in Jadeborough knew that he personally fed that woman cake.

At that time, Kathleen’s marriage to him had not been publicly announced yet, so everyone thought that Samuel and Nicolette would be a couple.

“Why the silence?” asked Yvette smugly.

In a calm manner, Kathleen said, “Even if he has a mistress, you decided to insult me, the wife, instead of blaming the cheating man. Where are your morals?”

Yvette was stunned for a moment before replying angrily, “Kathleen, stop lecturing me like you’re on the moral high ground. I inquired about this long ago; Samuel and Nicolette were a pair, to begin with. The one who snatched someone else’s partner was you! You’re the real homewrecker!”

Kathleen sneered and said, “I’m the homewrecker? What a pity—the ‘homewrecker’ you’re referring to is actually Samuel’s real wife, while Nicolette became the mistress that everyone hates. Are you dissatisfied with that?”

“Kathleen, you vile, shameless woman! Samuel will divorce you eventually! Homewrecker b*tch!” Yvette hissed through gritted teeth.

“Yvette!” Sandra creased her brows.

Kathleen chuckled aloud and said with disdain, “I’m a homewrecker b*tch? What does that make your sister?”

At that, Sandra’s expression turned grim.

“What’s wrong with my sister?” said Yvette with arms akimbo. “She’s a thousand—no, a million—times better than you!”

Kathleen glanced at Sandra frostily and uttered, “Sandra, if you can’t restrain your sister even the slightest bit, then don’t blame me for going all out.”

“Stop talking,” said Sandra as she pulled Yvette’s arm, intending to drag her sister away.

“Sandra, what’re you doing? Why’re you afraid of her?” Yvette scowled. “She’s a homewrecker, a vixen who destroys other people’s relationships! What right does she have to be the young madam of the Macari family?”

“If I don’t have the right, do you?” A hint of scorn filled Kathleen’s beautiful eyes.

“If I had the chance, I’m sure Samuel would like me,” declared Yvette assuredly.

In truth, her attacks on Kathleen were merely out of her jealousy, not out of support for Nicolette.

Yvette came to know Samuel because of Sandra.

Rather than saying she “knew” him, she actually only saw his photo as Sandra and Samuel went to the same school.

Yvette liked Samuel almost to the point of obsession.

Even though she had devised countless plans to approach Samuel, she did not succeed even once.

It was absolutely impossible for people of her social status to get close to Samuel.

Perhaps she could have had the opportunity to get in touch with Samuel back when Sandra was still coursemates with him.

After that, they did not contact each other anymore.

And so, Yvette lost any chance of seeing Samuel.

Although Yvette worked hard throughout the past few years, her efforts proved to be futile.

It was only when Samuel announced his marriage with Kathleen some time ago that she discovered he was taken.

Moreover, the woman that he had married was a parentless orphaned girl.

To Yvette, Kathleen did not match up to Samuel other than the fact that she was pretty.

Thus, when Yvette saw Kathleen, she tried all methods to humiliate the latter.

After all, the person Samuel likes is Nicolette. He wouldn’t care about what happens to Kathleen!

“You?” Kathleen insulted, “Back then, your sister tried everything and failed. You’re not even half as pretty as her, so what makes you so sure of yourself?”

Sandra’s face became flushed.

“She would never!” said Yvette confidently. “I’ll teach you a lesson if you dare to accuse my sister again!”

Slowly, Kathleen stated, “Are you sure? You can’t read her mind, so how would you know that? I remember that she employed very underhanded tactics.”

“Kathleen, that’s enough!” Sandra bit her lip and snapped, “I have never offended you, have I? Why must you hold on to the past?”

“Who asked your sister to attack me?” Kathleen said nonchalantly, “I told you just now that you’re not restraining her. Instead, you’re letting her do as she pleases. Isn’t that right?”

Sandra was taken aback.

Kathleen continued stonily, “You had the chance to stop her from sputtering nonsense, but did you? Not at all. Looks like after so many years, you still harbor ulterior motives and impure thoughts for another man despite your upcoming marriage. Since your sister loves being an upright warrior for morality and pointing out others’ faults, how could she miss you out?”

“Kathleen, you’re still as eloquent as ever,” Sandra commented through clenched teeth.

“Thank you for the compliment. I naturally would not show any mercy toward lowlifes.” Kathleen welcomed the woman’s remark gladly.

“How dare you scold my sister like that! I’ll have your head!” Yvette raised her fist and aimed it at Kathleen.

The corners of Sandra’s lips curved upward.

She wanted to see Kathleen beaten up.

Kathleen’s eyes were cold as ice as she stared directly at Yvette’s fist without budging at all.

Suddenly, a strong force pulled her, and she fell into a warm embrace.

Inhaling the cold, woody scent, Kathleen buried her face into the man’s chest.

She felt aggrieved.

Samuel hugged her tightly with one arm while using the other to push Yvette away.

Sandra and Yvette were utterly shocked.

It’s Samuel!

When Samuel spoke, it felt as though hell froze over. “Who gave the two of you such courage to lay a hand on the young madam of the Macari family?”

“Samuel, long time no see,” greeted Sandra awkwardly.

“Who’re you?” Samuel questioned in a cold demeanor.

Sandra’s face turned beet red. Does he not recognize me anymore?

“Mr. Macari, she’s Sandra, your ex-classmate. My name’s Yvette, and I’m her sister.” Yvette was not expecting to meet Samuel here, so she was very excited.

Samuel’s eyes were dark and cold as he looked at the two sisters. “I asked the two of you—who gave you such courage to lay a finger on my wife?”

“It was she who scolded Sandra first,” justified Yvette. “Mr. Macari, do you really not remember my sister?”

“Did you scold her?” Samuel lowered his eyes to look at Kathleen, who remained in his arms.

The woman’s lips were a luscious shade of red. “I did.”

“So be it,” said Samuel nonchalantly.

Sandra and Yvette’s faces fell.

He gazed at Kathleen’s gentle and sweet face and uttered coldly, “Do you think that I’d believe you randomly scolded someone? I know you. If people don’t get on your nerves, you wouldn’t lash out at them.”

Kathleen was never one to be unreasonable or flaunt her power in public.

Samuel knew this full well.

If she were really that sort of person, she could not possibly have silently tolerated being his wife for three years.

If she did have that kind of intention, their relationship would have been publicized a long time ago.

Hence, it was definitely not Kathleen who started this ruckus.

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